Even joy begins to fade after only one minute.

4. 1. 2019 - 21.00

“Everywhere, in whatever realm of life, whether among its callous, coarsely impoverished and messily moldering lower ranks, or among its monotonously gelid and tediously tidy upper strata, everywhere, if but once, a person will encounter a phenomenon on his journey that is unlike anything he has chanced to see heretofore and that, at least once will awake in him a feeling unlike any he is fated to feel for the rest of his life.”

Alan Backdrop- Serant

Benjamin Damage- 010x

Christian Kroupa- Mellow Anything

Conforce- Vessel

DVS1- Electric

Ever Vivid- Lost Love

Ex-Terrestrial- Mojave Skyline

James Holden- The Wheel

Kenneth Graham- Downlow

Laurel Halo & Hodge- Opal

Ryan James Ford- Arco Pitcairn

Steve Stoll- Model T

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