In The Beginning...

5. 1. 2017 - 22.00

You were once new. You walked in the door, stepped on the stage and proclaimed with your snowy white heart: I am here. Let us begin.

You of course thought we must begin at the beginning. The very beginning, God almighty, opening the cleft of the universe, his word like a punch in the snoot. You saw Genesis not as a story, but as a riff, rhyming with the soon-to-pass future. You were never friends with Adam, but you heard fine things. Eve was nothing but trim and beautiful. And all that came to pass was good. 

But time fled forwards, days grew, days waned. Things got complicated. Birth, for one, was no longer just the sloughing of the rib. It involved pain, gratuitous background drumming, and full vlog coverage. How many births occurred in China while you listened to this one little clip? 

You walked gently into the heated animal dawn with Emerson, Lake, and even that fellow Palmer. Rolling Stones? NEVER. You were down with the small slippery fishes, the big slippery fishes, the fast small birds, the worms. The entire farm. Was it evolution, baby? 

All was fine and fancy, and just as you thought you were getting a hang of this hot-trot start, someone tapped you on the should and said, it's over. The end of the beginning. Or maybe it was the begining of the end.

Either way, Amen. 

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This is gonna be great, cant wait


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