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1. Just a place with a lot of people listening cacophony of different sounds coming out of holes in the floor. Not impressed. View is magnificent, however. I recommend they tear down the organ so people can enjoy waves and the sun setting on the horizon. With organ - it's just a tourist trap. I hear that they will soon charge for entrance. Don't pay.

Date of experience: September 2017

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2. Horrible beaches with sharp stones and lots of abandoned old buildings. Quite dull to say the least. Others enjoyed it but that doesn't help me in the least.

Date of experience: June 2014

Ask SpiritusSancti about Korcula Island - Priscapac


3. Could not park our car because coins are required. We spent 50 minutes of walking into nearby shops and trying to get change. Nobody wanted to help us. We bought something small at the gasstation nearby to get change after asking if we could change. The employee seemed offended and handed us a hand full of very small change which we could not use in the parking automat even though we saw the correct coins in his drawer. A big thumbs down. There was a bigger parking lot where you could pay with bills but this was closed because of some festivity.

There was some description on the parking automat which seemed to hint on being able to pay with SMS. However, the description was only in croatian and we could not figure out what to do.

Went back to our hotel after the event at the gasstation.


Date of experience: May 2017

Ask ramonb531 about Amphitheatre de Pula


4. We had been travelling around Croatia for a full 3 weeks and made Zagreb our last stop thinking 1.5 days might not be enough to see the sites and experience the city. We were wrong. As there is no landmark sightseeing in Zagreb we thought we would walk around and soak up the atmosphere and old town. Boring totally, if you have only a few hours max even that might be too much. The city is dingy and old but not in a good way, dirty, covered in graffiti, and full of lost tourists looking for something exciting to hold onto like us. It is a city for the locals and not for visitors and the very best of the country is way outside this so called capital. Very few redeeming features. Look closely at what you think you want to see and challenge this, The capital of Slovenia was almost as bad but at least that one had a castle to see and some old bridges over the river that made it picturesque in a sense. Zagreb has the usual beggars and losers wondering around, restaurants that open whenever they like and shop keepers who don’t care. If you run out of time don’t worry give it a miss or even better fly directly to Split/ Pula. The so called foodie street Tkalciceva was not impressive and was actually really short and did not offer an international mix of food, it was mostly for drinking booze and coffee. Not so easy to find good food as they promise. (2/5)


Date of experience: June 2018

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5. So we arrived with our prepaid voucher, then spent 15 minutes trying to find a park. I haven’t yet mastered the local skill of stopping my car just anywhere and leaving it.

No signage to explain process, no employees wandering the vast queues to provide support.

After waiting in line for over 30 minutes we were advised that we could go straight to the entrance.

You will need a hurricane lamp and cut lunch for the trip to the entrance.

Please also note that when you get there, you of course don’t go to the entrance, you in fact go to another queue, where an exemplar of customer service grunts, prints of your tickets and has you sing a document in Croatian - I am hoping he doesn’t know own my car.

Having a ticket know allows you to join another queue to finally enter the park.

You then join your choice of queues for walks, and then struggle along dodging selfie sticks, umbrellas, large rucksacks, enthusiastic pets, whilst stepping along a wooden path with no rails. 

Should have simply looked at the photos on the internet and spent more time at the village with the waterfalls.

this could be so good with a little thought and organisation


Date of experience: April 2019

Ask gsflhrc about Plitvice Lakes National Park


6. The beauty and the BEAST!

Review of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Reviewed April 28, 2019

I arrived at the entance park nr. 1 at around 9:20, i parked the car and ask at the ticket point when can i come back to buy tickets (because it as a sign: TICKETS SOLD OUT!). They said to come back there at 13:00. Ok, so far...(a day before i asked at an Info point in Grabovac if it's best to make a rezervation online first and the lady that was there said : "NO, IT'S NO PROBLEM..., YOU CAN BUY TICKETS ON THE SPOT"). So i came back to the ticket point in the parking lot earlier, because i "predicted" that a line of people is about to form...Lucky me! Another guy was there and it tells me to go across the road because they don't sell tickets there (unless you are with a group) and buy them overthere. Still, ok by me...I finally get to the ticket point and, of course, there is a line. No problem, i just have to wait untill they sell tickes...But it's no so easy...You can only purchase tickets after 13:00 (so the sign says...What sign? Well you have to look for it!!!!!)

So, 13:00 has arrived..., tickets are't available...Finally at 14:00 i was able to buy the ticktes, but you have to wait another hour to get in even it was written on the "sign"(it was a piece of A4 paper) that the entering hours are between 14:00 and 15:00. Ok, i say, it's because they want to regulate the traffic inside the park. The only problem was that inside the park there is no traffic regulation everybody is for himself, so they don't really solve the problem. So the organization is a total mess!!! Remember i was up since morning, i was with my 11 years old daughter and my wife, we had to stay in line,on our feet, since 11:20 untill 14:00 to buy tickets (because someone at the info point said that i don't need to buy online), we enter the park around 15:10 and HOW, THE HELL SHOULD I CARRY THEM ALONG THE PARK AFTER THEY ARE ALREADY TIRED NOW?! So, you see it's a beautiful park, absolutely incredible views, BUT WITH THE MOST BAD MANAGEMENT THAT I EVER SAW!!! That's why the beauty and the beast...


Date of experience: April 2019

Ask Edward19781 about Plitvice Lakes National Park


6. This place is the only game in town. We had heard good things about the food, but the serving hours are very limited. One of our group arrived more than half an hour before the end of lunch, but they wouldn’t give him a table. We had hiked more than 8 miles to get there, and they told us lunch was over—even though the restaurant had lots of diners. We asked if we could at least get water or beer? Nope. They were very rude. I would never go there, regardless of the food. The attitude of the staff creates an unpleasant place.


Date of visit: September 2018

Ask susansC9459PT about Konoba Mate


7. So I went with a university of ulster card, doing a £20,000 architecture degree and was deneyed access because it had to be some European student card thing? 150kn or £18 to walk around in 30C heat. Na thanks. Not student friendly, the man was so rude and blunt.

Date of experience: September 2018

Ask sashaferg about Muralles de Dubrovnik


8. Dubrovnik is beautiful, the people are a**holes

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You should really visit it but I must say that anyone trying to sell you something just sees you as a walking wallet. I'm a student and paying 150 Kuna (aprox. 20 euro) as an entrance fee is just to much for me. But like any European monument I visited I expected to have a student discount. This discount exists (student tarif is 50 Kuna as advertised on their website) what they don't mention is that this discount counts only for student from universities that issue ISIC student cards. I can only recommend you to not even try if you don't have a isic card as the people behind the desk will rudely deny you your student discount and tell you you should learn how to read. The card I have is accepted in every mayor city in Europe. If you do want to have a spectacular view of the city I recommend you taking the kayak tour or Googling 'images of dubronic city wall' I even included some in this review. I'm sure if you are still reading this you are aware how mad I am at this city not sharing their historical walls with the rest of Europe's students.

Date of experience: July 2018

Ask LorisM494 about Muralles de Dubrovnik


9. Beware of scam

My wife and I bought our tickets and commenced the walk. After about an hour we came to a shop on the wall which was open but was not selling anything. We exited at the next exit to get a bottle of water and on our return to re enter was told we would have to but another 2 tickets. When I explained we had only come off to buy a bottle a water and we had not been informed we could not come off the wall and reenter we were told again there was a board at the start of the walk explaining this.

We returned to the start and there was no board on display and when I requested our money to be returned was laughed at.

The whole experience is a very amateurish set up with no information boards, staff not wearing uniforms and very rude and ignorant.

Be warned there are no toilets or shops open on the wall and if you leave the walk and try to re enter you will have to pay again!

Date of experience: April 2018

Ask sdoherty2018 about Muralles de Dubrovnik


10. Went here with family on a saturday afternoon. The views from the bottom were very nice so we walked into the woods for about 1km when we asked someone for directions to the viewing point only to be told the area was closed for maintenance and tree cutting.

Date of experience: May 2019

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11. Dog stalker!!

I got stalked by a dog near the start of the climb, and he/she pounced on me! Why isn't the dog kept within the house?! It was a terrible experience for me!

Date of experience: December 2015

(Park Marjan - Singapore)


12.No value for money!

We spent 3 nights at The Hotel Villa Dubrovnik and it was bad from A to Z.

First the room : we booked a so called 3 rooms villa. Well it’s all but a villa.

It’s a 3 levels room with bedrooms having view on a building that is at 2 mts distance , no garden no sea just concrete.

The bathrooms have no windows and it looks like a cheap ikea.

The light is very poor and the AC is super noisy.

All of this come with the price of 1000 euros...

The concierge is totally not professional and has no clue on activities and prices nor able to give any suggestion... we’ll she must be maximum 25 .. no wonder .

The breakfast is à la carte only and the so called granola is Kellogg’s with chocolate, the fresh fruit comes with no color and not taste looking like a dish you have at the hospital...

The only good thing of the hotel is the view from the garden but this is basically what you can get from any hotel/ apartment that is on that portion of the coast...


Date of stay: May 2018

Trip type: Traveled with family

Ask VADV about Villa Dubrovnik


13. Ladies and Gents, before coming booking a room in this so called 'Five Star Luxury Hotel", make sure that this is genuinely the last option you have. If you want to save your money and be sure that you get the best service available in Dubrovnik then DEFINITELY choose a different hotel. When we arrived to this hotel, it seemed very clean and very modern and it had that spark of luxury which guest experince when you arrive at a particular high class hotel but this impression was soon ruined. The service is just so bad that I think if you go to a one star hotel in Dubrovnik, you will receive a higher quality service. My child woke up and went to breakfast by himself, and he sat down and they treated him like he wasn't a guest in this hotel and he didn't even get served!!! He asked for a menu about three times and no one brought it to him. Even the service to adults is awful. I ordered a bottle of water to the beach(because they have a small bar one the beach) and no one brought it to me. I remainded them about 4 times and still had no action done. The food was always either undercooked or overcooked but however I have to stay the breakfast was delicious in this hotel and thats pretty much the only thing that is good about this hotel. The receptionists could not exchange any money and always looked at you and with pitty kept on saying" what are you taking us for, exchange office". I was appouled when I heard that! The entrance from the water to the beach had so many rocks that about 10 other guests(including me) hit their feet or knees or any other body parts and nothing was done about it. If the hotel isnt't even bothered to look after its guests safety so why even bother of thinking stay at Villa Dubrovnik. My two sons had a different room to us and theit internet (WIFI) didn't seem to work in their room and it only worked right outside their room in the corridor. They needed internet so they always sat outside their room. We told about this to the general manager and he said we'll sort it out nothing was done. We told about this to the receptionist and once again nothing was done. My children had to sit outside their room like homeless people!!! If you can't solve the problem then tell us where else can we get the net so that we can feel more comfortable and not just sit outside our room.

Ladies and Gentlmen, I dont want any of you to experince what I did in Villa Dubrovnik so for your own good, if you have other choices than make sure you choose them. I am just giving my honest advice and sharing you the awful experience but once again it's up to you.


Villa Dubrovnik, 5 star hotel, 668€



14. Not worth 5,4,3,2 stars, maybe 1

Arriving at this "5" star hotel we were greeted by the bellmen but NO assistance was offered. We noticed this with other hotel guest too. No big deal I can handle my own luggage but then the real "5" star service begins. This has to be the most unfriendly front desk I think I have ever encountered and I stay in hotels over 100 times a year. It was not just at check in it was every time we approached the front desk to ask a question. Always greeted with the attitude of what are you going to ask me to do. When they realized it was only to answer a question they would be less rude but NEVER friendly. The only friendly people in this hotel were a few of the wait staff and the spa employees. All of that aside the room is the BIGGEST problem. If you like a VERY HOT room, and you have no control on cooling the room, this is your place. The thermostat would only go down to 24c about 75f. Way too hot and the staff acts like it's an isolated problem it's not!!!! it is a result that this management team believes they know what is best for its "guest" and has made it not go lower. Everyone in our party had the same problem. Luckily the hotel has floor fans to help but is this really 5 star. Then there's the smell in the room. Not all the time and sometimes worse than others. Was like a sewer back up smell, fortunately after being in the room for a period of time you would get "used" to the smell. If you are thinking of staying in Dubrovnik I would look elsewhere.


Date of stay: June 2019

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