Marko Rusjan - The passage into the unknown: emancipatory potentials of Black metal

Okrogla miza, intervju ali pogovor
2. 9. 2019 - 12.00

Black metal is not seeking solutions, but it is seeking a release of the soul and body. The anxious state we live in is pushing us to the unknown. BM is perhaps one of the only means of finding a passage into the unknown, dark, and unique territory which has not yet been dominated or colonialized by the rationalist, positivist capitalist machine. These are not only vast, humanless territories of arctic eternal winter but also the hidden worlds that the humans only rarely come into contact with. These are the worlds that H.P. Lovecraft describes as worlds where the laws of physics are so different that we can not even imagine them. But it is precisely this complete difference that is so attractive and pushes us to these worlds. Instead of opening the gates to other worlds, so that the beings from other worlds may come to us, we are to enter these worlds. To seek release from the enslavement of this world, to forget all the weight of this world. As Sex Pistols put it: we don’t know what we want, but we know what we don’t want. BM is the key for opening the gates to other worlds by using new unhuman languages, sounds and multisensorial experiences. My contribution will focus on how BM can help us enter these unknown worlds while asking what the emancipative potentials of this journey are, and how it can change our world, dominated by false goodness.

Marko Rusjan holds M.A. in Criminology at Faculty of Law at University of Ljubljana. Between 1996 and 2006 he worked at the Cultural Center Mostovna in Nova Gorica. Since 2013 he has been working at the Ljubljana Modern Gallery as assistant director. He occasionally deals with music and publicity. In the past, he was active in the anti-global movement. Areas of interest: environment and animal rights, labor rights, criminal law policy, the development of the internet environment, culture and political philosophy.

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