Episode 2 - Arrival

Episode 2 - Arrival

12. 3. 2020 - 21.30

Episode 2 will feature guests Nina Lepp and Domen Lečnik, who will tell us about their experience picking up and moving to a new place.

Nina Lepp recently moved from the Emerald City (Seattle) to the Green Capital (Ljubljana) to study at the school of economics and business. She’s been here just about 6 months and has loved getting to explore this beautiful country. Nina joins us with stories of moving, and efforts of social integration to Slovenia. To follow her adventure further, find her instagram @SEA2LJU.

Domen Lečnik, a master watchmaker, originally from Celje, just returned to Ljubljana after living abroad in Bucharest, Romania and Warsaw, Poland. He'll share with us how the people he met abroad perceived Slovenians, the challenge of integration abroad, and what it's like to be back in Slovenia.

I ask my guests what it's like to settle their lives in Ljubljana, the perceptions they've had before coming (back), and how having lived abroad influences the way they view life in Slovenia.

Soundtrack list:

- Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts
- Macklemore - Can't Hold Us Down
- Aleksander Mežek - Siva Pot
- Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night

Background: Moose Dawa - Alley Cat Jazz

Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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