Episode 3 – Unprecedented Times

Episode 3 – Unprecedented Times

9. 4. 2020 - 21.30

One month since our last episode, we've all moved into unprecedented times and worked to adapt to the new living order, under government measures requiring great discipline and responsibility from society and individuals.


How did we all get here?

I recount the events in the recent history of the COVID-19 pandemic by listing policies instituted by the Slovenian government, starting from the Slovenian contribution of 1.2 million masks to China in February, to the recent restriction of municipal mobility, one by one as sourced from the sites below:

- Slovenian Government COVID 19 page

- Slovenia Press AgencySlovenian Press Agency 

- Total Slovenia News 

Interview:  Episode 3 features guest Guillermo Torrijos.

Gullermo Torrijos, a Belgian-Spanish transplant to Slovenia originated from a small coastal town near Barcelona called Vilanova and la Geltrú, moved to Slovenia after taking an offer of an inter-company transfer from Guadalajara, Mexico. Having been in Slovenia for two years, Guillermo still very much enjoys the surrounding nature and social life in Ljubljana.

I ask Guillermo how life has changed since COVID-19, how he has adapted to the new living conditions, and what he looks forward to doing when the pandemic subsides from Slovenia.

Soundtrack List:

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts

1) Colectivo Panamera - El Arenal

2) Jack Johnson - Good People

3) Foster the People - Sit Next to Me

Background: TBA

Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental


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