Episode 4 - Identity

Episode 4 - Identity

14. 5. 2020 - 21.30


The isolation and pause in life brought by COVID-19 provokes the question of identity for a foreigner trying to make Ljubljana his ljubo doma.


In a time when we're all working hard to cling to some semblance of normalcy in our day-to-day lives, I discuss what it's like as a foreigner living in Slovenia trying to find something stable to hold on to when everything familiar is gone. I elaborate on my considerations of identity, looking into the root of our being to find calm and solace.

Soundtrack List:

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts

1) Jack Garratt - Better

2) The Avett Brothers - Ain’t No Man

3) Allen Stone - Bed I Made

Background: BaaskaT - Grass

Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental


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