Episode 5 - Cultural Exploration

Episode 5 - Cultural Exploration

11. 6. 2020 - 21.30

Episode 5 - Cultural Exploration @ 9:30pm on Radio Student 89.3FM. Listen Live on https://radiostudent.si


Episode 5 features guest Sam Baldwin, nomad, entrepreneur, and author, who didn't imagine buying a fixer-upper farmhouse in Breg, Koroska would become the first step in uprooting his life and replanting it here in Slovenia for good.

Originally from England, Sam decided to buy a kašča with his brother in 2007 located in Breg, a village nearby the town of Mežica in the Koroška region. What was originally a renovation project intended for a part-time experience became the project of a lifetime - with Sam deciding to move here full-time.

In fact, in the time he's spent here, he's done more than many of us have in a lifetime - from learning how to capture dormice (polh), to participating in a traditional koline, and distilling his own schnapps. In the process, Sam has built up a Slovenian community of his own, and contributed back by way of chronicling life in this country in earnest blog entries.

Tonight, we talk about what put Slovenia on the map for him, his experiences trying his hand with the different aspects of Slovenian culture, and how living here shapes his present.

Visit https://bregdesign.com to check out Sam's current project, featuring unique shirt designs that encapsulate Slovenian cultural heritage as he sees it.

Soundtrack list:

- Gramatik - Break Loose
- King Buffalo - Centurion
- Mencarija - Vcasih si sam

Background: TBA

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts

Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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