Episode 6 - Building Community

Episode 6 - Building Community

13. 8. 2020 - 21.30

Episode 6 - Building Community  @ 9:30 pm on Radio Student 89.3FM. Listen Live on https://radiostudent.si


Episode 6 features Tom Norman, the founder of the projects of How to Be Human, and 500 Coffees, in which he aspires to talk to at least 500 strangers, chronicling their fears, motivations, love, and decision-making, while looking for his own path in the process. This human connection project has been featured in major news outlets including Delo, Total Slovenia News, and Radio SI.

Originating from Essex, England, we will learn about what started Tom's journey to 500 conversations with strangers, the art of the conversation and community building, and his new project doing exactly that. Visit https://www.kickstartyourcommunity.com/ to check out Tom's current project.

Soundtrack list:

Muse - Something Human

- The Howl & Hum - Godmanchester Chinese Bridge

Christian Löffler - Ry (Edit)

Background: Tony Rosenberg - Bet

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts

Other: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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