Episode 8 - Cultural Homecoming

Episode 8 - Cultural Homecoming

8. 10. 2020 - 21.30

Episode 8 - Cultural Homecoming @ 9:30pm on Radio Student 89.3FM. Listen Live on https://radiostudent.si

Did you know that by 1914, Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America became the third most-populous Slovene city in the world after Trieste and Ljubljana with their own cultural, and social institutions such as grocery stores, bars, and specialized businesses?


Episode 8 features Matt Gorenc, a 29-year-old Slovenian born in Denver, Colorado to a father who emigrated from Slovenia, and a first-generation American mother with Slovenian and Yugoslavic roots.

After finishing up his 3-year role as a North American Language and Culture Assistant at a school in Madrid, Spain, Matt moved to Slovenia in 2018 to complete his Master of Urban Planning in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana and to get closer with his family's culture.

Having grown up in Colorado, the sixth most populous state in the United States in terms of Slovenian population, I chat with Matt about growing up in a Slovenian-American household, self-studying the Slovenian culture, and the value of gaining a "homecoming experience" here in Slovenia.

Soundtrack list:
- John Denver - Rocky Mountain High
- Shakira - Gitana
Jack's Mannequin - Holiday from Real

Background: Athletic Progression - White Crayon

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts
Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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