Pilot - "Discovery"

Pilot - "Discovery"

13. 2. 2020 - 21.30


"If you had the option to be just five years old again, would you?

You might be surprised, but on a daily basis, you are walking amongst any number of us who are really "5 year old you.", we begin to learn again how to speak, how to interact with people, and most of all, how to make a place a home. In other words, a toddler learning to stand on our own again.

Every month, Sleepless in Slovenia hosted by Chris Lee will feature conversations with immigrants and locals to share insights into what it's like to live in Slovenia. You'll hear about their unique and curious interactions with society as they try to make it their "sweet home".

On today's pilot episode, I'll be talking about why I named the show Sleepless in Slovenia, describe how I ended up moving to the land of the Slavs, and interviewed my Slovenian friend Bostjan, on his impression of my country, how it compares to Slovenia, and how it was like to be my official and personal translator at the administrative unit.


Soundtrack list:

- Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts
- Wintersleep - Weighty Ghost
- Joel Plaskett Emergency - Nowhere with You
- Jay Chou (Fei Yu Qin) - Qian Li Zhi Wai (Faraway)
- MC Hot Dog - Cha bu duo xian sen (Mr. Almost)
- Leteci Potepuhi - Bicikl
- Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song

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sponsored content by lonely planet ali trip advisor?

logotipom od Coca Cole ampak piše Enjoy Čevapčići type shit

hey man, how bout sharing a playlist with the songs used here, hm?

@CORIOUS_ABT_YR_SIS Hi! Thanks for reminding me. I've updated my original post with the list of music used. Enjoy!

@Marko Hahaha, nope. Some real stuff about going down in the coming months, all independent.


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