Can an African Team Win 2018 World cup?

Can an African Team Win 2018 World cup?

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17. 6. 2018 - 12.00

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Africa is the second most-populated continent and a place where football is king, 
has still to produce a team to advance beyond the quarter-finals - let alone lift 
the gold trophy.

At this year Tournament in Russia Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia will 
compete in Russia later this month - but few believe they will get near the final.

The three teams to make the quarter-finals - Cameroon (1990), Senegal (2002) and 
Ghana (2010) - have come from sub-Saharan Africa. But in Russia, there will be more
teams from the north than elsewhere on the continent, including a first appearance in
28 years for Egypt and a return after 20 years for Morocco.

A number of North African countries have players who learned their trade at 
academies in Europe, but it is Morocco who arrives at this World Cup with the most 
foreign-born players - seventeen of their 23-man squad were born outside the 


Of the 44 occasions, African teams have competed at the World Cup come Russia 2018,
30 will have been managed by a non-African.

Cameroon, who as seven-time qualifiers are Africa's most successful World Cup 
nation, have been led by four Frenchmen, two Germans and one Russian at the 


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