Traditional Music Of Africa

Traditional Music Of Africa

Kulturna ali glasbena novica
2face Ibibia
8. 1. 2017 - 12.00

      The continent, is historically ancient, rich and diverse, with different regions.Nations of Africa having many distinct musical traditions.Traditional music in most of the continent is passed down orally and is not written.
     In Sub-Saharan African music traditions, it frequently relies on percussion instrumentsof every variety, including xylophones, djembes, drums, and tone-producing instruments such as
the mbira or "thumb piano."

     The music and dance of the African diaspora, formed to varying degrees on African musical traditions,include American music and many Caribbean genres, such as soca, calypso and zouk.
Latin American music genres such as the rumba, conga, bomba, cumbia and samba were also founded onthe music of enslaved Africans, and have in turn influenced African popular music.

     African traditional music is frequently functional in nature. Performances may be long and often involve the participation of the audience.There are, for example, little different kinds of work songs, songs accompanying childbirth, marriage, hunting and political activities, music to ward off evil spirits and to pay respects to good spirits, the dead and the ancestors. None of this is performed outside its intended social context and much of it is associated with a particular dance. Some of it, performed by professional musicians, is sacral music or ceremonial and courtly music performed at royal courts.

Artist Showcase. 2face Idibia.

    Innocent Ujah Idibia, better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba,is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. He officially discontinued the use of the name Tuface and selected 2baba as his stage name.He is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa. He is also one of the most bankable artists in Africa.



01.De Adshas - GIVE ME
02.Timaya ft. Flavour - M.O.N.E.Y (prod. Young D)
03.Marvellous Benjy - New Dance Suo
04.General Ozzi - Potential
05.2Face - African Queen
06.2face Idibia - If Love Is a Crime
07.2Face Idibia - See me so
08.Diamond Platnumz - Nana Feat. Flavour
09.P-Square - Bank Alert
10.Tony harmony - My body
11.Jose Chameleon - Bwerere
12.Alhaji - Alhaji
13.Skales - Shake Body -Prod.-Jaypizzle
14.Dj Arafat -- Jonathan
15.Bracket - Panya Ft Tekno



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