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1. 4. 2023 - 11.00

Episode 66 (03/2023)

Welcome to March 2022 edition of Bad News, the monthly English-language podcast from the international A-Radio Network.

In the show:

- Črna Luknja: The earthquake in Turkey and surrounding regions:
After answering the call for Anti-lukovmarsh - antifascist mobilization in Sofia on 25th of February, a delegation of anti-authoritarian movement from Ljubljana, also with a member of Črna Luknja – radio show on Radio Študent, continue its journey to Istanbul. Being there in the beginning of March it was three weeks after the earthquake disaster. We manage to make interview with comrade concerning earthquake situation. For security reasons of a comrade we put filter over the voice.
Info links:

- Črna Luknja: Balkan Anarchist Bookfair 2023:
Črna luknja is sharing a call for the upcoming Balkan Anarchist Bookfair (BAB23) that will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia between 7th-9th July 2023. The aim of BAB23 is to bring together in a big transnational political gathering people and initiatives involved in the anarchist movement from the Balkans, Europe and hopefully other continents as well. The gathering is to take place 20 years after the first Balkan Anarchist Bookfair that was held in 2003, also in Ljubljana. Listen to the history, political meaning and agenda of the bookfair and join the process! The event will take place under the slogan 'Over the walls of nationalism and war'.

- The Final Straw Radio: Trial of mutual aid activists and journalists in Asheville, NC:
TFSR spoke with a defendant & supporter in the trial of mutual aid activists and journalists facing Felony Littering and conspiracy charges for protests against homeless camp evictions in freezing temperatures in December of 2021 in Asheville, NC, USA. Trial begins April 10th, 2023, nearly 1.5 years after the arrests. To hear more about the case, check out our full episode at our website. And you can hear more from the defendants at https://AVLSolidarity.Noblogs.Org or their substack at https://sanctuarycampdefendantupdates.substack.com/

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