Dimni signali 20

4. 11. 2017 - 22.00

01. Visionist - New Obsession 
02. Visionist - Value 
03. Visionist - High Life 
04. SUGAI KEN - Wakihi 
05. SUGAI KEN - Okera 
06. SUGAI KEN - Katsura 
07. Sparkling Wide Pressure - CRISPR 
08. Sparkling Wide Pressure - Ha Ha Hasays 
09. Sparkling Wide Pressure - The Moon In Your Window 
10. RUN DMT - Montana Mountain Groan 
11. RUN DMT - Blondie Mothership 
12. RUN DMT - Cash For Gold 
13. Woo - Hopi 
14. Woo - Love on Other Planets 
15. Woo - The Heart Sleeps 

Na sliki:
A major fire on 25 December 1953, destroyed the Shek Kip Mei shantytown of immigrants from Mainland China that had fled to Hong Kong, leaving 53,000 people homeless.

After the fire, the governor Alexander Grantham launched a public housing programme to introduce the idea of “multi storey building” for the immigrant population living there. The standardised new structures offered fire- and flood-resistant construction to previously vulnerable hut dwellers. The programme involved demolishing the rest of the makeshift houses left untouched by the fire, and the construction of the Shek Kip Mei Low-cost Housing Estate in their stead. The apartments were small, only about 300 square feet (28 m2). Each unit could house five people, and each building had a capacity of 2,500 residents. The rent was HK$17 per square foot per month, while the rent for a commercial store downstairs was HK$100 per month. Foreign tourists visiting the apartment complexes referred to them as “prisons”. Indeed, some scholars have argued that the government has been overstating the role of the fire in the history of public housing in Hong Kong.



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