Dimni signali 26

10. 2. 2018 - 22.00

01. His Electro Blue Voice - Scum Rat
02. His Electro Blue Voice - Onieut 
03. Julia Holter - So Humble the Afternoon 
04. Vanessa Amara - 20-03-2017 21-12-2016 06-02-2016
05. Shell Fantasy - Row 2 
06. Fire! - The Hands 
07. Fire! - Touches Me With the Tips of Wonder 
08. Fire! - I Guard Her to Rest. Declaring Silence. 
09. Boris - Farewell 

A series of four initial deadly wildfires erupted across central Portugal in the afternoon of 17 June 2017 within minutes of each other, resulting in at least 66 deaths and 204 injured people.

The majority of deaths took place in the Pedrógão Grande municipality, when a fire swept across a road filled with evacuees escaping in their cars. Portuguese officials dispatched more than 1,700 firefighters nationwide to combat the blazes and Prime Minister António Costa declared three days of national mourning. Spain, France, Morocco and Italy deployed firefighters and Water Bombers Canadairs to help extinguish the fires. Although most early official reports pointed to a dry thunderstorm as the cause of the tragedy, the President of the Portuguese Firefighters League expressed his conviction the fire was provoked by arsonists.

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