Dimni signali 55

Dimni signali 55

23. 3. 2019 - 22.00

01. Duster — Topical Solution 
02. Duster — Echo, Bravo 
03. Duster — Capsule Losing Contact 
04. Brin — iJazz 
05. Brin — You Ever Drem 
06. Ana Roxanne — Slowness 
07. Ana Roxanne — It’s a Rainy Day on a Cosmic Shore 
08. Ana Roxanne — Nocturne 
09. Tomáš Niesner — Stará Voda 

Na sliki:
On 16 March 2019, Australian senator Fraser Anning was hit with an egg while he made a statement regarding the Christchurch mosque shootings. The egg was crushed on the back of Anning's head reportedly by William Connolly at a conference in Moorabbin, Victoria who was simultaneously filming the action on a mobile phone. In response, Anning twice struck the teenager in the face. Connolly was later dubbed "Eggboy" on social media. Connolly was later praised as a hero and people have began donating money for more eggs. 

On 15 March 2019, a white supremacist terrorist killed 50 people in the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand. Immediately after that, far-right independent Australian Senator Fraser Anning released an official statement that was widely condemned both within and outside Australia for being Islamophobic and insensitive to the victims of the terrorist attack. Within a day of his statement, a petition calling for his expulsion from the Australian parliament had amassed 1,250,000 signatures.

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