Cecil Taylor: v opomin

Cecil Taylor: v opomin


Cecil Percival Taylor (1929 - 2018)

Nocoj z glasbo in sodelavcema Miho Zadnikarjem ter Markom Karlovčcem, ki bosta prispevala svoje uvide, opominjamo na figuro Cecila Taylorja - viharnega jazzovskega velikana in pionirja, ki nas je zapustil 5. aprila letos. Moderira Peter Kuntarič


Scroll No. 1

Whistle into night
Recognize exorcism
   blue's history.
Whittled whispers while
city technique wrung
   awakened needs
Spring cotton answer
   Carver's oil estranged
   outer earth's garments
   Scorched exclusivity
   Shining Bandanah
Thru ground mounds and
   honeysucklevine scraped
   dust rises. Noon dimples
   sweat titty.
Bugle brow browned
Indignation laments
Yellow childrens
   scampering ass'n
   pigtails stompin'
           White crucifix
           White flame
           White God
           White hood
           White white
           White which
           Pains shame
           Call your'n
           Happiness born
           comin' onto
           Greased bolts
           Mud fields
           Hot stream
           Stung stank
           Stitch sanguine
           Satiety sought
           Sin sinning
           Singing song
           Set 4 centuries long
Mirror born color squared
difference excuse
mountain organ hill bill
   tongue tastes
Tar flesh trampled seeds.


Scroll No. 2

Nation's lost diplomacy
lost notions duplicity
Demagogic democracy
Damned dutiful
Darned cloth
blue serge white white
one someone shirt floptic
tank bat and »yeah bo«
I'ma Senatah!
You just sing dance unseed
   food maker
   lost nobles
   chewed spit'n
   grits shit and
   molasses hot smellin'
   teeth toothless
   hyeena smile
'Ah is so happy
Youse mah master
   ooh ooh ooh
Kick me agin gin
   Prick Duster sperm
Ground life out
Chambers red
Lao Vaudois
   leaves bow
Swollen gulls mate
exigent whimpers
swimmers duck
rockfall legion's
   where bonnets
   bent whore's lost
   puerility romps
   unchided over
   back roads black
   in night cesspools
   to constellations
Justice invisibly
lighted masks
calcimined mimes
ejaculate polyglot
Dry cell of money
has locked the minds
and acauterized hearts


Chinampas #5'04"

          ANGLE of incidence

          being matter ignited

                                                                            one sixtieth of luminous


                                                                            behind wind

beginning spiral of two presences


light drum

angle of incidénce observant of sighns

                                          be's core based fiber conducting impulses flattened spirals of

                                          spirit prompting

                                          letter per square centimeter of three dimensions

                                          swept cylinder and cone

                                          cutting shape of drying bodiesNow pulverized

                                                                            having fed on


arranged service of constant spiral elements of floating cocineal and

kaaay and kaay and kaay and

agité an-agité and kaay

and kaay and yyeeagiye yoa,

ya yoa

deposits of hieroglyphic regions

womb of continuing light

preexisting blood per square centimeter of aBlaack bhody

a curve having rotation in three dimensions

cutting spiral elements at a constant angle

behind wind

the inexpresssssible inclusion

of one within another

a lustrous red, reddish brown or black natural fill compact or attacked

POINT fixed on circumference

curve about red

does in fact alter regions of contact as a rooase

on the outside circumference flushed toward slant

intersecting new reference point

moves clockwise

representing a frequency's


each bend of ordinan equals the sum in singular

youas youas youas

proceeding enclosure engulfing unending spiral


there floating amidst aliana and overhead

romela romelaya romela romelaya a ceeia

invisible expressions of warmed snakewood soothed by exudation of sloed balsam scent

is arielroot elixir is knowing circle crossed at oiled extremity

in center of wing burring

creates fire in air

serpent is preexisting light light yeah

the meter maintained is ôpen yet a larger whorl

describing orbit of earth

eaters incisors as omniscient

pochee aida aida hueldo aida aida huedo

uniting of three astral plains/planes corresponding to a serpent synthesis

altering the sliii'de

                                                                            disengage'd ecliptic traveling

                                                                                                    due north

skip through at least two successive meridians

diagonal shear

uniting as macrocosm five heads degrees of tangiBle ahhb jects

graded ascension of floor levels

suspended voice


held within concretized mur'eau de perfume breath

again floating

‘tween lighted mooon///soar

and silent cross of bird sensing cold at base

invisible to source of satyrial/siderial turn Between regions of partial

shadow and complete illumination.


omnipotence the florescence of the perpendicular


the floresce of the perpendicular pentamorphic

the florescence of the perpendicular pentamorphic

perpendicular pentamorphic

(kiss, silences, rhythm)


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