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16. 7. 2012 - 21.00

Adam Harvey: When Is An Apple No Longer An Apple?

Vessel & El Kid - 89
Big War - Issue (unreleased)
Rudi Zygadlo - Russian Dolls (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Blackjob feat. Soul Boy - Rude (forthcoming Original Cultures)
Tin Man - Manifesto Acid
Takuya Matsumoto - Jump Rope Music
Famous Eno - All Good FM (DJ Sliink Remix)
Waifer - Yes I Blunt
Rossi B & Luca - Turbo Island
Champion - Crystal Meth
LV - DL (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Cardopusher - Hotbox (forthcoming Classicworks)
Fis-T - 6 Drums of Tribal
Bombé - Tell (Riffs Remix) (forthcoming Fullfridge)
Curren$y - Leaving The Dock
Joey Bada$$ feat. Capital STEEZ - Survival Tactics
Om Unit - Ulysses (forthcoming Civil Music)

''It's not like you really feel there was anyone in the next generation coming up to do the same kind of thing. He was totally a one-off. And free in the truest sense, in the way that most 'free' and improv musicians aren't – he would use anything: if he felt like using a bit of a song in the middle of something, he would do it. True freedom. He would play anything – not this restricting 'free' improv thing where it can't have a melody, it can't have a definite rhythm.''

(Bill Wells remembers Lol Coxhill)

Frederick Wilfred: Butcher looking through his shop window 

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great minds think alike :)

there is still hope in this Universe :) LP

in še: birds of a feather flock together?

ali pa: fools seldom differ :)

haha well played


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