Beauty Is Within

9. 12. 2016 - 20.00


"Telling the truth isn't perceived as beautiful. What's perceived as beautiful isn't truthful. One who makes those perceptions doesn't have an open mind. One who has an open mind doesn't make those perceptions. One who has a pre-conceived notion of what's beautiful doesn't increase. One who increases doesn't look for what's beautiful.

A wise person is without a need to accumulate anything. Since they're done with trying to act like others, they develop more of their own nature. Since they're done with trying to appease others, what is in their true nature keeps increasing. Therefore, the heavens' Dao is beneficial but doesn't criticize. A person's Dao takes action but isn't willing to contend."

Lord Of The Isles- Airgoid Meall

Lord Of The Isles- Years Away

John Talabot- Voices

John Talabot- Voices (Gerd Janson Version Conga)

Christian Kroupa- Sun Goddess

Petar Dundov- Falling In

Answer Code Request- Vis

Barker & Baumecker- Noctural

Bjarki- Genat 8

Bjarki- Sdfghiu0yot0r597dc

Conforce- Reverse

Barker & Baumecker- Turnhalle

Barker & Baumecker- Encipher & Decipher

Louis Haiman- Hidden Knowledge



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