Just relieve yourself of guilt

12. 3. 2021 - 20.00

"Oh the world is a beautiful place
                                   to be born into
     if you don’t much mind
                               a few dead minds
         in the higher places
                                 or a bomb or two
         now and then
                        in your upturned faces
or other such improprieties
                        as our Name Brand society
                       is prey to
                            with its men of distinction
  and its men of extinction
                                         and its priests
        and other patrolmen
                        and its various segregations
and congressional investigations
                              and other constipations
              that our fool flesh
                             is heir to"

Igen & Onejgn- Dpa
Amandra- Kapsalon
Bambounou- Craig.py
Toada- Amparo
Aura Nox- Petite Mort
X CLUB.- 6 Million Ways To Die
James Ruskin- Hang Up
Forest Drive West- Phosphenes (Wata igarashi Pressure Remix)
Steve O'Sullivan- Berdea
Yan Cook- Grom
India Jordan- And Groove
Nadia Struiwigh- WOSP
Walton- Overload Destruction
Paàl- Red Sky At Night feat. Cressida
Maze & Lindholm- There's a Room for You

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