Let the combination of morality and inhumanity begin.

26. 3. 2021 - 20.00

" If we live all our lives under lies, it becomes difficult to see
anything if it does not have anything to do with these lies. If it
is, for example, true or, say, honest. The idea that things of
this nature continue to exist is not ever brought forward in
our minds. If they do, they seem, at their most sympathetic
excursion, monstrous untruths. Bigger lies than our own. I am
sorry. "

Mikey Young x Music Yared- Sindayo (Mikey Youngís Krar Remix)
Prequel- Love Is Feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O
µ-Ziq- Drocovums
Overmono- Pieces Of 8
Peter Van Hoesen- Allocators
Danny Isola- Ownership
Emma DJ- Aepop
Peder Mannerfelt- Squarewave To Heaven
Planetary Secrets- Burning Fist (Breaka Remix)
Cromie- Bloom In (rRoxymore rRemix)
O'Fella- Phase 3
Boulderhead- Wanna Go To A Party
Odd Oswald & Stephan Barnem- Nightmare (Jensen Interceptor's Elm Street Slumber Party Mix)
GIMMIK- Foot Switch
Norwell- Tangerine Trees

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