Promises so golden

17. 6. 2022 - 20.00

"You don't need a song to brush your teeth to. The next thing you know, you're going to need electronic stimuli for everything you do. You know, it's important to just live in it, you know? Peace and quiet. Your generation is completely lost."


Paralell Manifesto- Quarter Timeline 401
Jamal Moss- I Can't Escape From U
Z.I.P.P.O- Aquarius
rRoxymore- I Wanted More
Deena Abdelwahed x Basile3- Alpha GPC
Andy Toth- Temporal Distortion
Alone- Anubi
Torus- Chroniko VIP
Roll Dann- Seven Notes
Peder Mannerfelt- All In Your Hands (FT Version)
Planetary Assault Systems- Devotion
KH- Looking At Your Pager
Steffi & Sepehr- The Hairy Otter
Kangding Ray- Sage Aqua
FFT- 3 Sided

Pic by me.

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