Sound Signatures

2. 12. 2013 - 22.00





Paradise 100 - The Loin King
Bill Hicks - It's Just A Ride
Beat Detectives - Walking Down The Street
Agent K - Cat Interlude
Sole Tech - The Message
Population One - Self Portrait
Dungeon Acid - I Don't Need It (Rivet Remix)
Point G – Come
Mr. G - Toi Toi 
Sunvoid - FFF (Cut 1 Different Mix)
Headcore – 21
Logos - Atlanta 96 (Limitless Mix)
P Jam - Untitled A 
Quest – Dubfoot
Fentestik Kiseli Bend - Lezi lebe da te jedem
Commodo - Space Cash 
SW. - Reminder (Burridim Mix By DJ Sotofett) 
Dom & Roland - Outta Endz 
Kid Drama - In Mind


''Part of the problem with the underground scene is that a lot of people don't realise that they're PART OF the infrastructure of commodification and capitalism. There's a place in the status quo for dissent, and it's easily recuperated. It's another option or choice which people can go towards to feel good about themselves. The thing to look at is the actual medium and ask:

does it actually do anything?

Are you actually doing anything?

And if that's a question that's too silly to ask – well, that's where my sense of futility comes from.

Is that all we have: to be able to say these things and comment from a position that's fairly comfortable, where there's really not much at stake?''

Sam Shalabi 

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Dat Frankie Knuckles sample... classic!

Let The Music Use You!

pa bo no... :)

fajn je!


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