29. 10. 2012 - 21.00

''...These developments precisely opened up a kind of time that is now increasingly difficult to access: a time temporarily freed from the pressure to pay rent or the mortgage; an experimental time, in which the outcomes of activities could neither be predicted nor guaranteed; a time which might turn out to be wasted, but which might equally yield new concepts, perceptions, ways of being. It is this kind of time, not the harassed time of the business entrepreneur, which gives rise to the new. This kind of time, where the collective mind can unfurl, also allows the social imagination to flourish. The neoliberal era – the time when, we were repeatedly told, there was no alternative – has been characterised by a massive deterioration of social imagination, an incapacity to even conceive of different ways to work, produce and consume. It’s now clear that, from the start (and with good reason) neoliberalism declared war on this alternative mode of time. It remains tireless in its propagation of resentment against those few fugitives who can still escape the treadmill of debt and endless work, promising to ensure that soon, they too will be condemned to performing interminable, meaningless labour – as if the solution to the current stagnation lay in more work, rather than an escape from the cult of work. If there is to be any kind of future, it will depend on our winning back the uses of time that neoliberalism has sought to close off andmake us forget.''

Mark Fisher: Time-Wars


Emeralds - Just To Feel Anything (forthcoming Editions Mego)
Reso - Simple Pleasures (forthcoming Civil Music)
House Shoes - feat. Jimetta Rose - Castles My Brother
Reggie B - I Apologize
Chinx Drugz feat. French Montana - I'm Coke Boy*
Pharrel & Twista - Give It Up (Nightwave Bootleg) (unreleased)
Addison Groove - I Go Boom (DJ Rashad Remix) (forthcoming 50Weapons)
DJ Spinn - Dey Comin'
DJ Curt feat. Franjazzco - Herbie Colors 2k12
DJ Spinn - Horn Chemist**
DJ Torch - Memory Lane (unreleased)
DJ Spinn - Over There (Gettin' It)
DJ Spinn - What You Need
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) (Extended Version)
The Union - Light Odyssey
Gesloten Cirkel - Bladebeats
Débruit - Ouest Wind's Seagulls (Mwëslee Remix)
Mango - Redlight Feelgood

* hud mixtape! Cocaine Riot 2

** 17. 11. 2012 - DJ RASHAD & DJ SPINN + NIGHTWAVE v Klubu K4 - spread the word, enter the Future


''Our music isn't just a fad.''

DJ Spinn


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Kendrick Lamar je hud! Menda plata pride zdej, al je že? Shieet :D

odličen Spinn, odlična novica in yes, go footwork, you've got it on the spot there!

hvala obema za comment! :) kendrickov album je ze zuni, na footwork fronti pa se pripravlja se en traxmanov album, drugi del spinnovega albuma, kolaborativni album rashada in mannyja... damn, komi cakam 17. november!

big up za 17.11.:)


The future!

sweet :D

z lahkoto najbol carska oddaja na studentu

se strinjam, huda muska skos

thx, naslednja runda v ponedeljek ob 21h!


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