Yo No Pago!

20. 5. 2013 - 21.00

"In my earliest years I realised life consisted of two contradictory elements. One was words, which could change the world; the other was the world itself, which had nothing to do with words."

Yukio Mishima


Duo Ordan - Flašni tercet
James Ferraro - Gargoyles
James Ferraro - C Lord
SKOMINE multimedijska inštalacija (režija: Eva Kokalj)
Drug Ramzes - Morje in morje (excerpt) (2012)
Don Papa - Dans Hall Dub
Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers - L.I.S. (DJ Sotofett Ona Dhug-Dropp Mix)
Outboxx - All The Right Moves
Pev & Hodge - Bells (Dream Sequence)
Elgato - Dunkel Jam
? - ? (forthcoming on Hadal)
MMM - Que Barbaro
Atheist Rap - Reč dve o biznisu
?- ? (forthcoming Hyperdub)
MoonDoctoR - Heart Attack Footwork
RP Boo - 187 Homicide
? - ? (unreleased)
Deejay Earl - Funky Beatz
?- ? (unreleased)
DJ Spinn - Kush Pak Loud
DJ Rashad feat. DJ Spinn - We Trippy Mane
Kode9 - Kan
Lennie De Ice - We are I.E. (Om Unit Edit)


'''I don’t believe in making records that are a drum machine and some noise that you just tweak a bit this way and that way, that doesn’t do it for me. I suppose you can make art that way, but if you’re going to make music, make music! I want something that you can close your eyes to, that’s going to soothe you, something you can take to the beach with you on vacation. Some of these guys just make a point of distorting every fucking track, the cymbals, the snare, the kick—everything. What’s the point?'''

Juan Atkins to Mike Shallcross, “From Detroit to Deep Space,” The Wire #161, July 1997





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