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22. 10. 2012 - 21.00

''... this generation is handicapped by the era of excess. I grew up in an era of love and swimming upstream, determined to prove people wrong. We had chips on our shoulders, like, "We belong here." But now it's the most popular, biggest segment of the industry. We've had a decade of private planes and Maybachs. That's not the era that I came from. The era I came from, I had zero expectation that I was going to make any money. I was determined to prove to the gatekeepers of the industry that we had a place here and we weren't going to relinquish our opportunity. I never had to keep up with nobody because we were all on subways. So it was never like, "My subway is bigger and flyer than your subway." And there was a real fraternal order. We were backstage with Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring, and we had zero fucking money. But everybody wanted us in the VIP room because we were doing something that was so important to them. People understood that it wasn't if it was going to happen, it was when it was going to happen.''

(Lyor Cohen)

Nadia Wicker: Selfportraits 

Emilio Gomariz: AR Series


? - ? (forthcoming)
Jason Lescalleet - Beauty Is A Bowtie // Cliff Martinez - He Had a Good Time
Massive Attack - Teardrop (Scream Team remix)
iamamiwhoami - Play
Coco Bryce - Tiny
Graham Lambkin - Amateur Doubles (Philippe Gracher - 3000 Miles Away) (excerpt)
The Invisible - Wings (Floating Points Remix)
Afrikan Sciences - The Onliest
Mix Mup - Dub
Coco Bryce - She Knows
Fred P. feat. J.Kahela - What It Is - Music
Lapalux feat. Kerry Leatham - Forgetting and Learning Again
SuperSoul Connection - The Key (Nitz Remix)
Vessel & El Kid - Snow Amnesia
Vid Vai - Another Weekend Story (forthcoming Colours Music)*
? - ? (forthcoming)
Joey Anderson - Hydrine

*this one's BIG!!


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Zelo g. Prsti-eskni miks na trenutkih. Like! Lih tak za trendy luksuzne hotele. Lajkal bi še enkrat če bi mogel... oh wait, it's not FB, I can... Like!

:) glad you Like!

she knows indeed ;D

super soundtrack tkole za ob večerji! :)

mission accomplished!

U! Emilio Gomariz ma pa čist zanimive stvari!

ja... marsikaj zanimivega se skriva med linki ;)


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