10. 6. 2014 - 22.00

Dolgo časa je trajalo, da Tegla prizna, da Neurosis imajo tisto nekaj, kar jih naredi tako zanimive in privlačne. Težka glasba, zanimivi pogledi, unikaten pristop in neuklanjanje kompromisom.

Pred njihovim špilom v Zagrebu 1. 7. se bomo sprehodili predvsem skozi njihovo Relapse in Neurot Recordings ero (torej, bomo preskočili kak-album ali dva).

Give in (!) to the Rising!


1. To Crawl Under One's Skin (Souls At Zero, Alternative Tentacles, 1992)

''Unlike their previous efforts, this album showcases the band's penchant for playing densely layered, folk-influenced music at radically slower tempos.'' (vir: Wikipedia)

2. Enemy Of The Sun (Enemy Of The Sun, Alternative Tentacles, 1993)

''At the time few could have predicted this black hole of agonizingly precise metal riffs, unnerving backmasking, industrial folkisms and extensive sampling" (vir: The Quietus)

3. Locust Star (Through Silver In Blood, Relapse Records, 1996)

''Approach with caution.'' (vir: AllMusic)

4. End Of The Harvest (Times Of Grace, Relapse Records, 1999)

''The result is a step back from the brink and one step forward into the unknown.'' (vir: BBC Music)

5. Watchfire (A Sun That Never Sets, Relapse Records, 2000)

''With each new song, A Sun That Never Sets cultivates an area in the mind's eye so seductively sublime in texture and enriched with every ounce of energy this quintet has to exhaust. One track never sounding like another (…)'' (vir: Chronicles Of Chaos)

6. The Eye Of Every Storm (The Eye Of Every Storm, Relapse Records, 2004)

''The quiet intervals don't impart the sense of fleeting tranquility one associates with the eye of a storm, and soon enough, the tortured, elongated riffs continue to topple ruins, uproot trees, move mountains and evaporate seas. Some records lull, some kick ass, others rock; this one simply lays waste.'' (vir: Pitchfork)

7. Given To The Rising (Given To The Rising, Neurot Records, 2007)

''The style has remained relatively concise from The Eye of Every Storm, but whilst said album had an airy, light feel to the music, Given to the Rising is more grounded. The metal elements are a lot more pronounced, whilst the post rock interludes and the song structures have remained consistent, the climaxes have a much stronger sense of urgency and aggression.'' (vir: Metal Archives)


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