METAL DETEKTOR - Special After Easter Episode

14. 4. 2020 - 22.00

Metal brothers and sisters!

I am proud to present you what this week's SPECIAL episode of my metal radio show Metal Detektor Radio Študent is all about!
As always, it will start at 22.00 CET and it will last ONE hour, but it will be hosted by the metalheads from some pretty famous METAL bands - so the whole show will be in ENGLISH!

The guests are: Dave Ingram (Benediction and many more, ex-Bolt Thrower), Mike Fury (MOD Method Of Destruction), Mike De Leon (Philip H. Anselmo & the IllegalsFlesh Hoarder), Aad Kloosterwaard (Sinister Official), Stephan Gebedi (Thanatos, ex-Hail Of Bullets), Stefano Franceschini (AbortedHideous Divinity), Kozeljnik (The StoneKozeljnik), Zoran Sokolović (Infest Serbia), Brad Fincher (Devourment) and Matt Harvey (ExhumedGruesome, Pounder etc.)

What did they pick for you guys'n'gals to listen to?
Find out today - via perfect live streaming at Radio Študent 89,3 MHz (

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