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Best Labels of 2018

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★41 labels in alphabetical order and 41 of their best of lists in no particular order★

/// anòmia /// ArteTetra /// Altered States /// BABA VANGA /// BCAA system /// Radio Benska /// Bio Future Laboratory /// bus editions /// Country Music /// Cudighi Records /// Chinabot /// Edições CN /// EXILES /// FOIL /// Gauss PDF /// Gin&Platonic /// Genot Centre /// Heel.zone /// Hoge Tapes /// Hot Releases /// International Winners /// JEROME /// Lillerne Tapes /// Magma Tones /// Never Anything /// Nonlocal Research /// Not Not Fun /// Nyapster /// Orange Milk /// Organic Daedra /// Outlines /// Pale Master /// Plastic Response /// Pointless Geometry /// Primordial Void /// Reserve Matinee /// Quantum Natives /// Quiet Time /// Ukiuki Atama /// Wnoadiarwb /// Yerevan Tapes ///


anòmia /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

"a quick list of things released in 2018 that I have

enjoyed during this year with no order of preference"

Milford Graves - Full Mantis (Documentary)

John Carroll Lynch - Lucky (Film)

Keith Hardy Skate Videos on YouTube

Tyshawn Jones - Thrasher Skater of the Year

GX1000 - "Roll Up" Video

L'Art en Moviment, 1955-1975 (Exhibition at La Pedrera, Barcelona)


Forum, Basque Country

Sensory Deprivation Tank Floating Sessions

C.F. - Thermo-printed Comics

Laboria Cuboniks - The Xenofeminist Manifesto (Book)

Boris Groys - Russian Cosmism (Book)

Mark Fisher - KPunk (Book)

Yoshinori Hayashi - Ambivalence (Smalltown Supersound)

Unchained - N.D. Visitor (anòmia)

Meyers - Struggle Artist (Shelter Press)

uon - Untitled (West Mineral Ltd.)

Omar S - One of a Kind (FXHE)

Exael - Collex (West Mineral Ltd.)

James Ferraro - Four Pieces for Mirai (self-released)

Agnes Pe - Malware Hits (self-released)

Act! - Universalist (Halocline Trance)

Fmvee - Bonehead (self-released)

Lag OS - Pantano Stereomorphico (anòmia)

DJ Lag - Stampit EP (Goon Club Allstars)

PARSA - گشتالت (FLUF)

Yoshinori Hayashi - Harleys Dub (Jheri Tracks)

Jeff Witscher ‎- Approximately 1,000 Beers (self-released)

Oca - Preset Music (Constellation Tatsu)

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Live Barcelona




Artetetra ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

XIII - Eocity (Gang of Ducks)

Polonius - Live in the Republic Dionysae (self-released)

Satanicpornocultshop - The rise and fall of… (Zona Music(a))

Dj David Goblin - Ork Muzik (Prr! Prr!)

VV.AA. - Paradisia V (Gang of Ducks)

JPEGmafia - Veteran (Deathbomb Arc)

+ delay - fairplay - Qualcunaltro (self-released)

Francesco Cavaliere - Xylomania (Edições CN)

Voronoi - Vis-Viva (OOH-sounds)

Mater - Mater (Pampsychia)




Altered States //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

"2018 was the year that I listened to less electronic music than the 5 or so previous. Strange, considering how much of it there is clogging up the internet’s pores. I had to think hard to come up with some appropriate recommendations (outside of what I released on AST), but here they are. The future is in country."

Korea Undok Group

KUG, the mysterious label and artist(s) from Winnipeg are a continuing source of inspiration for me. This year saw great releases from Erik Tisu, Zika Boys, World Counsellor and the phenomenal Cancer Pool compilation.

Beat Detectives 

After diving into their past releases and foisting one upon the world via AST earlier in the year, Beat D’s have fast become one of my favourite global acts. The perfect balance of being able to make legit jams and also take the mickey out of the form simultaneously. 

NYPD Records Volume 2: Satoshi Nakamoto's dOPENet (NYPD Records)

Krazy, Devoted & Insane MIX 2018 (NYPD Records)

Wilted Woman - Trapezoid Trappers (Plastic Bags)

A well-fried set from WW on my pal Ren’s new label, Plastic Bags, whose whole MO is “fried”. 

Boris Barksdale - Eternal Remorse (Eye For An Eye Recordings)

High-quality electronic body music from Greece.

x.y.r. - QTT7 (Quiet Time)

Russian artist x.y.r. consistently sculpts lush synthetic environments and this long-running piece for the New York based Quiet Time tapes is no exception.  

Turner Street Sound - Bunsen Burners 12" (Butter Sessions)

Melbourne duo’s debut album offering sun-drenched dub for the smoked out set.

J. Campbell - Birthstone cassette (Vienna Press)

Refined, crisp ambient music that keeps a heart beating underneath it all. Released on what is arguably East Maitland’s best experimental label. 

Parallax Records - Under The Radar Vol. 2 Compilation

Parallax is a fantastic label run in part by one of my current fave projects (TV.OUT). This follow-up to the previous Under The Radar again shows the hotbed of activity and community in the Tel Aviv electronic underground.

Regis - Play Neutral mix cassette (Hospital Productions)

Any mix that starts with Brion Gysin spoken word and seats the Arkestra alongside Monte Cazazza is alright with me.

Bloody Fist Records

One of the labels that has had one of the biggest historical impacts on my taste, Bloody Fist really stopped existing for all intents and purposes in 2004. The Old Rope 7” series, which excavates unreleased recordings from the Fisters, continues to pound their legacy into the collective cerebrum. Starting the year with a 7” from Syndicate (rep 2299) and finishing with another from Xylocaine, two of the most important novocastrian acts to be rendered in the Steel City.

In a year when gabber (specifically The Fist) became en vogue to listen to (or at least namedrop), Bloody Fist continue to offer reminders that it was done better more than two decades ago and everyone has some study to do. 

Syndicate - Impact / Edit 7”

Xyolcaine - Graceland / Hat Felt




Baba Vanga /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Élg - Vu du dôme (Editions Gravats)

Sukitoa o Namau - Nari (Urubu Tapes)

CIA Debutante - Waves (Czaszka)

VA - EX02 (Exiles)

Fischerle - Beard & Parachute (Pointless Geometry)

Slikback - Lasakaneku (Hakuna Kulala)

Novelist - Novelist Guy (MMMYEH)

P.Adrix - Álbum Desconhecido (Principe)

N1L - Water Memory (Opal Tapes)

suck puck records







BCAA ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

S280F & Echavox - nlt (TAR)

everything by bod [包家巷]

Battle-ax - Earther/Lysol (AMEN)

J.G. Biberkopf & Holly Childs: Hydrangea II (live at PAF Festival)


Der Kindestod - God as Daddy the Deranged (Halcyon Veil)

Ultimate X - Nevermore (Metavision) 


All activites of Unseelie and High Heal [❤]

7038634357 - No Hate Is A Cold Star + XPETAL

Paul Seul - Entretenir Surveiller Sécuriser (Casual Gabberz)


SCAM - Vibrio (Decisions)



PAF festival /Olomouc, Czech Republic

screening of the film Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival this year in Prague (in cooperation of fresh-eye.cz and artmap.cz)

And also we really love all the artists we released this year on our label, you are the best <33333




Benska //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

400M - this label is only a month old at this moment, but already has three amazing releases under its belt. Timecop has one of the best albums of 2018.

DJ Vielo - "The Real Funana Mix" - this one is for Jace Clayton 

Reserve Matinee - Chicago's very best label - my favorites are Norman Long, Esper Werm, and Zone Farmer 

LeoKarlo the Beatmaker - Enjoy Yourself - heard a track in some video that I can't remember now, but it's all good.

SsmKosk - Mix for Radio Benska - the music I'd like to make. 

O.L.I.V.I.A. - Eco (Prod by Ro Stambuk) best pop song of the year 

Shaman Fight Club aka JUMPDRIVE - "Degen" and "STOMACH" - these tracks brought the three bros in the Hideout back to the dancer floor when we DJ-d there. Necessary club tools. 

Anti aka Rubbish my Dear - "Sandalalalaaaa" and collab with Skinticket called "Donald Duck" absolutely mad 

Nitkov - "Zvečka" how I feel when I'm stuck in a big group of loud people 

Kamizdat - upcoming benska mix digs into slovenia and features a few tracks from this top label. home to Warrego Valles one of my most listened this year. 

Gabbalkanton - eastern euro no fucks given gabber. you don't have to wade through waves of clout to enjoy this stuff.




Bio Future Laboratory ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

ishi vu - Planet of Death (Glum Trigger) [Grime Age]

John Object - Heat (Bio Future Laboratory) [Neo-Breakcore]

HDMIRROR - ADRENALIN (Self-Release) [Intelligent Gabber Music]

Yona - C (Don't Think Like a Human, yes?) (Self-Release) [AI singer-songwriter]

LSTNGT - Hydropolis (from "Ecomodern vol. 3" by Eco Futurism Corporation) [Tropical Post-Internet Trance]

Perfect Human - Seasons (Perfect Aesthetics) [Just because really PERFECT]




bus editions ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Acolytes - Rupture (Alter)

Elysia Crampton - Elysia Crampton (Break World)

King Vision Ultra - Pain Of Mind (Ascetic House)

HDMIRROR - ADRENALIN (self-released)

Carl Stone - Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties (Unseen Worlds)

DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose (self-released)

Lolina - The Smoke (self-released)

Polido - Água Ao Moinho (bus)

Kazumichi Komatsu ‎– The Ambassador (Rest Now!)

If-Only Podcast #26: E.L.M.S 

Hyph11E - Enter Nowhere (Country Music)

Pavel Milyakov — Eastern Strike (Rassvet)

Nkisi - The Dark Orchestra (Arcola)

Muslimgauze - Eleven Minarets (Kvitnu)




Country Music ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Crystallmess - Mere Noises (self-released)

noboyfriend & PLASTIC CORP - Split (Stoscha)

Osheyack - Sadomodernism (Bedouin Records)

Oxhy - Psalms of the Khori-Puma ft. Elysia Crampton (Yegorka)

Quiltland - Polarity (YEAR0001)

Rizzla - Adepta (Fade to Mind)

Sami Baha - Free For All (Planet Mu)

Slikback - Lasakaneku (Hakuna Kulala)

V/A - Kulør001 (Kulør)

Yantan Ministry - Attaco Mixtape (self-released)




Cudighi //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Al Marantz – Green Tobacco Hair (Plastic Response)

Litku Klemetti – Taika Tapahtuu (Luova Records)

Sumuposauttaja – SP1ALBUM (Luola, Ultraääni)

Laura Luna Castillo – Laminares (Genot Centre)

Jukka Nousiainen - Ei Enää Kylmää Eikä Pimeää (Jukan Musiikki)

Eric Copeland – Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (DFA)

공중도둑 Mid-Air Thief - 무너지기 Crumbling (Gimbab)

Danielle Dahl – Loosening Orion’s Belt (Abstract Tits)

H. Takahashi – Low Power (White Paddy Mountain)

Masahiro Takahashi – Omnipresent Windows (Jj funhouse)  




Chinabot ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sister Iodine - Venom (NASHAZPHONE) 

Tuusanuuskat - Toiminnan aattona (Fonal records)

Tsembla - The Hole In The Landscape (NNA tapes) 

Pal Hwang Dan - Saneopseonjip 산업선집 (Chinabot) 

Accou - ABC (Lal Lal Lal Records) 

Neptunalia compilation - (IKUISUUS) 

Bear Bones, Lay Low | Don't DJ (Plafond 3) - (Bakk) 

Hur Hur - Loop Pedal Mixtape - (No label) 

Sound Awakener - Excerpt from "Pons" - live at FAMLAB open session (No label) 

Uchronia compilation (Syrphe)




Edições CN /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

1. the singing in the church of Sant’Angelo d'Ischia 

2. Oaxaca

3. Mezcal bottles

4. Texas

5. Belgium beating Brazil (World Cup 2018) 

6. the endless stream of “Belgian Folklore” field recordings by Simon Van Honacker in my inbox 

7. Antwerp Piano Bar (love to hate it though) 

8. our son Pele singing 

9. losing a dear friend; but his memory is a beautiful melody 

10. Napoli




Exiles //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

11. Reuben / Korolczuk - Baza (tmrw>)

10. Új Bála – Cold Valley Breeze, Highland Rape (LOST DOGS Entertainment)

9. J. Mono – Redate (Dalmata Daniel)

8. Aluphobia – MF (Left 2 Die Rex)

7. FOR. - We Are Sitting Next To 25 Tons Of Chemical Waste (Farbwechsel)

6. Fausto Mercier – Ballroom of Recur (Pointless Geometry)

5. Urbanfailure – Radical Rest (Urbsounds)

4. Fausto Mercier – Album With Nine Lives (Kaer‘Uiks)

3. Cranky Bow - I'm Going to See Europe Again, But Europe Is Not The Same (Evocative Objects)

2. n o a h s t a s – kick (self-released)

1. Psycho Master – Twisted Dimension (Daddypower)



LCR – Made In The Shade

Metronóm 001: Normal Tamas

Vatsanah | Raveucast #1

Yinna / Éclipse totale mix #2 





FOIL //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Teresa Winter - What the Night is For (The Death of Rave)

Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet (West Mineral Ltd.)

Ultrafog - How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (Motion Ward)

Young Montana? - 💐 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 🥀 (Self released) 

Anne Guthrie - Brass Orchids (Students of Decay)

Puce Mary - The Drought (PAN)

uon - uon (West Mineral)

Smerz - Have fun (XL Recordings) 

The Cradle - Bag of Holding (NNA Tapes)

Cone Swatch - boildown - splashy - automatic (Imbue) (Self released)




Gauss PDF ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Kieran Daly - Missa est Chris (Madacy Jazz) 

Yma - EMBRACE (Lynn) 

emamouse - Green Bus from Maldives to Morocco (Water Recipes) 

Geneva Skeen - A Parallel Array of Horses (Room40) 


Zach Phillips - No Writing [available through Jan 1 2019] (OSR Tapes) 

Doc Mailman - All Geese (Bandcamp) 

Natalja - Hugo’s Polish in Three Months Cassette Tape Language Course (Podunk Label) 

LORETTA ABERDEEN - Kanye West’s Backpack Fatbeats ’96 (Warm Gospel Tapes) 

Gabi Losoncy - “Poison” (YouTube) 




Gin & Platonic ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Zurkas Tepla – Burning house, salty river. Take a shit, good bye. (self-released)

Benelux Energy – Patrick Jumpen Touched By An Angel (Quantum Natives)

Holy Similaun – En To Pan (Natural Sciences)

John Object – Heat (Bio Future Laboratory)

Halo Acid – Almost Heaven (self-released)

Blood Room – Breakers Yard (Proto Sites)

Ten Hyphen Twenty – In-Store Music (Genot Centre)

Putting in Pocket – Wish Fluid (Worst)

Snakepiss – Hell Shit (House of the Leg)

Tittingur – Beings (self-released)




Genot Centre /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

ACT! - Universalist (Halocline Trance)

Barker - Debiasing (Ostgut Ton)

bod [包家巷] - Advent of the Silicon Rain [硅雨来临] (Quantum Natives)

Eartheater - IRISIRI (PAN)

Koenraad Ecker - A Biology of Shadows (In Aulis)

Lea Bertucci - Metal Aether (NNA)

Meyers - Struggle Artist (Shelter Press)

NWIII - Crossroads Of The World (Organic Daedra) 

Renick Bell - Turning Points (Seagrave)

Sophia Loizou - Irregular Territories (Cosmo Rhythmatic)




Heel //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


John Object


Dj Puffin

Tropical Interface

Panacef Mishima



Dj Orange Julius





Hoge tapes /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

AYLU - WALDEN (Orange Milk)

MOLDER - FF (New Masterpiece)


sabiwa - 輪 廻 (CHINABOT)

YNO - 万博 EP (Girl from the north country)

V.A. - 境石投げ踊り (EM Record)

V.A. - ドイ・インタノンの仕事:イサーン・ポップス名作選 (EM Record)


スタ場(ほshino) - どg(self-released)

野崎ハウス - 歌のおみやげ-美しい奥湯田温泉- (self-released)




Hot Releases ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Control Point - Another Fool's Paradise (Sprawl Tapes)

Patrick Gallagher - Eye Teeth (Tone Log)

Naemi - s/t (Carpet Group Recordings)

Palberta - Roach Goin' Down (Wharf Cat Records)

They Will Burn Us To Ashes - s/t (Saga House)

Cream Candles - Disappearing Yellow Tongue (Wasp Video Roadhouse)

Shredded Nerve - Final Vision (New Forces)

Arkm Foam - Bloodroot Spitball (Feeding Tube Records)

Pod Blotz - Light Mass Body (Difficult Interactions)

Gyna Bootleg - Numb (self-released)

+some shout-outs to live experiences and other artists doing good stuff without necessarily releasing anything this year: 

Mamadou Kelly and his band, Housefire, Glochids, Liquid Asset, Cornelius F Van Stafrin III, de_Plata, Yohimbe, Kyle Flanagan, Tavishi, Julia Santoli, Floor Model, Dracula, Chucha, Sunk Heaven, i_like_dog_face, Kee Avil, Julion D'Angelo, Victoria Shen, Speaking Parts, CEVRA, Angels In America, Lack, Nail Club, Jim Capps, Crawlspace, Mall Prowler, the International Noise Conference in Miami, everyone who played Savage Weekend @ Nightlight in Chapel Hill, too many other things to list really ... 




International Winners //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

SUGAI KEN - Wochikaeri to Uzume (をちかえりと渦女) (RVNG Intl.)

Suwakazuya - Table Manner 3 (self-released)

Siete Catorce & Amazondotcom - Opposite Moon (NHS)

Renick Bell - Full Circle (Seagrave)

Shadowax - А и Б (buttechno Remix) (johnskingdom)

Ptwiggs & Yoshitaka Hikawa - Gym (BG)

Mun Sing - Reptile (Zone Collective)

Dj Plead - M11 (Decisions)

Dravier - Journey Towards Mouth of the Erebus (X-Kalay)

Cavalier - Bacteria (Alpha Pup)

Jon Cannon - Finesse (Globally Ltd.)




Jerome ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bergsonist - i (self-released)

Kurama - Souvenir Perdu (Brat)

Resla - No Fear (self-released)

XVARR - Beyond Illuminidm (Thuluth Records)

D!ana - Angel Of A Dmonition (Lynn)

Thomas Bush - Old And Red (MEN SCRYFA)

Boe Strummer - Vestiges OST (Permalink)

V/A - Quare City Groove (Allchival)

Tribe Of Colin - Longing Sorrow Of A Blissful Mist (Self-Released)

Oli XL - Stress Junkie/Mimetic (W-I)





Lillerne /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Boliden - Then (Oxtail Recordings)

Matchess - Sacracorpa (Trouble in Mind)

Katrina Stonehart - Here is Everywhere (self-released)

Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Chat (West Mineral Ltd)

exael - collex (West Mineral Ltd)

uon - uon (West Mineral Ltd)

Michael Vallera - All Perfect Days (Denovali)

Beta Librae - Subspecies (Allergy Season)

Rhucle - More Beautiful Than Silence (Constellation Tatsu)

Ultrafog - How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (Motion Ward)




Magma Tones ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Arktau Eos - Erēmos (Aural Hypnox)

Varropas - Rakuuna (Ikuisuus) 

Haare - Gateways (Heavy Meditation)

Ulrich Rois - Everything Is Merging (Feathered Coyote)

Altaat - Maa On Täysi (Musik Atlach)

Kemialliset Ystävät - Siipi Empii (Ikuisuus / Leaving)

Kemialliset Ystävät - Empivän Siiven Varjossa EP (self-released)

Tsembla - The Hole In The Landscape (NNA)

Matti Karjalainen & Unto Laine - Electronissimo Avantgardissimo (Ikuisuus)

Baldruin - Vergessene Träume (Ikuisuus)

Dylan Carlson - Conquistador (Sargent House) 

Zherbin - Везде (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Ashtray Navigations - Zoom Up (self-released)

Indalaska - Poésie Surnaturelle (Ikuisuus)

+ everything on Magma Tones.

best reissues:

Åke Andersson / Antero Honkanen - Reidarin Sähköiset Kuvat (Svart Records)

Mudhoney - Tomorrow Hit Today (Music On Vinyl)

Futuro Antico - Dai Primitivi All'Elettronica (Black Sweat) 

Futuro Antico - Futuro Antico (Black Sweat)

Bird People - Water Buffalo (Ikuisuus)

Black Mountain Transmitter - Black Goat of The Woods (Lysergic Earwax)




Never Anything ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

VA - Don't Look Now: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North (Geographic North)

Charles Barabé - De la fragilité (Astral Spirits)

Seth Graham - Gasp (Orange Milk)

De Ponti / Moretti - Before We Were Foam We Were Unbridled Waves (Dinzu Artefacts)

Insecure Men - Insecure Men (Fat Possum)

VA - Elemental (Audio Visuals Atmosphere)

Phil Struk - NNO (Ana Ott)

Ten Hyphen Twenty - In-Store Music (Genot Centre)

Zaumne - Emo Dub (Czaszka Records)

M. Sage - Astrolabe EP (Noumenal Loom)




Nonlocal Research ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Frere Tuck - Portland expanded (Santé Loisirs)

Headband - Magnetic Earth (unifactor)

Francesco Cavaliere - Xylomania (Ediçoes CN)

Raft Of Trash - Grouw (PALE MASTER)

Aylu -“Serum” (Sun Ark)

CV & JAB - Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface (Shelter Press)

Brin - Talea (Lillerne Tapes)

Tetsushi Tomiyama - Blue Music (Wasabi Tapes)

Yearning Kru - teemer (flags of Gadarene)

Timo Van Luijk, Mark Harwood - Vang Circular (Penultimate Press)




Not Not Fun ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Kali Malone - Organ Dirges 2016-2017 (Ascetic House) 

Topdown Dialectic - S/T (Peak Oil) 

Eleventeen Eston - At The Water (Growing Bin) 

Golden Teacher - G.D.D.B. (House Rules)

x.y.r. - Quiet Time (Quiet Time Tapes)

Yu Su - Preparations For Departure (Arcane) 

Alder Deep - Chapter 3: Deepest Darkness (self-released)

DJ Panthr - Planet X (Infinity Trax)

Mateis e. Aqir - Born To Be Sand (All My Thoughts) 

Randall McClellan - The Healing Music Of Rana Vol. 2 (Aguirre)




Nyapster ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

DJPUPPY / woopheadclrms - Nocturnal Idiot / 夜行馬鹿 (Ukiuki Atama)

Daniel Katinsky - Digital Concrete (Conditional)

Terminal 11 - Slowly Advancing Minidisc Exorcism (Sibilants/Gilgonian)

Galen Tipton - Queer Flesh (postgeography)

Victor Moragues - AA0015 (FLUF)

kindohm - decera (Always Human Tapes)

Toiret Status - Toiret Statue (PLUS100 Records)

Sim Hutchins - Clubeighteen2thirty (Local Action)

VVAA - Hyperchaos Volume 1 (EDVACM Editions)

Forces - Plastisphere (Genot Centre)

Fausto Mercier - Ballroom of Recur (Pointless Geometry)

Gabber Eleganza - Never Sleeps (Presto!?)

1898 - XenoPaleoAsia III (1898music)

Renick Bell - Turning Points (Seagreave)

m1dy - Compilation Works (Maddest Chick 'nDom)




Orange Milk //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Shygirl - Cruel Practice (NUXXE)

Teyana Taylor - K.T.S.E. (GOOD Music/Def Jam)

Nico Niquo - Timeless (Daisart)

NIAGARA - Apologia (Príncipe)

mmph - Dear God / Serenade (Tri-Angle)

Ariana Grande - Sweetener (Republic)

John Object - Heat (Bio Future Laboratory)

RS Produções - Bagdad Style (Príncipe)

Vessel - Queen of Golden Dogs (Tri-Angle)

Machine Girl - The Ugly Art (Kitty On Fire)

Pilar Zeta - Moments of Reality (Ultramajic)

World Cup - Marsala (Moss Archive)

Tinashe - Joyride (RCA)

serpentwithfeet - soil (Secretly Canadian)

Elysia Crampton - Elysia Crampton (Break World)

Astrid Sonne - Human Lines (Escho)

HCMJ - 의미 (Ghost Diamond)

Dinosaur on Fire - Populous Romantique (Ghost Diamond)

DJ Nigga Fox - Crânio (Warp)

Kate NV - для FOR (RVNG Intl.)

Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (MSMSMSM)

umru - search result (PC Music)

Tsudio Studio - Port Island (Local Visions)

Flanger Magazine - Breslin (Sophomore Lounge)

Rico Nasty - Nasty (Sugar Trap)

Perfume - Future Pop (Universal J/Perfume)




Organic Daedra /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Mandy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 

Thou - Rhea Sylvia (Deathwish Inc.)

James Ferraro - Four Pieces For Mirai (Self-released)

Boulevard Depo - Rapp 2 (Self-released)

A-Body - Boiler Room x CXEMA (live)

INTRUDER ALERT on Rinse France — B.yhzz, Alobhe, Bgknb, Kry — 10th July 2018

Co La - Sensory Dub Example (Orange Milk)

Akito - Search Engine Translate (Tight Knit Records)


Tropical Interface - Orchid Recycle (Hyperboloid)




Outlines ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

CRZKNY - GVVVV (good weather sounds)

Draping (DJ Fulltono, CRZKNY, Skip CLub Orchestra) (self-release)

RP Boo I'll tell you what (Planet Mu)

Renick Bell - Turning Points (Seagrave)


Gabor Lazar - Unfold (Death Of Rave)

Broshuda - Jemi (Haunter Records)

V/A/ - Sounds of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Wilhelm Bras - Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances (self-release)

Toshimaru Nakamura - NIMB 9 (Room40)

Acolytes - Rupture LP (Alter)

Uon - Zlo (Motion Ward)

Space Afrika - Somewhere decent to live (sferic)

Return of Mille Plateaux and Force Inc.

RIP UGH Satanicpornocultshop leader.




Pale Master //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Zuli - Trigger Finger (Haunter)

Yor - Yor The Future (U-Bac)

SENDSPAACE NTS Radio show - Jamie Hudson

Anthropocene Records NNW Radio show

Phil Colins - In The Air Tonight (ft dunk dear)

PTLVS004 - Black Acid / Vida Vojić (Punctum Tapes)

Joe Nerssessian - Not a release but a great guy who drove us round Europe and is now living his best life in Armenia teaching children how to read and is a true beacon of human warmth and what we can all aspire too.

Convenience Store Woman - Sayaka Murata (Portobello Books)

51.3397° N, 12.3731° E

On Self-Respect: 1961 Vogue Essay - Joan Didion




Plastic Response /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ventla - The Most Brilliant Period Of (self released)

Ventla - Forgothow (self released)

Dok s Project - imaginary townscape (Hard Fun)

galen tipton - nightbath (deskpop)

Masahiro Takahashi - Omnipresent windows (jj funnnhouse)

Jake Tobin - 1 3 5 (truly bald)

Mark Renner - Few Traces (RVNG Intl.)

V/A - Even a Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 (Light In The Attic)

Lucy - Cooper B Handy's Album Vol. 5 (self released)

mdo - Enamel (Lillerne) 




Pointless Geometry /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

"In such situations, it is always difficult to make a good selection. I can not ignore the fanatastic growth of labels and music in my country, so I decided to show you the releases closest to my heart. I tried to choose one artist or label each, because otherwise the list would be much longer. This is not a list of the best cassette albums of 2018. It suggests music of artists and cassette labels (and one of a microSD card) from Poland. It's not a ranking, it's an invitation to take part in my joy [🙂] "

julek ploski - Tesco (BAS)

Lensk - Flatline (angoisse)

MUKA - Pampuch (Pointless Geometry)

Zaumne - Emo dub (Czaszka)

Reuben \ Korolczuk - Baza (tmrw>)

Akwizgram - 4ever (enjoy life)

Andrzej Nowak - A View of Wilderness (Mondoj)

Pablo Frizzi - Uwięzienie Koloru (K-Hole TRAX)

ehh hahah - netia genialna rozmowa z klientem (Audile Snow)

Fischerle - groove 7 (Outlines)

aheloy! - if (Super)

Stationer - Blues for the Bees (See Sight Records)

Faxada - Paraa (Darling Recordings)

Paide & Fischerle - Doubts 2 (Pawlacz Perski)

ISNT - World Is Full Of Electric Chairs (Vanity Pill)

Calineczka - Wydatek neutronów podczas pobudzonej wybuchowo kompresji deuter-tryt w układzie cylindrycznym z warstwą o dużej inercji (Szara Reneta)

Various Artists - Dark As Coal (Sinesia)

Various Artists - Benefit compilation (FLAUTA)

Satin de Compostela/ lúa - NAW01 (Nawia)

Ak Uki / Mef - No Data / Villain [Split] (Pionierska Records)



Primordial Void //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jeff Witscher - Approximately 1,000 Beers (Salon)

emamouse ✕ yeongrak - mouth mouse maus (Quantum Natives)

R. Girardin - Emotional Music (Palto Flats / Zero Grow)

Julie Moon, Madalyn Merkey - Conversation for Room with Piano and Loudspeaker Array (self-released)

MūT - MFTD6 that'LLdu (self-released)

MūT - Lovers Of The Cartoon (self-released)

before2050 + doorofdestinies - The castle is a veritable prison, and I am a prisoner! (self-released)

LXV - Unbound Lands (Blowing Up the Workshop)

C.G. Roxane - Whatever You Do, Do It Gently (self-released)

Last Renaissance new tab Chrome extension (Medieval Technology)




Quantum Natives (Awe IX) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Personal list of media that has shaped my year, though not all released this year, half music half net flotsam, and not including anything I was involved in. 

v/a - Lithic Means (Residual FX)

grungey mystical compilation of completely unknown artists that flows like a classic isolationist braindance album

Documental (series 1 & 2)

meta-comedy as reality game show / cultural skin-peel

King Of The Hill (S3E23 “Wings of the Dope”) - Buckley’s Angel trampoline scene

Life in an Arlen town

Anna - s/t (Absurd Trax)


Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr. - The Wages of Being Black is Death (PTP)

Sifting hot rage through the flimsy caucacity of art-world liberalism


The DJ Screw - VVI†CH H▲US continuum

农村四哥官方频道 (YouTube channel)

Ambient rural cooking channel from a Chinese family

Art House Politics - The Political Alignments of Mario Characters / Justice For Waluigi: A Gateway Cause / Sonic 2 and the Politics of Speed: This game is a critique of the free market, interrogating the politics of speed and forming a narrative of ecological crisis under hypervelocity capitalism etc

the whole Waluigi-to-socialism pipeline thing

Handmade Rug Company w/ Lynn - 13th April 2018 (NTS Radio show)

Radio show as patchwork lecture ASMR dérive

Kruggsmash Plays Dwarf Fortress (YouTube channel)

Live-streaming games is the new DJing. This is more like a prog-rock concept album series presenting hand-illustrated tales of the authors games in “Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress”, such as the progress of a bee-keeping outpost.

H+ Ricky - Welcome to the Halls of Vaught (BRAT RECORDS)

Trilling and hammering outside the airlock

Disappearing: The Origin - Nileseyy Niles (YouTube video)

Niles gives everyone an in depth look into his life, his friends and most importantly, how he gained his disappearing abilities.

King Vision Ultra - Pain Of Mind (Ascetic House)

Heavy Swans - “Soundtracks for the Blind” / Ice - “Bad Blood” city pressure slugs

Object Blue - speeding with Oedipus / Medulasa - Fleshtalk (mailouts)

LiveJournal with a curated soundtrack = deconstructed human engagement

I am just a Pupil - Classical Classics (Genot Centre)

Big Room Wendy Carlos candied melodies in aspic




Quiet Time /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sarah Davachi - Gave in Rest (Ba Da Bing)

Sarah Davachi - Let Night Come On Bells End The Day (Recital)

Blood Orange - Negro Swan (Domino)

Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet (West Mineral)

Ultrafog - How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (Motion Ward)

Jasss - Weightless (iDEAL)

Dedekind Cut - Tahoe (kranky)

Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency)

Tim Hecker - Konoyo (kranky)

Proc Fiskal - Insula (Hyperdub)




Reserve Matinee ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


1. Bakground - saved data pt. ii (House of The Leg) 

2. Celer - Memory Repetitions (Smalltown Supersound) 

3. Wiggle Room - camo (Sam's Cabana) 

4. Rime Trails - Mend (Self-released) 

5. Andy Ortmann - Pataphysical Electronics (Nihilist) <-warning: headfuck

6. Valee - GOOD Job, You Found Me (Good Music)

7. Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore - Ghost Forests (Three Lobed Recordings)

8. Ryley Walker - The Lillywhite Sessions (Dead Oceans)

9. Sun Curves - In Retinae (Self-released)

10. Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs (comes out in 2019 but I can't wait. Mexican Summer)



H+ Ricky - Maw Fiend (self-released)

eXU-9 - eXU-9 Live (self-released)

fana - unsolicited/unreleased (self-released)

Hedra Rowan - born in july, :( by august (Bodymilk Tapes)

MORHER - Equinox (self-released)

Teresa Winter - What The Night Is For (The Death of Rave)

Angelo Harmsworth - Overture Untitled (Summer Isle)

George Chua - Evidence Of Things Not Seen (anomia)

Lil Dude - Luciano 3.0 (self-released)

Kjostad - Glacial Lake (No Rent)

// Honorable mentions:

SY/IN - Blinded (Nether)

Cube - Wet Housing (Anathema Archive)


BLACK MECHA - Counterforce (Internal Masonry)

Sun Curves - In Retinae (self-released)

BS-1 - Age of Aggression (Discos Atonicos)

Glociks - FPS (No Sex Just Talk)

Rudolf Eb.er - Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying Vol. 1 (Om Kult)

Church Shuttle - Mind of a Savage (No Rent, reissue)


Pontiac Streator - 180's Choice (Lillerne Tapes)

Bandshell - Pale Dog (self-released)

Dave Phillips - ritual protest music (self-released)

Lag OS - Pantano StereoMorfico (anomia)

Andy Ortmann - Pataphysical Electronics (Nihilist)




Ukiuki Atama /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Cool Fang - Ruminator (self-released)

Gaston Pelouse - Sieste, sous l'ombre généreuse d'un tilleul (self-released)

isabella lovestory - Juguete (self-released)

Simple Affections - Simple Affections (Recital)

Cadu Tenório - Corrupted Data蝶とクジラ (self-released)

HDMIRROR - Abstract Urgency (self-released)

Jeff Witscher - Approximately 1​,​000 Beers (Salon)

3 fragments - Mystère Observation Melancolie (bus editions)




wnoadiarwb /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Lockbox - Free VDV Prayer (Hausu mountain)

Dead DJ - recourse dissolved (self-released)

Innerfreekling - losin service (self-released)

Goo age - chatbot spa (self-released)

Collect-Call Radio - Drume (Collect-Call)

Toxe - Blinks (PAN)

Elysia Crampton - Elysia Crampton (Break World)

Ariana Grande - Sweetener (Republic)

EOD - Named (bbbbbb)

exael - collex (West Mineral Ltd.)




Yerevan Tapes ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Meyers - Struggle Artist (Shelter Press)

Sam Wilkes - WILKES (Leaving Records) 

Cam Deas - Time Exercises (The Death Of Rave) 

Sim Hutchins - Clubeighteen2thirty (Local Action)

City - Only Borders (Ascetic House)

Laura Luna Castillo - Laminares (Genot Centre) 

Arv & Miljö - Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid (Omlott)

Young Echo - Young Echo (Young Echo)

Sarah Davachi - Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)

Aylu - Walden (Orange Milk Records)

Gonçalo F Cardoso - Impressões De Uma Ilha (Unguja) (Edições CN)

x.y.r. - Quiet Time (Quiet Time Tapes)

Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt - Latitudes (Constellation Tatsu)

OverScan - The Marriage Of Violence And Desire (Muzan Editions)

Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Nue (Rvng Intl.)

Seth Graham - Gasp (Orange Milk Records)

P. Adrix - Álbum Desconhecido (Príncipe)

Lea Bertucci - Metal Aether (NNA Tapes)

Swarvy - Anti-Anxiety (Paxico Records)

Toshimaru Nakamura - Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) (Room40)

Foodman - Aru Otoko No Densetsu (Sun Ark Records)

CV & JAB - Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface (Shelter Press)

Sam Kidel - Silicon Ear (Latency)

Èlg - Vu Du Dôme (Editions Gravats)

M Geddes Gengras - Light Pipe (Room40)

Obsequies - Organn (Knives)

Prazen radio ne stoji pokonci! Podpri RŠ in omogoči produkcijo alternativnih, kritičnih in neodvisnih vsebin.

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