25. 12. 2017 – 22.30

★:゚*☆※ ///best of 2017/// ※☆:゚*★

★*゚50 labels in alphabetical order and 50 best of lists in no particular order *★


AMEN ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Lauren Auder - The Baptist (True Panther)

James Ferraro - Twilight Pretender (self-released)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Andata (Oneohtrix Point Never Rework) (Milan)

Yves Tumor - E. Eternal (self-released)

CS Kreme - Roast Ghost (Ultra Lavender Mix) (wichelroede)

Amenra - Children of The Eye (self-released)

M.E.S.H. - Search. Reveal. (PAN)

City - Inevitable (Halcyon Veil)

B L A C K I E - Three Ways (self-released)



& Options //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

LILLITH双生 - (SEASON_2) LIMB (BLCR Laboratories)

Jorge - Zero (Seikomart)

Sangam - Time Froze (Dream Catalogue)


c0bra - friday night alone (self-released)

Hantasi - BREATHING CAN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS (business casual)

Yakui - Moon (self-released)

KAGAMI Smile. - Drift with CMD (self-released)

Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 - Toilet Abstraction Tapes (business casual)

Treasure Hunt - Blockbuster (Online Records)



anòmia /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

G.S. Sultan - qeba (Sympathy Limited)

Kurt Liedwart - Mare (Mikroton)

Rahim Samad - Free Transportation (More Records)

Ensemble Phoenix Basel plays ILIOS - El anillo invisible que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea (Antifrost)

Faithful - Dignity proxy, Unity narc (self-released)

Max Eilbacher - Music for Piano #7 (Unifactor Tapes)

Max Eilbacher - Dual Monologues in Parallel (Mondoj)

Benedict Drew - Crawling Through Tory Slime (Mana)

MSHR - Emergent Knot Traces (Anathema Archive)

Naga - Dreams from the Verdant Room (More Records)

Universal Cell Unlock - Fugitive Numbers (Channel 69)

Terry Fox - 552 Steps Through 11 Pairs of Strings (Edition Telemark)

Pierre Mariétan - Rose Des Vents (Mana)

Gunther Valentine - Music for the Anthropocene (No Rent)



Ashida Park /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Atodamadre - Tiralopatra (self-released) (fav track: Tiralopatra)

G.U.N. Compilation (Club Late Music) (fav tracks YOLO by Ultramiedo & Viva Central by Blastto)

Golin - Momo (Midlife) (fav track: Momoko)

In my talons —Bey in E-Minor (AMEN)

Kastle - Resurrection (Symbols) (fav track: A Void Dance)

Lyzza - Powerplay (Symbols) (fav track: Take The L ft. Shygirl)

Mr Mitch - Devout (Planet Mu) (def album of the year!! Fav tune VPN ft. Palmistry </3)

oklou & Casey MQ - For the Beasts (PERMALNK) (fav track DAWN)

Rizoma - Budas de Piedra (DNTFCK) (fav track Mala Fe)

Various Artists - Visceral Minds #2 (Fractal Fantasy) (fav track Money Hoe by Zora Jones and La Zowi)



BCAA System ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Beta Tyrant - Waterproof Knight (Bio Future laboratory)

Whorltooth - Ancestor Kit (Bio Future Laboratory)

Hyph11e - Vanishing Cinema (SVBKBLT) 

Moa Pillar - No Expectations (Full Of Nothing)

Various Artists - BRAT Compilation Volume #1: Absense (BRAT)

! TAR label !


(We would say that every single track by WULFFLUW has to be mentioned but especially this one was essential)


111X - Authority (self-released)

DJ Smokey 666 - Positive Squad The Soundtrack Vol. 1 (self-released)

CELES7E - From Ashes (Symbols)

Bulma - Crime Scene (Symbols)



Beat Concern ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Retrograde Youth - We're Not Humans Anymore (Pinkman Records)

This is both my top 12" and label of 2017. Pinkman has smashed it consistently to the point where I feel I could blind order anything they release. It's an aspirational meter for a labels quality. Of all the 12"s which includes Das Ding, Indentified Patient and Palmbomben II, it was Retrograde Youth that took the title. I saw Lena Wilikens drop this in Corsica Studios last week and it was a perfect dance floor moment.

Timeron - Nice Trainers Acid (Acid Waxa)

Timeron has created pure joy with a 303. I love acid and new ways of improving it are few and far between, but this track hit instant repeat and is a giant step from his previous cassette on Where To Now?.

Assel - This Will Not Stand (Where To Now?)

WTN are always on the money with the best challenging electronic music. Assel was a slow burner for me, but after coming back from a long night dancing, this clicked with me at 7am on a sunday morning and stayed in my record pile nearest to my decks since.

Desert Peace - Placeholder for a Palace (upcoming on Total Black)

I've been really lucky to start my label Beat Concern with 2 x 12"s for my favourite artists from Australia Roman Nails and Collector (and there are tons more I love and coming soon on BC I hope). The two of them got together and recorded this cassette of eerie synths, drones, found sounds and industrial leanings and it kills.

Rings Around Saturn - Unthank 11 (Unthank / Firecracker Records)

Another Australian pick, this time on the Firecracker sub label Unthank that has the most beautiful screen printed covers like its parent label. These labels are worth collecting as bits of art, luckily the sounds contained within are 100% gold. This 10" and 7" combo gets more listens than I would normally afford other records across multi format releases.



BLCR Laboratories ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

NEW FEAR - Digital Amalgamation (Bio Future Laboratory)

Jack Duros - Preen (Avian Life)

No Death and Renjā - Amazona (Avian Life)

AUT2M - Fresh Water EP (House of the Leg)

rüomma - dans les entrailles de ma tendresse (self-released)

DJ Voilà - Dumbledogs (Noumenal Loom)

チェスマスター - Infinity Of A Void (TKX)

MS Blaster - laugh​.​exe (MIXTAPE) (Dream Disk Lab)

YYU - memos v.2 (self-release)

Minogame - Lemongrass (The Worst)



Bokeh Versions ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Kelman Duran - Solos (Hundebiss)

Tomaga - Memory In Vivo Exposure (Hands In The Dark)

Still - I (PAN)

Best Available Technology - Exposure Therapy (Styles Upon Styles)

Nihiloxica - Nihiloxica (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

King Alpha - Yoga Teacher (Thunder Heart Music)

Roger Robinson - Dog Heart City (Jahtari)

Abu Ama - Naserii (Seagrave)

Ho99o9 - United States of Horror (Toys Have Powers)

Various Artists - 5 Years of No Corner (NoCorner)



BRAT Records /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

θfash - A.S.M.P.F.W.S.S.18 (Artwork by FluffLord, Self-Released)

Nick James Scavo & Xander Seren - Vampyrotuethia (Artwork by Kyselina, Self-Released)

Lorenzo Senn - XAllegroX / The Shape of Trance to Come (Artwork by Unknown, Warp Records)

DRONE OPERATOR - 4hour+ OFLUXØ SMOØTH MIX (Artwork by Unknown, @ O FLUXO)

Yung Sherman - Innocence (V2) (Artwork by Unknown, YEAR0001)

Toxe - Morning Story (Artwork by Niclas Hille and Toxe, The Vinyl Factory)

MAX 100PERCENT - Dear Diary, Fly Our Souls Away, Forever (Artwork by MAX Zhukov, Angelika Vartanyan, Bio Future Laboratory)

Killavesi - Run & Hide (Artwork by Unknown, Self-Released)

ADR - THROAT (Artwork by Alex Gvojic, PAN)




Chinabot ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tuusanuuskat - Toiminnan aattona (Ultraääni/Fonal Records)

Meuko! Meuko! - About Time (Kool Switch Works)

Tavishi ‎- Dwait (Hot Releases)

Patricia Kokett - Artefakts (Santykis label)

Various Artists - Exotic ésotérique Vol​.​2 (Artetetra)

Scattered Purgatory - Sua-Hiam-Zun (Guruguru Brain)

Various Artists - package trashers (frere tuck)

Piyojo - Auptoi (Stenze Quo)

Low fat - too big slaves (Bunkland)

Various Artists - insitu sessions volume 5 (Insitu Recordings)



Conditional ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue (PAN)

Oxbow - The Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head)

Rognvald - Lord Rover (Love Love)

EVOL - Hardcore Vol 2 (self-released)

Wilted Woman - Home Listener (Alien Jams)

Greg Fox - The Gradual Progression (RVNG Intl.)

Mudwise - Tokyo Summer (Enklav.)

I-LP-O In Dub - Capital Dub, Chapter 1 (Editions Mego)

Monolog X - 33 (Occult Research)

Everything on SM-LL, FLUF, New York Haunted, Genot Centre, Baba Vanga, Co-Dependent, Sympathy Limited, Entr'acte, Alku...



Daddypower ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

ooo & MA'AM - /0/ (EXILES)

Zachary Waltman - Techno World (self-released)

James Ferraro - Troll (self-released)

Giant Claw - Soft Channel (Orange Milk Records)

Yeongrak - yime travel (self-released)

V/A - mono no aware (PAN)

Xquisite Nihil - seize the means of production (Quantum Natives)



Decisions ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Coucou Chloe - Erika Jane (Nuxxe)

London label by coucou chloe, Shygirl and Sega Bodega - expect big things

Emily Glass - untitled zip file (self-released)

Emily Glass self-released a zipfile of music this year and it was amazing https://twitter.com/_emilyglass/status/890733899331940352

hyph11e - Vanishing Cinema (SVBKVLT)

Genome 6.66 MBP and Svbkvlt are two Shanghai labels doing great things

blastah - Fica (self-released)

Blastah sent me lots of fun edits this year


I played lots of LOFT tracks too, who releases with The Astral Plane

Various Artists - Choque 

Various Artists - Praxis Houston

Choque and Praxis Houston were two good compilations benefiting Mexico and Houston respectively after natural disasters



Devorm //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dominowe ‎– Siyathakatha (Gqom Oh!)

Violence - Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden (PTP)

Fatima Al Qadiri ‎– Shaneera EP (Hyperdub)

Various - Sounds of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Vanessa Amara - Like All Mornings (Posh Isolation)

Nkisi - Dj Kitoko vol.2 (self-released)

Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage (Rvng Intl.)

STILL - I (Pan)

Various - Gate 16 (Rotterdam Airlines)

Hitmakerchinx* ‎– Shades & Monsters: FDM Classics (Nights Slugs / Fade To Mind)



Dream Disk Lab /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Quantum Natives

Genome 6.66 Mpb

Eco Futurism Corp

Brat Records

Orange Milk Records

Hausu Mountain


Visual Disturbances

Museum of Skin

Purple Tape Pedigree



Eco Futurism Corporation ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Тальник - Музыкайф (М И Recordings)

Smerz - Half Life (self-released)

Kelman Duran - 1804 Kids (Hundebiss)

Howie Lee - Homeless (Do Hits)

Егор Крид ‎– Что они знают? (Black Star Inc.)



Elestial Sound //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Euglossine - Sharp Time (Orange Milk)

Sunmoonstar - The Great Barrier Reef (Sounds of the Dawn)

Digital Natives - So Be Yet (Housecraft)

Hank Jackson - ANNO001 (Anno)

DJ Python - Dulce Compañía (Incienso)

DJ Osom - EDR006 (Exotic Dance Records)

Person of Interest - Down for Your Fantasy (Unknown to the Unknown)

Ivy Meadows - Zodiac (Moon Glyph)

Pascale Project - 7 a.m. (Noumenal Loom)

Mini Coastal Village: A Compilation (Plastic Response Records / Squiggle Dot)



Farbwechsel //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

S Olbricht: Gosheven - Leaper (Opal Tapes)

Saint Leidal The 2nd: ESPRIT 空想 - Flounder 202  (100% Electronica)

Imre Kiss: Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Whities)

svr: Tzusing - Flow State feat. Illsee (Bedouin Records)

Mike Nylons: Zlatko Baracskai - Phaphiga (Farbwechsel)

FOR.: The Empire Line - Fragrance Arpège (Avian)

Vatican Shadow - Weapons Inspection  (Ostgut Ton)

Norwell: James Holden & The Animal Spirits - Thunder Moon Gathering (Border Community)

Alpár: Aiwa - Time-Based Architecture EP (Banlieue Records)

And the last, but i think the most important release for all of us is this one:

Galactic Jackson's ‎– Balla Compleanno (Farbwechsel crew, label: Ballacid Records)

It may seem a bit strange choice beacause most of us are involved on this one. But our good friend Zoli Balla aka Ballacid aka Galactic Jackson turned 40 this year (or at least that's what he says, he looks like 22) and this release was his birthday gift from his nearest friends. 

His enthusiasm for music, especially digging new ones, and the joy with which he plays that music is incredible and very inspiring. He helped us a lot from the beginning, always supported the crew with gears, good company and soul boosting DJ sets.

This EP is definitely the greatest and most memorable moment from 2017 for us, the Farbwechsel crew.



#FEELINGS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

SOPHIE - It’s Okay To Cry (Transgressive)

Rabit - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil)

1991 - Dun Kno (self-released)

Siriusmo - Comic (Monkeytown)

BOSCO - b. (Fool's Gold)

Phace - Plastic Acid (Blackout)

Icicle - Efficient (Entropy)



Full Spectrum //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Svet - Gloomy Swamp, Breathless Mud (Rat Tail Tapes)

Owen Stewart-Robertson - Ida (Weird Ear)

Saguache - Rider Road (Cabin Floor Esoterica)

Excavations Series (Power Moves Library)

FIRE-TOOLZ - Interbeing (Bedlam Tapes)

Jute Gyte - Oviri (Self-Released)

Helen Newby - Dialogue (Ephemeral Stream)

Maharadja Sweets - Slithering Kingdoms (A Backyard Afternoon) (Oxtail Recordings)



Gauze /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

killd by ⁃ EMT (self-release)

PF - PF$$$$$$$$$$ (Wasabi Tapes)


Padfut - Ravebox (self-release)

eyeface - RINGTONE (self-release)

guirro - Jiptune (self-release)

wiggle room - pyramid (Terry Planet)

cyr - obe (self-release)

coleman mummery - pit (self-released)

JEALOUS - pack (self-released)



Genot Centre //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



Giant Claw - Soft Channel (Orange Milk)

Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina - Early Contact (PERMALNK)

Organ Tapes - Words Fall To Ground EP (Creamcake)

Oxhy - respite unoffered (Quantum Natives)

Spurz - Loud Futures (Apothecary Compositions)

Ssaliva - We Never Happened (Ekster)

Střed Světa - Rozmístění opakováním (Baba Vanga)

Střed Světa - Spletitě Protékající Pod Slovy (Red for Colour Blind)

Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage / Translations (RVNGIntl.)

woopheadclrms - Meeting Room + Rare Plants (Ukiuki Atama)



Ghost City Collective ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Moa Pillar - No Expectations (Full Of Nothing)

LXV - Partition (anòmia)



HEEL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

MRTRY - After Dusk (Infinite Machine)

Ship Sket - Body Pit (Sidechains)

Ankubu - [ AW0116_A ] (Ghost City Collective)


Heavy Convoy - Cesspool Drool (Gauze)

Big Hands - Redline / Greenline (self-released)

Beta Tyrant - Waterproof Knight (Bio Future Laboratory)

Unusual Magic - Virus Vegano (Footwork Fusion)


Violence - Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden (PTP)



International Winners ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Toiret Status - Nyoi Plunger (Noumenal Loom)

felicita - sweet pea (self-released)

Wim Dehaen - Footworking in the Mirror (self-published)

Lily and Horn Horse - Next To Me (Ramp Local) 

Motion Pulse: sound design tools

Gobby - Champomkrepp (DFA)

Hank Jackson - Gacx (anno)

Conrad Burnham - submersion swells (self-released)

punctum - uncharted (self-released)

Too Smooth Christ - Before (Ville Nouvelle)

Lil Data - Data (PC Music)



Lost Angles ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Vektroid - Seed and Synthetic Earth (self-released)

This record is fantastic in many ways, from the wild SoundBlaster style instrumentation to the wealth of melodies and genuinely catchy songs, Vektroid once again paves new ground for her ever-evolving style of music.


This record is as unwieldy as it is brilliant. Hyper beats with hyper music for hyper people, the untamed ferocity is super admirable and you just can't hate it. Music to throw chairs to!

BARCHboi - Keyboard_SHAREWARE.midi (business casual)

A very beautiful and well composed album with the added twist of these laughably corny midi stock sounds that just make for the best juxtaposition of impressive songwriting and absurd tonal choices. The silliness balances out the work and it just ends up being a great record.

Kagami Smile - Thigh (BLCR Laboratories)

From the creepy surreal Shintaro Kago-esque artwork to the hi-fi granular rhythms and sounds, this album is really a fantastic listen. Much more laidback than Kagami Smile's typical sound, this felt more focused and utilized chaotic ideas in a more structured way. It'll please anybody looking for more organic sounds congealed around the skeleton of a contemporary beat-driven piece.


Combing my two loves, Industrial music and vaporwave, into a lovely mess of vapornoise textures, FIRE-TOOLZ hits back with yet another flamethrower. I greatly admire her curation with Swamp Circle records but her sound is near-unmatched in the (imo) under-appreciated subgenre of vaporwave.

Pharmakon - Contact (Sacred Bones)

One of the most powerful presences in the industrial and harsh noise scenes, Pharmakon never fails to please with her screeching steel and unhindered ferocity. This record is just so vicious, with its sheer hatred burning through just as strong as ever. 

ZONΞ ΞATΞR vs. §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ (Chamber38)

This is probably the most insane mixture of sampled industrial and noise metal I've ever heard. Like a thousand saw blades in a vortex of distorted guitars, blast beats, death growls, power electronics. The list goes one, but its safe to say this masterpiece is a fantastic aural cleanser. 

Tee Lopes - Sonic Mania OST (Data Discs)

What else can I say that hasn't already been established? The Sonic franchise has the best music and its just as good as ever with the addition of new classics like Studiopolis and Press Garden.

LEUCROCUTA - when all the animals are dead (self-release)

A jarring and beautiful soundtrack to the sci-fi dystopic world beyond nature. The concept is strong enough alone, but the music holds up just as well, pressing some lovely synth-waves sounds harshened by the banshee-esque shrieked vocal performance that adds a fantastic spice to the dissonant danceable sounds.


That Yamaha chip is just the most unbeatable sound around. FM was damn near perfected by the Sega Genesis' sound engine and this masterpiece is living proof. Using the sounds from said chip, VTRUA harnesses the limitations to breed this fantastic showcase of what you can do marrying todays techniques with yesterday's killer sounds.



Natural Sciences //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Multiple Man - New Metal (DKA Records)

OCCVLTA - Night Without End (Electric Assault)

Hell - Hell (Sentient Ruin)

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3 Gore-Tex City (Northern Electronics)

The Empire Line - Rave (Northern Electronics)

Calsutmoran - Telepathic Helix (self-released)

V.A. - Machinery Attack Vol. 1 (Smashing Tape Records)

Gamma Intel - Drama In Decay (brokntoys)

Smersh - Sideways (Dark Entries)

Textasy - They’re Trying To Control My Mind (self-released)

Lil Creepshow - Playa Classics 11:11 (Sic Lunatic Family)



Never Anything /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Mario Batkovic - Mario Batkovic (Invada)

Mike Majkowski - Days and Other Days (Astral Spirits)

Philippe Lauzier - Dôme (Small Scale Music)

Yan Jun (颜峻) - Sorry I missed it (Zoomin' Night) 

Macho Blush - User Guide (Tymbal Tapes) 

The House in the Woods - Paralysis: Live at Silent Night #8 (Genot Centre)

Samantha Glass - Introducing the Confession (No Rent Records) 

Sote - Sacred Horror in Design (Opal)

Rob Mazurek - Chimeric Stoned Horn (Astral Spirits)

Lee Noble - The Hell Of You Come In (No Kings)



Noumenal Loom /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Giant Claw - Soft Channel (Orange Milk Records)

Elko B. - I Bambini Di Basilisco (Ekster Label)

Josiah Steinbrick - Meeting of Waters (Leaving Records)

Palmbomen II - Memories of Cindy Box (Beats In Space)

Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage (RVNG)

RAMZi - Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2 (Mood Hut) 

Future Daughter / Matthew D. Gantt - Ekphrasis / Plastics (Orange Milk)

DEEPER KENZ - s/t (100% Silk)

Captain Ganja & the Space Patrol - Tradition (Bokeh Versions) 

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Passive Aggressive (Melody as Truth) 

Second Woman - S/W (Spectrum Spools)

Lorenzo Senni - The Shape of Trance to Come (WARP)

Yasuaki Shimizu - Umi No Ue Kara (Palto Flats)

2 Responsible - Warm For a Long Time EP (ASL Singles Club)

Joseph Marinetti - Amusement Equals Apathy (LuckyMe)

Lutto Lento - Dark Secret World (Where to Now?) 

Midori Takada - Through the Looking Glass (Palto Flats) 

Benoit B - Ethereal Drops (PERMALNK)

Earthly - Heart (Bounce Pass)

Charli XCX - Pop2 (Asylum)



Not Not Fun ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Various Artists - Styles For Relaxation (New Information)

Happy Meals - Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony (Vol IV-VI) (So Low)

Earthen Sea - An Act Of Love (Kranky)

Profligate - Somewhere Else (Wharf Cat)

Various Artists - Four Days In Florida (ARs Media)

Cloudface - Super You (Mood Hut)

Polonius - Antique Marvel (Goaty)

Beat Detectives - Call It What You Want (Zero Balance)

DJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U (Lobster Fury)

Milan W / Ekolali - Plafond 2 (BAKK)



OJC ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tracey Trance - 4 Days in Florida (ARs Media)

Muff Divers - Dreams of The Gentlest Texture (Lumpy)

Gary Wilson - Beautiful Bliss (Feeding Tube)

Beat Detectives - NYPD Records Volume One (NYPD)

Sun Araw - The Saddle of The Increate (Drag City)

Sam Gas Can & Friends - King Zolo (Tabs Out)

HaHa Mart - Family Denim (Noumenal Loom)

Eric Copeland - Goofballs (DFA)

Joey Agresta - Let's Not Talk About Music (Wharf Cat)

Macula Dog - Natural Dog (Haord)

And some of our favorite labels that we're killin it in 2017 but didn't have releases on the list if you wanna throw it in are: All Gone, Goaty Tapes, Night People, Big Dunce, Orb Tapes, Tingo Tongo, Peoples Potential Unlimited, Unread, Crash Symbols



Orange Milk ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Tropical Interface - Orchid (Hyperboloid)

Meuko! Meuko! - About Time (Kool Switch Works)

Howie Lee - Homeless (Do Hits)

Golin - Momo (Midlife)

Whorltooth - Ancestor Kit (Bio Future Lab)

DV-i - Research + Development (Maltine)

Dave Phillips - Rise (self-released)


Toiret Status - Nyoi Plunger (Noumenal Loom)

Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina - Early Contact (PERMALNK)

NÍDIA - Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida (Príncipe)

Ziúr - U Feel Anything? (Planet Mu)



Outlines /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Second Woman - S/W (Spectrum Spools)

Inventing Masks - 2nd (Error Broadcast)

Nicola Ratti - The Collection (Room 40)

Belows - Strand (Shelter Press)

Lee Gamble - Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)

Renick Bell 

Jana Rush - Pariah (Objects Ltd.)

Jlin - Black Origami (Planet Mu)

AGF - SOLIDICITY (self-released)


YPY - 2020 (Where To Now?)

Tomoko Sauvage - Musique Hidromantique (Shelter Press)


Shit and Shine - Some People Really Know How To Live (Editions Mego)

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic (Hospital)



Oxtail ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ka Baird & John Saint-Pelvyn - Five Years Inside the Sun (Wooden Leg Print & Press)

Channelers - Faces of Love (Inner Islands)

Channeling - Bluffs (Polar Seas Recordings)

Gambletron, NaEE RoBErts & Wren Turco - Transparens (Idle Chatter)

Le Cruset - S/T (Research and Development)

Multa Nox - Living Pearl (NNA Tapes)

Rhucle - Tint (Lillerne Tapes)

Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young with Julia Kent - Total Fiction (Phinery)

Space Jam - Early Morning / Late Afternoon (Styles Upon Styles)

Superstar Cruiser - Enceladus (Flannelgraph Records)



Pedicure //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ryan Power - They Sell Doomsday (NNA Tapes)

Meme Vivaldi - 420 (self-released)

Peaking Lights - The Fifth State of Consciousness (Two Flowers Records)

more ?  sugar - greatest summer ever (andtime)

Iglooghost - Neo Wax Bloom (Brainfeeder)

Various Artists - NON STOP NXC® x Omoide Label Compilation

Washed Out - Mister Mellow (Stones Throw)

ice bb - hi h4v3 a gr8 day~~!!!! ♡ minimizx♡ (self-released)

nuitunit - With All This Love (Sonder Void)

Sun Araw - The Saddle of the Increate (Sun Ark Records)



PERMALNK //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

City - A Goal is an Image (Halcyon Veil)

x/o - Cocoon Egg (Quantum Natives)

Kurama - Longinus (BRAT)

Christian Fennesz & Jim O’rourke - It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry (Editions Mego)

M.E.S.H - Hesaitix (PAN)

Chief Keef - Thot Breaker (RBC)

Fawkes - Death Is the Goddess (Halcyon Veil)

Iku - Fugue: Some temporal Patterns Other Than the Forward March (Genot Centre)

nunu - Lauren London (self-released)

Estoc - Flay the Lords, Burn Their Towers (Country Music)



Awe IX of Quantum Natives ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Various Artists - Sounds of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Eterna - Are U Alone (self-released)

Tim Heidecker Murder Trial (Adult Swim)

Naomi Elizabeth - You're Like Movies and TV to Me (self-released)

Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls (Atlantic)

Lil Peep Youtube playlist

Kepla and DeForrest Brown Jr - Absent Personae (PTP)


Yikii - ❀no pain❀ (self-released)

DJ LUCAS - Fuck These 1's Up (FT RideOrDie) (Dark World)

Ayo & Teo - Rolex (Zone 4)

Intentionally Cold - Rat Race (Tobago Tracks)

Dane Law - Digital Paganism mix (Astral Plane)

ηormaled - ηmx1 - tell me how i feel

VIOLENCE - Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden (PTP)


Enchanted Lands - Feed Goals (Genot Centre) 

Airport - 'Game Of Thrones' OST (self-released)

Cooking Bitchess - Green Tea Brocolli (self-released)

yeongrak - green blue an palpitttations and then strange taste, just so rotten​/​crybaby& ill give you something to hooo about hmmmm (self-released)



Roof Garden ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Euglossine - Sharp Time (Orange Milk)

Soda Lite - Rêveries in terra lerpa (self-released)

Jun Kamoda - Steel City Dance Discs 005 (Steel City Dance Discs)

Sunmoonstar - The Great Barrier Reef (Sounds Of The Dawn)

JV LIGHTBODY - Inner Work (New Atlantis)

Westcoast Goddess - Springtime Forever (Omena)

Cookcook – Subway, Street, and Other Public Musics, Vol. 1 (self-released)

Various Artists - New Atlantis Volume 1 (New Atlantis)

Boogie idol - 音楽より遠く (Datafruits)

Dialect - Loose Blooms (Dunes)

Liza Nicklin - Opening Cycles (E-Con)



Spring Break ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Giuseppe Ielasi - 3 Pauses (Senufo Editions)

Jonathan Dankenbring - Hymn (Archive Officielle)

John Wiese - Escaped Language (Gilgongo Records)

Kassel Jaeger - Aster (Editions Mego)

Olivia Block - Dissolution (Glistening Examples)

Joshua Bonnetta - Low Islands (Canti Magnetici)

Hep!Collective - Kitchen (Hyle Tapes)

Phil Maguire - Empty Damage (Falt)

Thundercat - Drunk (Brainfeeder)

Ari Balouzian - Western Medicine (self released)



Suite309 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Black Hat - Impossible World (Hausu Mountain)

Fire-Toolz - Drip Mental / Interbeing (Hausu Mountain / Bedlam Tapes)

Giant Claw - Soft Channel (Orange Milk)

Graeve/Booth - The Speed Of The Word Sound (Patient Sounds)

Machine Girl - Because I’m Young Arrogant And Hate Everything You Stand For (Orange Milk)

Mukqs - 11,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 (Midwich)

Octo Octa - Where Are We Going? / New Paths 12”  (Honey Soundsystem / Argot)

Rook & Nomie - Superego Royal Jelly (Self-Released)

Eric Schmid - Greatest Hits (Bánh Mì Verlag)

Toiret Status - Nyoi Plunger (Noumenal Loom)



Stoscha ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bridget Feral - String or Rope (Embalming Lately)

Ellen Arkbro - For Organ and Brass (Subtext Recordings)

HAJ300 - varfor sa du inget (Country Music)

Hans Berg - In Dreams (The Vinyl Factory)

KABLAM - Flabbergasted & Stainful (Country Music)

Petit Singe - Akash Ganga (Haunter Records)

Various Artists - MDM P (MMODEMM)

Stenny - Old Bad Habits (Ilian Tape)

TM404 & Echologist - BASS DESIRES EP (Kynant Records)

Phil Stuck - QTT5 (Quiet Time)



SVBKVLT /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Downstate - c i r e l u r ’95 (self released)

Dirty K - Exsciccation (Genome 6.66MBP)

RUI HO - 戰記 (Genome 6.66MBP)

Gooooose - They (D-Force)

33EMYBW - Medusa (D-Force)

Tzusing - 一瞬千撃 (Bedouin)

Osheyack feat Milky He & Jordan Tierney - Pyre (Country Music)

Zaliva D - Story (Do Hits)

x/o - Cocoon Egg (Quantum Natives/PTP)

Zean - Yongfu Rd (Push & Pull)



Tandem Tapes /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Takahiro Mukai - Slow and Steady (OTA)

Ground Patrol - DRIFT (Art As Catharsis)

Reuben Ingall - Fibre EP (chemical imbalance.)

Ka Baird/ Sapropelic Pycnic (Drag City)

Diamond Terrifier Cipher - Chapel Master (Styles Upon Styles)

bluørangee - Outside (Sturm & Klang)

raven - the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud (Art As Chatharsis)

Don Gero - Wizarding (Crash Symbols)

Best Available Technology - Exposure Therapy (Styles Upon Styles)

Elle - Omnia (Annulled Music)

Adrien Kanter - Infinites Réflexions (Hylé Tapes)

YPY - 2020 (Where To Now?)

Basic House - I’m Not A Heaven Man (Sound+Matter)



videogamemusic ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Adamn Killa - New Beginning (outro) (self-released)

Pan Daijing - A Loving Tongue 恋爱之舌 (PAN)

Parris - Hanging With The Birds (The Trilogy Tapes)

Mr. Tophat - Taxi Tbilisi (Public Possession)

Lil Uzi Vert x Gucci Mane - Secure The Bag (self-released)


Sugai Ken - UkabazUmorezU (RVNG Intl.)

Antwon - Sunnyvale Gardens (self-released)

Teresa Winter - Untitled Death (The Death Of Rave)

keyboard - staying in (Tasty Morsels)

milo - who told you to think??!!?!?!?! (self-released)

Duckett - Gannets for Guano (Wisdom Teeth)

Bellows - Strand (Shelter Press)

Khotin - New Tab (self-released)

Oto Hiax - Oto Hiax (Editions Mego)

frere tuck - package trashers/package divers



W-I //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Various Artists — Unreleased untitled Posh Isolation compilation (Posh Isolation)

Best Track: Soho Rezanejad & Frederik Valentin – One Of My Shades

Laurel Halo - Dust (Hyperdub)

Best Track: Syzygy

M.E.S.H. - Hesaitix (PAN)

Best Track: Signal Ride Drum

Rip ME - Requiem (Stoscha)

Best Track: The whole release...

City - A Goal Is An Image (Halcyon Veil)

Best Track: Inevitable

Various Artists - Mono No Aware (PAN)

Best Track: Yves Tumor - Limerence


Best in 2017 (no order)

Basement Jaxx - Rooty (XL Recordings, 2001)

Best Track: Breakaway

Source Direct - Entire Catalog (Source Direct Recordings, Metalheadz, Street Beats etc, 1994 - present)

Best Track: Snake Style

Deftones - White Pony (Maverick Records, 2000)

Best Track: Rx Queen

Download - The Eyes of Stanley Pain (Nettwerk, 1996)

Best Track: Possession

Phoenecia - Brownout (Schematic, 2001)

Best Track: Biorepo



The Worst ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

RVFS - Peach Life (Neetspeak)

for airports - Goodnight, Airport (mecha yuri)

Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me (P.W. Elverum & Sun)

Go-qualia - Anökumene (self-released)

switchbreak - Poaches Sincerely (switchbreak)

emamouse - Build a parallax (Visual Disturbances)

DJ Orange Julius - The Grove (MALL MUSIC INC.)

$$$$$$$$ - IN GOD WE TRUST (self-released)

gocko - はるばる (totokoko label)

world's end girlfriend - LAST WALTZ REMIX + (Virgin Babylon Records)



Zona Music(a) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dj Clent - Everybody Hates Clent (self-released)

CRZKNY - COKE, SHITLIFE..  (Zona Music(a))

Violet Systems - DEAD ON ARRIVAL (self-released)

Jana Rush - Pariah (Objects Ltd.) 

Ahnnu - Special Forces (NNA Tapes)

Sean Price - Imperius Rex (Duck Down)

The Alchemist & Budgie - The Good Book Vol. 2 (ALC)

EQ Why - MVP (self-released)

Upgrayedd Smurphy - HYPNOSYS (R-CH-V)

DJ Tre - The Underdogg EP (Hyperdub)



Zoology /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Soda Plains - In Tongues (self-released)

Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage (RVNG Intl.)

Various Artists - Mono No Aware (PAN)

Golin - Momo (Midlife)

Martin Glass - The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass (Kit)

Antwood - Sponsored Content (Planet Mu)

Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts (Boomkat Editions)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async (Milan)

Call Super - Arpo (Houndstooth)

Ssaliva - We Never Happened (Ekster)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time soundtrack (Warp)




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