A subwoofer (or "sub") is a woofer

24. 11. 2012 - 23.00

MADTEO - Ljubljana, 5.12.2012 ob 21h - K4


"Since much very low bass is felt, sub-bass can be '__________' using tactile transducers." wiki


"In mathematical physics, inversion transformations are a natural extension of __________ to include all conformal __________ transformations on coordinate space-time. They are less studied in physics because unlike the rotations and translations of __________ an object cannot be physically transformed by the inversion symmetry. Some physical theories are invariant under this symmetry, in these cases it is what is known as a 'hidden symmetry'. Other hidden symmetries of physics include __________." wiki



Hello Skinny - Love Outro
Terre Thaemlitz - Inelegant Implementations, Pts. 1-7 Excerpts
Call Super - No Fun (Madteo’s Cosa C’e’SoTTo Bemix)
Lee Gamble - Coma Skank (BinocConverge Mix) forthcoming Dutch Tvashtar Plumes / Pan
Neneh Cherry & The Thing - Golden Heart (Poole Blount Legacy Dub) (Lasse Marhaug remix)
Terrence Dixon - Vision Blurry
Vladislav Delay - Avanne
Leslie Winer - I Sat Back
Leslie Winer - He Was
The Spaceape - Your Angel Has Come
Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern mix)


Music MADTEO New York / photos Leonardo Casali
Vladislav Delay - Kuopio

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do pred kakšno uro je bila tu zapisana zavajajoča informacija datuma nastopa madtea v k4, seveda se je 17.11 že zgodil, pravi datum pa kot zgoraj 5.12 - zadevo res priporočam!

Aw man, I can't read what it says on the bottom of his t-shirt...

Love the show :)

Yup - sucks.. mogoče ga pa utegneš v Ljubljani vprašat:)

in hvala,

ga bomo vsi trije vprasal :)


Ok, deal... But only on the condition that following the event we blow up the comments on RŠ with a heated debated about Madteon's t-shirts.

dodam še, not only blowing up the commets, but also the shows, for a week, we should focus on that exclusively.. thus embossing the fact of debate into what people actually pay bits of attention to.. ha 

joj, kok nabijam, to sigurno ne more bit zdravo:)


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