Empty of life

15. 12. 2012 - 23.00

"Emptiest yet" loop

"From falling home values and impaired labor mobility to backed-up inventories and a flood of foreclosures, the __________ downturn has affected the __________ in countless ways." cnbc

"The emptiest people on this planet are usually the ones full of themselves." Unknown quotes / loop



Farrah Abraham - The Sunshine State
Holly Herndon - Terminal
Wolfgang Voigt - Rückverzauberung 6.1
Holly Herndon - Interlude
Madteo - Change We Could But Didnt
Dean Blunt - "Seen It All"
Madteo - Il Capoline
Dean Blunt - "Niggas Got Things To Do"
The Spaceape - The Sound
Farrah Abraham - Caught in the Act
Lukid - USSR
Vladislav Delay - Marsila
Madteo - Tanti, Maledetti e Sempre
Dean Blunt - "I Know You're Trying"
Dawn Day Night - Death Of Scorpio


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