"twiddle this"*

21. 9. 2013 - 23.00

** naslovnica in kontekst / Klavdija Jeršinovec


"Can Anyone Learn to Twiddle?

Technically, just like dancing, anyone can learn to perform the movements that are done by the __________. The twiddler spins on an internal axis. One foot and leg act as the pivot, and the other leg is lifted to spin the body around. It sounds quite easy, however...

...very briefly, it is dedicating oneself to cleansing the soul in order to get closer to God." sacredlilac screw


"Rumi writes in Book 1 of his Masnavi:[8]

Water that's poured inside will sink the boat
While water underneath keeps it afloat.
Driving wealth from his heart to keep it pure
King Solomon preferred the title 'Poor':
That sealed jar in the stormy sea out there
Floats on the waves because it's full of air,
When you've the air of dervishood inside
You'll float above the world and there abide..."


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