Gay Tyler

13. 7. 2017 - 20.00


Cousin Stizz končno izdal svoj novi mixtape "One Night Only"...
... Kanye West odšel z Jay-Zjevega Tidala...
...Wiz Khalifa s svojim bednim komadom "See You Again" postal najbolj gledan posnetek na YouTubu vseh časov. Prehitel je Gangnam Style in se močno približal 3 milijardam ogledov. A slavje ni bilo dolgotrajno...
... Je Tyler, The Creator z najavo na novem albumu Flower Boy, priznal, da je gej? Večina njegovih fenov očitno misli tako po tem, ko je izjavil "Next line will have ’em like Whoa/I been kissing white boys since 2004."
... Dr. Dre baje pripravlja material za nov Eminemov album...
... Nova frka raperjev z Delto. Tokrat so iz letala "odvrgli" Migose, ki seveda trdijo, da gre za rasizem letalske družbe...
... Eric B & Rakim preživela svoj prvi skupni koncert v 20. letih...
... Playboi Carti za nekaj ur aretiran na Los Angeleškem letališču zaradi odrivanja svoje boljše polovice...
.. Ustreljen chicaški raper ShootaShellz...


14.8.2017 ob 21.00: DEATH GRIPS @KINO ŠIŠKA
6.9.2017 ob 20.00: PRINCESS NOKIA @KINO ŠIŠKA
25.9.2017 ob 20.00: GHOSTFACE KILLAH @KINO ŠIŠKA


2.) O.C.: A New Dawn
3.) RAPSODY: The Pain
5.) SKYZOO: Finesse Everything
9.) 21 SAVAGE: Famous
10.) 21 SAVAGE: FaceTime
11.) KRANKŠVESTER: Zli kurac
12.) DJ SHADOW ft. DANNY BROWN: Horror Show
14.) BUN B: Gametime
15.) MILO: Magician (Suture)
17.) TYLER, THE CREATOR: Boredom
18.) TYLER, THE CREATOR ft LIL WAYNE: Droppin' Seeds
19.) COOL KIDS: Checkout
20.) DR. DRE: Gunfiyah
21.) JAY-Z ft. BLUE IVY CARTER: Blue's Freestyle We Family
22.) JAY-Z: Marcy Me
23.) JAY-Z: Adinis
25.) A$AP TWELVYY: Strapped
26.) JOEY BADA$$: Love Is Only a Feeling
27.) MC EIHT ft. XZIBIT: Medicate
28.) MC EIHT ft KURUPT: Gangsta Gangsta
29.) NOVA AND NOTTZ ft. BLU: No Offense
30.) BIG LENBO: Goatman
31.) TDOT ILLDUDE: Force a Twist
33.) MIC HANDZ ft. SKYZOO AND SHA STIMULI: Street Regulator 2
34.) KAMAIYAH: Build You Up
35.) MEEK MILL: Bag Talk
36.) TWISTA ft. VIC SPENCER: Mortuary


6.1.2017 JEFE: The World Is Yours Ep (Glizzy Gang/300 Entertainment)
6.1.2017 VENOMOUS2000 & TRILIAN: Sounds of the Great Ones
9.1.2017 TRE CAPITOL: We Must Do Better (Samozaložba)
9.1.2017 MARQUS CLAE: The Ghetto Poet (No Limit Forever)
13.1.2017 TRISTATE & OH NO: 3 Dimensional Prescriptions (Hieroglyphics Imperium)
13.1.2017 NICK GRANT: Return of the Cool (Epic/Sony)
13.1.2017 PnB ROCK: GTTM: Goin Thru the Motion (EMPIRE/Atlantic)
13.1.2017 RAN REED: Still Commanding Respect (samozaložba)
13.1.2017 CHIEF KEEF: Two Zero One Seven (Gang/RBC Records)
13.1.2017 SOCIAL CLUB MISFITS: The Misadventures of Fern & Marty (Social Club Misfits/Capitol)
14.1.2017 CORNERBOY P, CURRENSY & T.Y.: The Jetlanta Ep (Jet Life Recordings)
17.1.2017 PAUL WHITE: Everything You've Forgotten (samozaložba)
18.1.2017 ALEX RILEY & MIKE GAO: Village Party III: Stoner Symphony (Alex Riley)
20.1.2017 PRODIGY: Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Revelation) (Infamous)
20.1.2017 PROBLEM: Chachivilla (Diamond Lane Music)
27.1.2017 PREMROCK & FRESH KILS: Leave In Tact (Urbnet)
27.1.2017 STIK FIGA: Central Standard Time (Mello Music Group)
27.1.2017 M-DOT: Ego and the Enemy (Own Lane Music/EMS Productions)
27.1.2017 JUELZ WHITE: This Shit Ain't Free (Juelz White Music Group)
27.1.2017 MIGOS: Culture (Quality Control Music/300/Warner)
27.1.2017 DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: Vignettes (Redefinition Records)
27.1.2017 DJ RYBE: Channel Zero (Dj Rybe)
27.1.2017 SUBSTANTIAL: The Past Is Always Present in the Future (Hipnott Records)
27.1.2017 SPNDA: Shards of Glass (AR Classic Records)
27.1.2017 LIKWUID & 2 HUNGRY BROS: Fay Grim (Hipnott Records)
27.1.2017 MOZZY: Fake Famous (Mozzy Records/EMPIRE)
27.1.2017 P.O.S.: Chill, Dummy (Doomtree Records)
27.1.2017 BARCLAY CRENSHAW: Barclay Crenshaw (Stx&Brx)
27.1.2017 WILEY: Godfather (Wiley)
30.1.2017 TY FARRIS: Room 39 (Ty Farris)
30.1.2017 RIFF RAFF & DJ AFTERTHOUGHT: Aquaberry Aquarius (Neon Nation/Empire)
3.2.2017 NEEK THE EXOTIC: The Neek The Exotic Experience (Still On The Hustle Music)
3.2.2017 KIRK KNIGHT: Black Noise (Pro Era/Cinematic Music Group)
3.2.2017 THE SHIELD ENFORCERS: Crash Course (ChamberMusik)
3.2.2017 WYCLEF JEAN: J'Ouvert (Heads Music, LLC & Entertainment One U.S., LP)
3.2.2017 YOUR OLD DROOG & WIKI: What Happened To Fire? (The Famous Letter Racer)
3.2.2017 WAR CHURCH: Gunship Diplomacy (Below System)
3.2.2017 LIKWUID & 2 HUNGRY BROS: Fay Grim (HiPNOTT Records)
3.2.2017 BIG SEAN: I Decided (GOOD/Def Jam)
9.2.2017 TWO-NINE: FRVR (Eardruma/Interscope Records)
10.2.2017 CES CRU: Catastrophic Event Specialiists (Strange Music)
10.2.2017 WESTSIDE GUNN: Riots On Fashion Avenue Ep (Effiscienz)
10.2.2017 DANNY BROWN &  PAUL WHITE: Accelerator Ep (R & S Records)
10.2.2017 FUNKY DL: Marauding At Midnight: A Tribute To The Sounds of A Tribe Called Quest (Washington Classics)
10.2.2017 JOE YOUNG: Invincible Armour (YoungLife Music Group)
10.2.2017 CLYDE CARSON: S.T.S.A. 2 (Moe Dee/Empire)
10.2.2017 LUPE FIASCO: Drogas Light (1st & 15th Productions)
10.2.2017 QUELLE CHRIS: Being You Is Great, I Wish i Could Be You More Often (Mello Music Group)
13.2.2017 RANSOM: Greatest Rapper Alive (Presidental Lifestyle)
17.2.2017 SK INVITATIONAL: Golden Crown (Kopfhorer Recordings)
17.2.2017 CHINESE MAN: Shikantaza (Chinese Man Records)
17.2.2017 FAT JOE & REMY MA: Plata o plomo (RNG)
17.2.2017 SAGA & THELONIOUS MARTIN: Molotov (Saga 718/EMPIRE)
17.2.2017 FUTURE: Future (Epic)
17.2.2017 TONY PATAGONIA: Scale King Syndicate (Seven Oddities Records, LLC)
17.2.2017 JIDENNA: The Chief (Epic Records/Wondaland Records)
17.2.2017 STEVEN MALCOLM: Steven Malcolm (4 Against 5)
17.2.2017 JONWAYNE: Rap Album Two (Authors Recording Company)
17.2.2017 STL GLD: Torch Song (AR Classic Records)
21.2.2017 ROC MARCIANO: Rosebudd's Revenge (Marci Enterprises)
21.2.2017 WISE INTELLIGENT: TheBlueKluxKlan (Wise Intelligent)
23.2.2017 BIG BLOCK SILVERS: BOLD (samozaložba)
24.2.2017 ODDISEE: The Iceberg (Mello Music Group)
24.2.2017 NAV: Nav (XO/Republic Records)
24.2.2017 STORMZY: Gang Signs & Prayer (Merky Records)
24.2.2017 FUTURE: HNDRXX (A1/Epic Records)
24.2.2017 BRANDON: Dreamscape Pt. 4 (Cold Busted Records)
24.2.2017 ILL BILL: Septagram (Uncle Howie Records)
24.2.2017 ASAP MOB: Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends (Sony Music)
24.2.2017 KARRIEM RIGGINS: Headnot Suite (Stones Throw Records)
24.2.2017 BOLDY JAMES: House of Blues (Mass Appeal Records)
24.2.2017 TAYLOR BENNETT: Restoration of an American Idol (Tay Bennett Entertainment)
28.2.2017 ONRY OZZBORN: c v P ii d (samozaložba)
2.3.2017 MUJA MESSIAH: PyrExpeditioN...The Road To Saran Rap (samozaložba)
3.3.2017 MC BRAVADO: Hip-hop (MC Bravado)
3.3.2017 SLUM VILLAGE: Fantastic Collection (Ne'Astra Music Group)
3.3.2017 WHY?: Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise Recordings)
3.3.2017 KHALID: American Teen (RCA Records)
3.3.2017 YFN LUCCI: Long Live Nut (Think It's A Game Records/Lucci)
3.3.2017 MARION WRITE: Alumni Ep (Hit Family/Flo Deep Music Group)
3.3.2017 DEF JAM PRESENTS: Direct Deposit Vol. 2 (Def Jam Recordings)
3.3.2017 REALZ: Blue Lion Chamber (ChamberMusik/Thrice Great Records)
6.3.2017 MacGUYVER: 1984 (Lumi Entertainment)
8.3.2017 LIL BIBBY: FC3 the Epilogue Ep (Kemosabe Records)
9.3.2017 BLENDED BABIES: 7 (Blended Babies)
10.3.2017 YOUR OLD DROOG: PACKS (Fat Beats)
10.3.2017 IAM: Revolution (Universal Records France)
10.3.2017 NNAMDI OGBONNAYA: Drool (Father/Daughter Records)
10.3.2017 PORTER RAY: Watercolor (Sub Pop Records)
10.3.2017 PAGE KENNEDY: Torn Pages (Kennedy Ent.)
10.3.2017 GRANDEMARSHALL: Risk/Reward (Fool's Gold Records)
10.3.2017 J.I.D.: The Never Story (Dreamville/Interscope)
10.3.2017 MURS: Captain California (Strange Music)
10.3.2017 YOUR OLD DROOG: Packs (Fat Beats Records)
10.3.2017 CLUTCHY HOPKINS & FAT ALBERT EINSTEIN: High Desert Low Tide (Aural Tradition)
14.3.2017 SMINO: blkswn (Zero Fatigue/Downtown)
15.3.2017 STARLITO & DON TRIP: Step Brothers Three (Grind Hard/EMPIRE)
16.3.2017 SOL VIRANI: No Pork In My Gumbo
17.3.2017 DEVIN THE DUDE: Acoustic Levitation (Coughee Brothaz/EMPIRE)
17.3.2017 DEAF SWITCH & TOON KURTIS: The Backup (Dirty Version Records)
17.3.2017 RICK ROSS: Rather You Than Me (MMG)
17.3.2017 APATHY: Dive Medicine: Chapter One (Dirty Version Records)
17.3.2017 PITBULL: Climate Change (Polo Ground/RCA)
17.3.2017 SLIM 400: Foe Block 4 (Slim 400/EMPIRE)
17.3.2017 ALCHEMIST: Rapper's Best Friend 3: An Instrumental Series (ALC)
17.3.2017 ALCHEMIST: Rapper's Best Friend 4: An Instrumental Series (ALC)
17.3.2017 HANZ ON: Barca (Hanz On Music Entertainment)
17.3.2017 DJ LOW CUT: Dead End (Rugged Records)
17.3.2017 INSIGHT & DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: Ears Hear Spears (Redefinition Records)

18.3.2017 DRAKE: More Life (Young Money/Cash Money Records)
19.3.2017 COPYWRITE & PLANET ASIA: Unfinished & Untitled
23.3.2017 JIM HURDLE: Something's Gotta Give
24.3.2017 GOLDLINK: At What Cost (RCA/Sony)ghet
24.3.2017 CHUUWEE: Paradiso
24.3.2017 WEBSTERX: Daymares (WebsterX)
24.3.2017 MADLIB: Bad Neighbor (Instrumentals) (BangYaHead)
24.3.2017 DOPESMOOTHIES: Waverunners Ep (Navy Blue Records)
24.3.2017 DAYE JACK: No Data (Warner Bros)
24.3.2017 DONTE PEACE: Black Babylon (Donte Peace Music)
24.3.2017 MIKE WILL MADE-IT: Ransom 2 (Eardruma/Interscope Records)
24.3.2017 DEE GOODZ & RODNEY HAZARD: Nashvillain (Dee Goodz)
24.3.2017 SHAWTY LO: RICO (D4L)
24.3.2017 RAEKWON: WILD (Ice H20)
24.3.2017 LOCAL-MU12: Everyday People
24.3.2017 LITTLE SIMZ: Stillness In Wonderland (Age 101)
24.3.2017 O.C.: Same Moon Same Sun Phase 1 (D.I.T.C. Studios)
24.3.2017 ANDYFELLAZ: Beatbop Street (Cold Busted Records)
24.3.2017 A7PHA: A7PHA (Anticon)
24.3.2017 JAKE ONE x MAYER HAWTHORNE: Tuxedo II (Stones Throw)
24.3.2017 ROZEWOOD: The.Ghxst.In.The.Mirror
25.3.2017 WILLIE WAZE: Da Lexicon of a Nova Souljah (Lumi Entertainment)
27.3.2017 CREESTAL: Differences
28.3.2017 TAIREY: Dreamworld (Apastron Records
31.3.2017 GHETTO PHILHARMONIC: The Alternate Masters (ChamberMuzik)
31.3.2017 BLOODY MONK CONSORTIUM: Fully Automated Kill Unlimited (Johnny23 Records)
31.3.2017 FREDDIE GIBBS: You Only Live 2wice (ESGN/EMPIRE)
31.3.2017 KING MAGNETIC: Everything Happens for a Reason (King Mag Music)
31.3.2017 HIGHER BROTHERS: Black Cab
31.3.2017 STRO: Grade A Frequencies (Grade a Tribe Records)
31.3.2017 50 CENT: Best Of (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope)
31.3.2017 MANTRONIX: King of the Beats: Anthology 1985 - 1988 (Warlock Records/Sleeping Bag Records)
31.3.2017 LOCKSMITH: Olive Branch (Landmark Entertainment)
31.3.2017 G-EAZY & CARNAGE: Step Brothers Ep (RCA Records/Sony)
31.3.2017 lOJII & SWARVY: Due Rent
31.3.2017 KODAK BLACK: Painting Pictures (Dollaz N Dealz/Sniper)
31.3.2017 ALLTTA: The Upper Hand (On And On Records)
31.3.2017 SCIENZE: Kind of Dessert (Dope League)
31.3.2017 AMIR OBE: None Of the Clocks Work Ep (Def Jam Records)
31.3.2017 GEECHIE SUEDE: Fishnet SkyScrapers (Nature Sounds)
1.4.2017 YOUNG DOLPH: Bulletproof (Paper Route Empire)
1.4.2017 SPARK MASTER TAPE: The Lost Grapes Ep (
7.4.2017 TUKI CARTER: Carter & Planes
7.4.2017 HOMEBOY SANDMAN: Veins (Stones Throw Records)
7.4.2017 ALLAN KINGDOM: Lines (So Cold Records/EMPIRE)
7.4.2017 CAMP LO: On the Way Uptown: The Uptown Saturday Night Demo (Persia Records)
7.4.2017 NINES: One Foot Out (Xl Recordings)
7.4.2017 JOEY BADA$$: All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$ (Pro Era/Cinematic Music Group)
7.4.2017 TECH N9NE: Dominion (Strange Music)
7.4.2017 NICK HOOK: Relationships (Fool's Gold Records)
7.4.2017 K'VALENTINE: Here for a Reason (Javotti Media)
7.4.2017 DA VILLINS & DJ SKIZZ: Cashmere Dice (Different Worlds Music Group)
7.4.2017 TEE GRIZZLEY: My Moment (300 Entertainment)
7.4.2017 BLACKBURNER VS DMX: Dog Eats Rabbit (Hypnotic Records)
13.4.2017 RAIN 910: Till Death Do Us Part (Live Fast Die Young)
14.4.2017 PHAT KAT & DJ DISTER: The S.O.S. Project (Below System Records)
14.4.2017 TALIB KWELI & STYLES P: The Seven (Javotti Media/3D)
14.4.2017 SADISTIK: Altars (Equal Vision Records)
14.4.2017 EL MICHELS AFFAIR: Return to the 37th Chamber (Big Crown Records)
14.4.2017 KENDRICK LAMAR: DAMN (Top Dawg Entertainment)
14.4.2017 MR. COMPLEX: In My Own Lane: The Ep (CoreRecords)
14.4.2017 KAP G: Supa Jefe (Atlantic Records)
14.4.2017 RICH HOMIE QUAN: Back To The Basics EP (RAIS/Motown)
16.4.2017 CAM BELLS: Young King, Old Soul Ep (Cam Bells)
17.4.2017 TROY AVE: Nupac (BSB Records)
19.4.2017 AUDIBLE DOCTOR: Soul Slaps
20.4.2017 BERNER: Sleepwalking (Berner)
20.4.2017 JACE & DUCKO McFLI: Dreams 2 Ep (EarDrummers)
20.4.2017 DJ QUIK & PROBLEM: Rosecrans (Diamond Lane Music Group, Inc./Blake Enterprises)
21.4.2017 KAMAIYAH: Don’t Ever Get It Twisted
21.4.2017 SIXO: The Odds of Free Will (Fake Four Inc)
21.4.2017 CAMP LO: On The Way Uptown: The Uptown Saturday Night Demo (Persia Records)
21.4.2017 WAR CHURCH: Gunship Diplomacy (Below System/Reserved Records)
21.4.2017 BANKROLL FRESH: In Bank We Trust
21.4.2017 KOURVIOISIER & DRE RUBIO: No Drive (Kourvioisier & Dre Rubio)
21.4.2017 J DILLA: Motor City (Vintage Vibez Music Group/Ma Dukes Official)
21.4.2017 CAS ONE VS FIGURE: So Our Egos Don't Kill Us (Strange Famous Records)
22.4.2017 CZARFACE: First Weapon Drawn: A Narrated Adventure (Silver Age)
25.4.2017 ANOYD: With A Time And Place (Pace Music Group)
27.4.2017 YOUNG M.A.: Herstroy (M.A. Music)
28.4.2017 WALE: Shine
28.4.2017 DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: Still Hungry (AAF Records)
28.4.2017 RICHGAINS: Gains (RichGains)
28.4.2017 G. PERICO: All Blue (So Way Out)
28.4.2017 THERMAN MUNSIN: Sabbath (Hardtimes Records)
28.4.2017 A.D. & SORRY JAYNARI: Last of the 80's (2 CC Baby)
28.4.2017 ROGA RAPH: Nostalgiks (2Inphinity)
28.4.2017 TUKI CARTER: Flowers and Planes (Taylor Gang Ent)
28.4.2017 GORILLAZ: Humanz (Parlophone)
28.4.2017 YUKMOUTH: JJ Based On a Vill Story Two (Smoke-A-Lot Records)
28.4.2017 ANIK KHAN: Kites (AVX/Foreign Affair/EMPIRE)
1.5.2017 FIEND  & CORNEY BOY P: Summer League (Jet Life Recordings)
1.5.2017 GOODZ GUNZ: Warhol's Warbrush
2.5.2017 SHOWBIZ & AG: Take It Back Ep (D.I.T.C. Studioz)
5.5.2017 THE GIFT OF GAB: Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!!!
5.5.2017 BROTHER ALI: All the Beauty In This Whole Life (RhymeSayers)
5.5.2017 LOGIC: Everybody (Visionary Music Group/Def Jam Records)
5.5.2017 AVENUE: Mass Ave & Lennox (Bauewyk)
5.5.2017 WREKONIZE: Into the Further (Strange Music)
5.5.2017 PSYMUN: Rainbow Party EP (Ghostly International)
5.5.2017 RUSS: There's Really a Wolf (Columbia)
5.5.2017 ORGANIZED NOIZE: Organized Noize Ep (Organized Noize)
5.5.2017 KAMI: Just Like the Movies
5.5.2017 SPOSE: Good Luck with Your Life (Preposterously Dank Entertainment)
5.5.2017 KID INK: 7 Series Ep (RCA Records/Sony)
5.5.2017 MACHINE GUN KELLY: Bloom (Bad Boy Records/Interscope)
5.5.2017 MAFFEW RAGAZINO: Cinco de Maffew
5.5.2017 CASSPER NYOVEST: Thuto (Family Tree)
5.5.2017 HO99O9: United States of Horror (999 Deathkult)
8.5.2017 BELEAF: In Fatherhood (Kinss Dream Entertainment)
9.5.2017 KRS-ONE: The World Is MIND
9.5.2017 AZIZI GIBSON: Memoirs of the Reaper (Prehistoric)
12.5.2017 B.O.B.: Ether (No Genre Records)
12.5.2017 P-LO: More Than Anything (P-Lo/EMPIRE)
12.5.2017 SHEIK KARGBO: The Speakeasy Experience (Renaissance Republic)
16.5.2017 THIRSTIN HOWL 3rd: Skillmatic (Skillionaire)
19.5.2017 FIJI: Peering Into the Darkness (The Content (L)abel)
19.5.2017 DAVID BANNER: The God Box (A Banner Vision)
19.5.2017 MIKE DEE & STONE TRIO: Mike Dee & Stone Trio (Horton Records)
19.5.2017 DJ RHETTMATIC: Rhett Got Beats
19.5.2017 JUS-P: Supafriendz 2 (ChamberMuzik)
19.5.2017 MOLECULES & SHOWBIZ: A Bronx Tale (Legion Records)
19.5.2017 MOD SUN: Movie (Rostrum)
19.5.2017 SNOOP DOGG: Neva Left (Doggystyle Records)
19.5.2017 ALPHA FAKTION: Creative Control (East Rock Ent.)
19.5.2017 WILLIE THE KID & VDON: Deutsche Marks (Serious Soundz/ Embassy Ent.)
19.5.2017 FAITH EVANS & NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: The King & I (Rhino)
19.5.2017 UNDERACHIEVERS: Renaissance (The Underachievers/RPM MSC)
19.5.2017 EARL DAVIS: Breaks with Mistakes (Redefinition)
19.5.2017 REASON: There You Have It
19.5.2017 MOD SUN: Movie (Rostrum Records)
23.5.2017 T.R.3: Prelude Ep
23.5.2017 DUMBFOUNDEAD: Foreigner Ep
26.5.2017 NEF THE PHAROAH: The Chang Project (Sick Wid It)
26.5.2017 LIL YACHTY: Teenage Emotions (Quality Control/Motown)
26.5.2017 ITSTHEREAL: Teddy Bear Fresh (Out the Best)
26.5.2017 ENDEMIC EMERALD & SKANKS THE RAP MARTYR: Rasploitation (No Cure Records)
26.5.2017 SKINNY: Late Night Blvd (Feed Me Ent.)
26.5.2017 SWET SHOP BOYS: Su Fila (Customs)
26.5.2017 NOCANDO: Severed (Hellfyre Club)
26.5.2017 THE BLACK OPERA: 80z Babiez To The 2Gz 2
26.5.2017 RJ: Mr. La (400 Summers)
28.5.2017 LES: Midnight Club (SLFEMP)
30.5.2017 G. HUFF: Jazz For the Streets EP
2.6.2017 KOOL G RAP: Return of the Don (Clockwork Music)
2.6.2017 JAY WORTHY: Fantasy Island Ep (ALC Records)
2.6.2017 ALLTTA: The Upper Hand (Instrumentals) (On And On Records)
2.6.2017 FIGG PANAMERA: Cali Boy Down South (Filmoelanta)
2.6.2017 MR. COMPLEX: Forever New (CoreRecords)
2.6.2017 STEVIE STONE: Level Up (Strange Music)
2.6.2017 PAPER TIGER: In Other Words (Doomtree Records)
2.6.2017 FUNKY DL: Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2 (Washington Classics)
6.6.2017 WU TRAX ON WAX (X-Ray Records)
7.6.2017 WASIU: Snow Mexican Ep
8.6.2017 WELL$: All Kings Get Their Heads Chopped Off Ep
9.6.2017 BLACASTAN & STU BANGAS: The Uncanny Adventures of Watson & Holmes
9.6.2017 CHIEF KEEF: Thot Breaker
9.6.2017 GUNPLAY: The Plug (Real Talk)
9.6.2017 HUBBS & NYSCEWORKK: The Big Hurt Ep
9.6.2017 SLUM VILLAGE: Vol. 0 (Ne'Astra Music Group)
9.6.2017 KONCEPT: 14 Hours Ahead
9.6.2017 BROCKHAMPTON: Saturation
9.6.2017 LARRY KIDD: Controle (Coyote Records)
9.6.2017 BILLY WOODS & BLOCKHEAD: Known Unknowns (Backwood Studioz)
10.6.2017 OG MACO: OG Maco 3
16.6.2017 FLOBOTS: Noenemies (Flobots Music)
16.6.2017 KAY THE AQUANAUT & FACTOR: 7 Vessels (Fake Four Inc.)
16.6.2017 BILLY WOODS: Known Unknowns (Backwoodz Studioz)
16.6.2017 BOOMBOX 2: EARLY INDEPENDENT HIP HOP, ELECTRO & DISCO RAP 1979 - 83 (Soul Jazz Records)
16.6.2017 2 CHAINZ: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (Def Jam Recordings/UMG)
16.6.2017 YOUNG THUG: Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls
16.6.2017 KRAYZIE BONE & YOUNG NOBLE: Thug Brothers 2 (Real Talk Entertainment)
16.6.2017 DANE UNO: Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light (Junkadelic Music)
22.6.2017 SMOOVTH & GIALLO POINT: Medellin (Lowtechrecords/Cratedivision)
22.6.2017 JUSTO & SHOWBIZ: Black Ops
23.6.2017 BRYSON TILLER: True To Self (RCA/Sony)
23.6.2017 LANDO CHILL: The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind (Mello Music Group)
23.6.2017 GENSU DEAN & WISE INTELLIGENT: Game of Death (Mello Music Group)
23.6.2017 WIZ KHALIFA: Bong Rips
23.6.2017 BONE THUGS: New Waves
23.6.2017 JR & PH7 x ST. JOE LOUIS: Coral Cadavers (Below System)
23.6.2017 DJ KHALED: Grateful (We The Best/Epic)
23.6.2017 KRAYZIE BONE: Eternal Legend (Real Talk Entertainment)
23.6.2017 CUBAN BEAT ALL STARS: La Receta (Timba Records)
23.6.2017 JARREN BENTON: The Mink Coat Killa
23.6.2017 VINCE STAPLES: Big Fish Theory (ARTium/Def Jam Records)
23.6.2017 SHOGUNNA: Iron Monkey (ChamberMusik/Thrice Great Records)
23.6.2017 BERNER & STYLES P: Vibes
23.6.2017 E-PROSOUNDS: Puzzle Textbook
25.6.2017 DENZEL CURRY: 13 Demo Ep
26.6.2017 QUENTIN MILLER: Falco (1317 Records)
26.6.2017 6FINGERS AND DIGITAL MARTYRS: Adventures in Sound and Space
27.6.2017 SCALLOPS HOTEL: Over the Carnage Rose a Voice Prophetic
30.6.2017 PUBLIC ENEMY: Nothing Is Quick In The Desert
30.6.2017 ZAK DAMUNDO: 3Am (Cold Busted)
30.6.2017 MC EIHT & DJ PREMIER: Which Way Is West
30.6.2017 DJ T-ROCK: Squashy Nice (Cold Busted)
30.6.2017 DA BUZE BRUVAZ: Adebisi Hat (Grilchy Party)
30.6.2017 JL: Tech N9Ne Presents Dibkis (Strange Music)
30.6.2017 PROPAGANDA: Crooked (Humble Beast)
30.6.2017 DDAZ ONE: Journal Extended (The Content (L)abel)
30.6.2017 JAY-Z: 4:44 (Tidal)
4.7.2017 HELL RAZAH & AYATOLLAH: Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action
7.7.2017 DOPPELGANGAZ: Dopp Hopp
7.7.2017 OG MACO: OG Maco
7.7.2017 21 SAVAGE: Issa (Slaughter Gang/Epic)
7.7.2017 ILLA J: Home (Jakarta)
7.7.2017 TWISTA: Crook County
7.7.2017 TOO SHORT: The Pimp Tape (Dangerous Music)
7.7.2017 STARLITO: Hot Chicken (Grind Heart Ent.)
7.7.2017 DJ SHADOW: Mountain is Fallen Ep (Mass Appeal)
14.7.2017 RED PILL: Day Drunk (Mello Music Group)
14.7.2017 FRENCH MONTANA: Jungle Rules
14.7.2017 SHABAZZ PALACES: Quazars: Born on a Gangster Star (SubPop)
14.7.2017 SHABAZZ PALACES: Quazars vs the Jealous Machines (SubPop)
14.7.2017 IWYMI VOLUME ONE & TWO (Cold Busted)
14.7.2017 JAY 305: Taking All Bets (Other People’s Money/Interscope)
14.7.2017 EL PREZ & COOPATROOP: Labtrappincalifornia
15.7.2017 AGALLAH THE DON: Agnum Opus
21.7.2017 NAV & METRO BOOMIN: Perfect Timing (Boominati Worldwide)
21.7.2017 TYLER, THE CREATOR: Scum Fuck Flower Boy
21.7.2017 MEEK MILL: Wins & Losses
28.7.2017 PERCEPTIONISTS: Resolution (Mello Music Group)
28.7.2017 GRIEVES: Running Wild (RhymeSayers)
28.7.2017 MADCHILD: The Darkest Hour (Battle Axe Records)
28.7.2017 AMINE: Good For You
28.7.2017 VIC MENSA: The Autobiography
28.7.2017 TANYA MORGAN: YGWY$4
18.8.2017 DECLAIME: Young Spirit
18.8.2017 DJ KAY SLAY: The Big Brother
25.8.2017 APOLLO BROWN & PLANET ASIA: Anchovies (Mello Music Group)
5.10.2017 WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Flockavelli 2
23.12.2017 CAPITAL STEEZ: King Capital

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