Letopregled pt. 3

5. 1. 2017 - 20.00

Cucek pazi, z repom miga:

"Sometimes i feel kao žvaka na stropu...". Na space shuttlu, ki ga pilotirata Vojko Vrućina in kopilot AC3PO se peljemo po študentskem radijskem etru. "Kuje i Laseri" je njun otrok z istoimenskega EP-ja, ki sta ga Splitčana spočela leta 2010 in je odlična sinteza Tripiovega brutalnega beata in Vojkovega pustošenja za mikrofonom, kjer je vsak line quotable. Vsak rapper, ki v istem stavku omeni Gucci Mana, Lil' Wayna in obrv Billya Zane-a si avtomatsko prisluži kljukico in odobravanje v beležki Madafakin Cucka. Dobbrodošli v science fiction pornič s kuzlami in laserji.


2. FLATBUSH ZOMBIES: New Phone, Who Dis
3. KODAK BLACK: Young Prodigy
4. DAVE EAST: Keisha
5. COUSIN STIZZ: 500 Horses
6. DJ SHADOW ft. RUN THE JEWELS: Nobody Speak
7. KA: 30 Keys
8. GENSU DEAN ft. ROC MARCIANO: Ball of Yarn
9. DEATH GRIPS: Giving Bad People Good Ideas
11. INJURY RESERVE: Oh Shit---
12. VOJKO VRUĆINA & AC3PO: Kuje i laseri
13. STYLES P & BLACK THOUGHT: Making a Murderer
14. AB-SOUL ft. DASH: Huey Knew
15. NONAME: Casket Pretty
16. HAVOC & THE ALCHEMIST ft. PRODIGY: The Gun Holds a Drum

Izidi 2016:

8.1.2016 SAVAGE BROTHERS: Freedom Or Death (Goon MuSick)
8.1.2016 STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON o.s.t. (Capitol Records)
12.1.2016 MR. J. MEDEIROS: G.A.D.
15.1.2016 CLASSIFIED: Greatful
15.1.2016 FIENDSH: To The End (Cold Busted Records)
15.1.2016 BLAK MADEEN: Supreme Aftermath (Rhyme Dawah)
15.1.2016 DJ BRANS: Endless (Effiscienz)
15.1.2016 THEM THAT DO: Them That Do... (Hipnott Records)
15.1.2016 ANDERSON .PAAK: Malibu (OBE/Steel Wool Records)
15.1.2016 SOULBROTHA: 2009-2015 (Ill Adrenaline Records (Daily Concept)
20.1.2016 WARPATH: Pure Butter + More Butter (Malte Milkereit)
22.1.2016 OBIE IYOHA: Midnight Run (Black Opera)
22.1.2016 ARAMIS: Hidden Agenda (Aramis)
29.1.2016 AMIRI: The New Negative (Hipnott Records)
29.1.2016 BENEFICENCE: Basement Chemistry (Ill Adrenaline Records)
29.1.2016 NEVERMEN: Neverman (Ipecac Records)
29.1.2016 SAUL WILLIAMS: Martyrloserking (Fader Records)
29.1.2016 TORAE: Entitled (Internal Affairs Entertainment)
29.1.2016 KEVIN GATES: Islah (Atlantic Records)
29.1.2016 MIKE WILL MADE IT: Ransom 2
29.1.2016 PURPLE DIALECT: Word Born Ep (Us Natives Records)
29.1.2016 EMAPEA: Seeds, Roots & Fruits (Cold Busted)
29.1.2016 K-DEF: The Unpredictable Gemini + The Way It Was (Redefinition Records)
5.2.2016 CHIMURENGA RENNAISANCE: Girlz With Gunz (Glitterbeat Records)
5.2.2016 ST. MICHAEL: Black Swan Theory (Blue Ocean Ent.)
5.2.2016 MR. GREEN: The Proejct (Live From The Streets Productions)
5.2.2016 FUTURE: EVOL (Epic/Sony)
5.2.2016 WIZ KHALIFA: Khalifa (Rostrum/Atlantic Rec)
11.2.2016 KANYE WEST: The Life of Pablo (GOOD Music)
12.2.2016 KONCEPT & J57: The Fuel Ep (Kon57 Records)
12.2.2016 STATIK SELEKTAH & KXNG CROOKED: Statik KXNG (Penalty Ent/Showoff Records)
12.2.2016 SOLOMON CHILDS: Road Kill (ChamberMusik)
12.2.2016 CAVANAUGH: Time And Materials (Mello Music Group)
18.2.2016 AGALLAH: Bo: The Legend of the Water Dragon (Propain Campain)
19.2.2016 LUSHLIFE: Ritualize (Western Vinyl)
19.2.2016 RETCH: Lean & Neck 
19.2.2016 YO GOTTI: The Art Of Hustle (Epic Records/Sony)
19.2.2016 BEAT BRUISERS x RUSTE JUXX x PAWZ ONE: Def By Stereo (Below System)
19.2.2016 RON JON BOVI: Neaux Mursi (Radiata/Elevation Nation Money Truck)
19.2.2016 LUSHLIFE & CSLSX: Ritualize (Western Vinyl) 
19.2.2016 DUBB: Soul Of A Panther (RBC Records)
22.2.2016 YOUNG JESUS CHRIST: Bagstheboss (Bagstheboss)
26.2.2016 THI'SL: Against All Odds
26.2.2016 QUELLE CHRIS: Lullabies For The Broken Brain (Mello Music Group)
26.2.2016 SMART ASSES: Don't Worry, The Safety's On (Intelligence Records)
26.2.2016 ANDY COOPER Room To Breathe: The Free Lp (Unique Records)
26.2.2016 DIZZY WRIGHT: Wisdom And Good Vibes Ep (Funk Volume)
26.2.2016 TRUTH: From Ashes To Kingdome Come (Ill Adrenaline Records)
26.2.2016 MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS: This Unrulz Mess I've Made (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis LLC)
26.2.2016 INFINITO:2017: I Melanin Dark Skin (Joe Left Hand Records)
29.2.2016 TIMELESS TRUTH: Cold Wave 
1.3.2016 ARIUS: Fabio Ochoa: The Street Bible (Black Maybe)
4.3.2016 SMOKE DZA & HARRY FRAUD: He Has Risen (SRFSCHL)
4.3.2016 DREAM JUNKIES: Good Religion (Kings Dream Ent.)
4.3.2016 BAS: Too High To Riot (Dreamville/Interscope)
7.3.2016 CARDI B: Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 (KSR Group)
10.3.2016 AG THE CORONER: Sip The Nectar (Man Bites Dog Records)
10.3.2016 IAMSU: Kilt 3 (Eyes On Me LLC)
11.3.2016 FLATBUSH ZOMBIES: 3001: A Laced Odyssey (Glorious Dead Recordings)
11.3.2016 SKEMATICS: Somewhere In The Gray Ep (In The Gray Inc)
11.3.2016 KENDRICK LAMAR: Untitled Unmastered (Top Dawg Entertainment/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records)
11.3.2016 MAC DUSTY: Distorted Dreams (Cold Busted)
11.3.2016 SUEDE JURY: Soul Sophisticated (Everyone Is An Actor) (Minority Rules Entertainment)
11.3.2016 RANSOM: History Of Violence (Presidental Lifestyle Inc.)
18.3.2016 BUDDHA MONK & POPA WU PRESENT - ZU CHRONICLES VOL. 5: BACK THEN (Duck-Lo Recordings/ChamberMusik)
18.3.2016 DJ ILLOGIK: BeginningofsomethinG.old (Focus Records)
18.3.2016 JOELL ORTIZ: That's Hip Hop (That's Hip Hop Music)
18.3.2016 KOKANE: King of GFunk (Bud E Boy Entertainment)
25.3.2016 RJD2: Dame Fortune (RJ's Electrical Connections)
25.3.2016 THE DELI: Vibes 3 (Cold Busted)
25.3.2016 OPEN MIKE EAGLE AND PAUL WHITE: Hella Personal Music Festival (Mello Music Group)
25.3.2016 J57: Landmines Lp
25.3.2016 DOMO GENESIS: Genesis (Odd Future Records)
25.3.2016 FATHER: I'm A Piece Of Shit (Awful Records)
25.3.2016 PLANET ASIA & DJ CONCEPT: Seventy Nine (Coalmine Records)
25.3.2016 N.O.R.E.: Drunk Uncle (Militainment Business)
25.3.2016 BLU & RAY WEST: Crenshaw Jezebel (Red Apples 45)
25.3.2016 CAPTAIN SUPERNOVA: Doors Of Perception Ep (Cold Busted)
25.3.2016 DDAY ONE: Gathered Between (The Content (L)abel)
27.3.2016 MC WHITEOUWL & FATCATHAYZE: Beatz Rhymez Drugz (156 Muzik Group)
29.3.2016 HAS-LO: Hard Writer Ep (Has-Lo)
1.4.2016 J-ZONE: Fish-N-Grits (Old Maid Ent.)
1.4.2016 FES TAYLOR: Insanity Genius (Chamber Musik)
1.4.2016 BERNER: Hempire (Bern One Entertainment/Taylor Gang)
1.4.2016 ILLPHONICS: Gone With The Trends (The Record Machine)
1.4.2016 LMNO: Motherboard (Urbnet Records)
1.4.2016 NATURE: Target Practice (Vodka & Milk)
1.4.2016 TWENTY88: Twenty88 (Getting Out Our Dreams/Artium/Def Jam Recordings/UMG)
1.4.2016 HANNIBAL KING: Don't Die
4.4.2016 BLACK MILK & NAT TURNER: The Rebellion Sessions (Computer Ugly)
6.4.2016 GALANT: Ology LP (Mind Of A Genuis)
8.4.2016 MED: Bang Ya Head 4 (BangYaHead)
8.4.2016 EASTKOAST & PHALO PANTOJA: Merciless Beauty (Carcosa Musik & Modular)
8.4.2016 EPIDEMIC: 4 Dimensions On A Paper (Mic-Theory Records)
8.4.2016 SIR MICHAEL ROCKS: Part 2 (6 Cell Phones)
8.4.2016 KRIZZ KALIKO: Go (Strange Music)
8.4.2016 AUDIO PUSH: Stone Junction Ep (Good Vibe Tribe)
8.4.2016 SKIZZY MARS: Alone Together 
12.4.2016 TAB-ONE & SINOPSIS: Sincerely, Tab (M.E.C.C.A. Records)
15.4.2016 MR. LIF: Don't Look Down (Mello Music Group)
15.4.2016 GRAFH: Pain Killers: Reloaded (Stage One Music)
15.4.2016 ROYCE DA 5 9: Layers (Bad Half Entertainment/INgrooves)
15.4.2016 J DILLA: The Diary (Mass Appeal)
15.4.2016 RALPH THE ARCHITEK: Horrorglyphics (Self Label)
15.4.2016 ELUCID: Save Yourself (Backwoodz Studioz)
15.4.2016 FACTOR CHANDELIER: Factoria (Fake Four Inc./Side Road Records)
15.4.2016 OFFWHYTE: Dialogue (Galapagos4 Records)
15.4.2016 PAUL WALL & BABY BASH: The Legalizers: Legalize Or Die, Vol. 1 (Paul Wall Music/Bashtown Music Group)
15.4.2016 AG & PARTY ARTY: Live From The Balcony (Red Apples 45)
15.4.2016 BOOSIE BADAZZ & C-MURDER: Penitentiary Chances (Deluxe Edition) (Tru Records/RBC Records)
15.4.2016 GRAND PUBA: Black From The Future (BabyGrande Records)
20.4.2016 REEL WOLF: Underworld 2 
21.4.2016 VERBAL KENT & ILLMIND: Weight Of Your World (Mello Music Group)
22.4.2016 CRUNCH TYMERZ: Hardcore Gentleman (51 3rd Infantry Entertainment)
22.4.2016 GAVLYN & DJ HOPPA: Why Wait (Broken Complex Records)
22.4.2016 CLICK ANIMOSITY: Charred Remnants
22.4.2016 SAIB: Around The World (Cold Busted)
22.4.2016 EFF YOO: The Eff Word (Platformz Records)
22.4.2016 BANKROLL MAFIA: Bankroll Mafia (Bankroll Mafia/EMPIRE)
22.4.2016 A$AP FERG: Always Strive And Prosper (RCA Records/Sony)
29.4.2016 GAGE THE CONQUEROR: Gage The Conqueror Presents: Space Gorillas
29.4.2016 AESOP ROCK: Impossible Kid (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
29.4.2016 CHUUWEE & TRIZZ: AmeriKKKa's Most Blunted 2 (Below System)
29.4.2016 ONRY OZZBORN: DUO (Fake Four Inc./Ted Records)
29.4.2016 ONYX & SNOWGOONS: #WAKEDAFUCUP Reloaded (Goon Musick/Mad Money Movement)
29.4.2016 ELZHI: Lead Poison (Glow 365)
29.4.2016 DE LA SOUL: For Your Pain & Suffering Ep
29.4.2016 FREEWAY: Free Will (Babygrande Records)
29.4.2016 HORSESHOE GANG: Anti Trap Music (Seven 13 Music & Entertainment)
30.4.2016 D.I.T.C.: D.I.T.C. Studios (D.I.T.C./Slice Of Spice)
6.5.2016 INFINITO:2017 & ILL SUGI: Looking For A Place Called Home (Joe Left Hand Records/Nasty ILL Brother)
6.5.2016 RITTZ: Top Of The Line (Strange Music)
6.5.2016 DRAKE: Views (OVO Sound/Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records/Republic Records)
6.5.2016 KAYTRANADA: 99,9% (XL Recordings)
6.5.2016 HOMEBOY SANDMAN: Kindness For Weakness (Stones Throw)
6.5.2016 CONGPLEXONOME: Monitors (Perceptive Records)
6.5.2016 FAT ALBERT EINSTEIN: 2U4U (Hundos Editions)
6.5.2016 GRANITE STATE: A Tribe Called 30 (GSE Records)
6.5.2016 KOACHE: Game Point (Lotzah Entertainment)
6.5.2016 SINGULARIS: What A Time (Cold Busted)
6.5.2016 M1 & BONNOT: Between Me And The World (M1 & Bonnot/Krian Music Group)
6.5.2016 YONI & GETI: Testarossa (Joyful Noise Recordings)
13.5.2016 ODDISEE: The Odd Tape (Mello Music Group)
13.5.2016 ASTONAUTALIS: Cut The Body Loose (SideOneDummy Records)
13.5.2016 KING HARRIS: Nightmare On Wolff St. (Planet Zero Recordings/RBC)
13.5.2016 BLACK MILK & NAT TURNER: The Rebellion Sessions (Computer Ugly Records)
13.5.2016 CHANCE THE RAPPER: Coloring Book
13.5.2016 600BREEZY: Breezo George Gervin (Iceman Edition) (600Cartel/EMPIRE)
20.5.2016 YUNA: Chapters (Fader)
20.5.2016 CASHIS: Ca-$
20.5.2016 CHOP JUGGLER: More Is Less (Cold Busted)
20.5.2016 JOOBA LOC: Only Way Out (Doggystyle Records)
20.5.2016 MONTANA OF 300: Fire In The Church (FGE/TSO Music Group)
20.5.2016 CYMARSHALL LAW & MR. JOEKER: Hip Hop In The Soul III (Freedom Entertainment)
20.5.2016 HAVOC & ALCHEMIST: The Silent Partner (Babygrande Records)
20.5.2016 IDE: Breathe Easy (Creative Juices Music)
20.5.2016 WEBBIE: Savage Life 5
20.5.2016 KILLER BEN & TWIZ THE BEATPRO: Invincible Ben (Timothy McRae)
20.5.2016 HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD: Pet Cemetary Ep
20.5.2016 MASTA ACE: The Falling Season (HHV/M3 Hip Hop)
27.5.2016 JIGMASTAS: Resurgence (BBE Music)
27.5.2016 SKEPTA: Connichiwa (Boy Better Know)
27.5.2016 SAUCE WALKA: Holy Sauce (The Sauce Familia)
27.5.2016 SOLE & DJ PAIN 1: Nihilismo (Fake Four Inc./Alpha Pup Records)
27.5.2016 MISTAH F.A.B.: Son Of A Pimp Part 2
27.5.2016 MAGESTIK LEGEND: (Sketch Therapy) (The Black Opera)
27.5.2016 BOOMBOX - EARLY INDEPENDENT HIP HO, ELECTRO & DISCO RAP 1979 - 82) (Soul Jazz Records)
27.5.2016 FRANK NITT & ROBROY: Asphalt Runways (Primo Atto Ent./Delicious Vinyl)
31.5.2016 MARK BATTLES: Before the Deal (Fly America)
3.6.2016 POLDOORE: The Day After (Cold Busted)
3.6.2016 SAMURAI GURU: Medosphere (The Atmosphere Of Melodies) (Cold Busted)
3.6.2016 ROME FORTUNE: Jerome Raheem Fortune (Fool's Gold Records)
3.6.2016 CRAIG G: I Rap and Go Home (Soulspazm, Inc)
5.6.2016 BRYAN FORD: For The Future Of Hip-hop (Revolutionary Music)
10.6.2016 ODDISEE: Alwasta EP (Mello Music Group)
10.6.2016 APATHY: Handshakes With Snakes (Dirty Version Records)
10.6.2016 SUPERSTAH SUNK: Man Of 1000 Styles (ST Records)
10.6.2016 CHAZMERE: Chazmere (Vibes Don't Lie)
10.6.2016 JEWELS HUNTER: Footnotes of a Jewels Hunter (Galapagos4)
10.6.2016 AD & SORRY JAYNARI: By The Law (League of Starz/Swish MGMT)
10.6.2016 KLEENRZ: Season Two (The Order Label)
10.6.2016 STEVIE SARADO: Life On the Outside + The Boom Baptism (Stevie Sarado Music)
15.6.2016 MINDZ OF A DIFFERENT KIND: Foursight
17.6.2016 YOGISOUL: By Nights (King Underground)
17.6.2016 SNAK THE RIPPER: From The Dirt (Stealth Bomb Records)
17.6.2016 BUB STYLES: Fatboy Sessions LP
17.6.2016 THE GAME: Streets Of Compton (Entertainment One)
17.6.2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS: RGF Island Vol. 1 (RGF Productions)
17.6.2016 AXION117: One Thousand Horizon (Cold Busted)
17.6.2016 YG: Still Brazy
17.6.2016 GENIUS & FELIPE: A Eastside Story (Deluxe Edition) (Genius Elliston)
20.6.2016 FATNICE & MUSHMOUF: Supavision
24.6.2016 UGLY HEROES: Everything In Between (Mello Music Group)
24.6.2016 DJ SHADOW: The Mountain Will Fall (Liquid Amber/Mass Appeal Records)
24.6.2016 KNEEBODY & DAEDELUS: Kneedelus (Brainfeeder)
24.6.2016 LESSONDARY: Ahead Of Schedule (Hipnott Records)
24.6.2016 RIFF RAFF: Peach Panther (Neon Nation/BMG Rights)
24.6.2016 SPECTRE: The Last Shall Be First (Small But Hard Records)
24.6.2016 JSWISS: No Music
24.6.2016 HAK: June
24.6.2016 ELOH KUSH & DUS: Angeldus (Water The Plants)
24.6.2016 DEMRICK: Collect Call (10 Strip Inc)
24.6.2016 THE DIFFERENCE MACHINE: The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle (Psych Army Intergalactic Records)
24.6.2016 PAWZ ONE: FUCK (Featured Unreleased Collab Kollection) (Below System)
28.6.2016 AMBIGUOUS: Devotion (InDaPenEnt)
30.6.2016 DRUGS BEATS: Naloxone (The Save Shot)
30.6.2016 KEMBA & FRANK DRAKE: Negus
1.7.2016 MODERATOR: Street Bangerz Vol. 10 (Cold Busted)
1.7.2016 ENFORCERS (K-DEF & EL DA SENSEI): The Jersey Connection (Slice-Of-Spice)
1.7.2016 MARCO POLO: MPC: Marco Polo Collectables (Slice-Of-Spice/Spaghetti Bender Music)
1.7.2016 REEF THE LOST CAUZE & BEAR-ONE: Furious Styles (Soulspazm)
1.7.2016 NOLAN THE NINJA: He(art) (Left Of Center)
4.7.2016 SOUNDSCI: Walk The Earth (Soundsci)
8.7.2016 DILLON & PATEN LOCKE: Food Chain (Full Plate)
8.7.2016 BERNZ: See You On The Other Side (Strange Music)
8.7.2016 FES TAYLOR: Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly) (ChamberMusik)
8.7.2016 COPYWRITE: Blood Bath and Beyond (Public School Records)
8.7.2016 POLYESTER THE SAINT: American Muscle (Hellagood Productions)
8.7.2016 SCHOOLBOY Q: Blank Face (TDE/Aftermath/Interscope)
8.7.2016 COOKIN SOUL & MC MELODEE: Passport Pimpin' (VinDig)
8.7.2016 BRICC BABY: Nasty Dealer 2 (Fformat Records/Bricc City Records)
8.7.2016 TONEDEFF: Polymer (QN5)
8.7.2016 THE BAD SEED: Coreyography (DCM/Seven 13 Music)
8.7.2016 DON TRIP: The Head That Wears The Crown (Don Trip)
8.7.2016 HEEM STOGIED: Soul Searchin
11.7.2016 CUT CHEMIST: The Audience's Following 
1.7.2016 SNOOP DOGG: Cool Aid (Doogy Style Records/E-1)
15.7.2016 CLAMS CASINO: 32 Levels (Sony)
15.7.2016 Z-RO: Drankin' & Drivin' (1 Deep Entertainment)
15.7.2016 KEMBE X: Talk Back (Closed Sessions, The Village)
15.7.2016 WARM BREW: Diagnosis (Red Bull Records)
15.7.2016 BLU & NOTTZ: Titans In The Flash (Coalmine Records)
15.7.2016 BODEGA BROVAS: L.G.A. 
15.7.2016 SADAT X: Agua (Tommy Boy)
15.7.2016 METRO BOOMIN & 21 SAVAGE: Savage Mode
19.7.2016 RAS BEATS: Control Your Own (Worldwyde Recordings)
19.7.2016 PRECYCE POLITIX: Last Son of Brooklyn (Precyce Politix)
20.7.2016 ICE KID: 11 (Sonic Records)
22.7.2016 THE OTHER GUYS: Life In Analog (HiPNOTT Records)
22.7.2016 PHONTE & ERIC ROBERSON: Tigallerro (The Foreign Exchange Music)
22.7.2016 DJ DRAMA: Quality Street Music 2
22.7.2016 JARREN BENTON: Slow Motion, Vol. 2 (Benton Enterprise, LLC)
22.7.2016 BLAQ POET: The Most Dangerous (Shinigamie Records/Marvel Records/Modulor)
22.7.2016 GUCCI MANE: Everybody Looking
22.7.2016 LIL DURK: Lil Durk 2x (Only the Family/Def Jam)
22.7.2016 BIRDMAN: From The Briks (Cash Money Records)
29.7.2016 CONSTANT DEVIANTS: Omerta (Six2Six Records)
29.7.2016 DISCOURSE: Megalomaniac 
29.7.2016 DEATH GRIPS: Bottomless Pit (Harvest Records)
29.7.2016 KOOL KEITH: Tashan Dorrsett - The Preacher (Junkadelic Muzic)
29.7.2016 DJ KHALED: Major Key (Epic Records)
29.7.2016 MINDSONE & DJ IRON: Phaseology (Ill Adrenaline Records)
29.7.2016 GENSU DEAN & DENMARK VESSEY: Whole Food (Mello Music Group)
29.7.2016 SKIZZ: Cruise Control (Diffent Worlds Music Group)
29.7.2016 THE GAME: Block Wars O.s.t. (eOne)
5.8.2016 J. DILLA: The King Of Beats (Yancey Media Group)
5.8.2016 GIGGS: Landlord (SN1 Records)
8.8.2016 KARI FAUX: Lost en Los Angeles (Wolf & Rothstein)
9.8.2016 BRIAN MARC: The Extraordinary Pleasure of Being Someone Else (Talk Shoppe)
12.8.2016 ATMOSPHERE: Fishing Blues (RhymeSayers Entertainment)
12.8.2016 RAE SREMMURD: SremmLife2 (Eardrummers/Interscope Records)
12.8.2016 LANDO CHILL: For Mark, Your Son (Mello Music Group)
12.8.2016 YOUNGS TEFLON: Tracksuit Diaries (Youngs Teflon)
12.8.2016 TROY AVE: Rolland Collins (BSB Records)
13.8.2016 KA: Honor Killed the Samurai (Iron Works Records)
13.8.2016 NO PANTY: WestSide Highway Story (
19.8.2016 PARTYNEXTDOOR: P3 (OVO Sound/Warner Bros)
19.8.2016 WATSKY: X Infinity (Steel Wool Entertainment)
19.8.2016 DJ CONCEPT: Flight Patterns 2 (Crisis Center Collective)
19.8.2016 TORY LANEZ: I Told You (Mad Love/Interscope Records)
19.8.2016 LORD SUPERB: Superb Clientele (ChamberMusik)
19.8.2016 LIL DEBBIE: Debbie (Lil Debbie Records)
19.8.2016 MARQ SPEKT & MOBONIX: Bionic Jazz (Hipnott Records)
19.8.2016 MARQ SPEKT & BLOCKHEAD: Keep Playin' (Hipnott Records)
19.8.2016 MADEINTYO: You Are Forgiven (Private Club Records)
23.8.2016 CHUUWEE: Economics 
26.8.2016 DE LA SOUL: Anonymous Nobody (AOI Records)
26.8.2016 THE FAME: Summer At Midnight 
26.8.2016 BANKS & STEELZ: Anything But Words (Warner Brothers Records)
26.8.2016 PROPHETS OF RAGE: The Party's Over Ep (Prophets Of Rage)
26.8.2016 RED PILL: Instinctive Drowning (Mello Music Group)
26.8.2016 VINCE STAPLES: Prima Donna (Def Jam Records)
26.8.2016 DOM PACHINO VS P.R. TERRORIST: Gemini Mind 
26.8.2016 ZOOLAY: Undeniable (Zoolay)
26.8.2016 IAMSU: 6 Speed 
26.8.2016 TGOD MAFIA: Rude Awakening (Atlantic Records)
29.8.2016 CONFIGA & HASTYLE: Hastility (H1)
30.8.2016 JAKE KOST: Standluft Macht Frei 
2.9.2016 ISAIAH RASHAD: Sun's Tirade (TDE/Interscope)
2.9.2016 RISHOP & REEL DRAMA: Regime Change
2.9.2016 RASUL ALLAH 7: Heru, the Face of the Golden Falcon: Rise of the Shemsu Har (ChamberMusik)
2.9.2016 TRAVIS SCOTT: Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (Epic/Sony)
9.9.2016 UNIQUE MUSIC: Audio Therapy: Part Deux (DOC Music Group)
9.9.2016 POUNDS: Heavy Lies The Crown 
9.9.2016 REKS: The Greatest X (Brick Records)
9.9.2016 NEEF BUCK: Forever Do Me 8 (Neef Buck/Rapbay)
9.9.2016 FUDGE: Lady Parts (Lex Records)
9.9.2016 PSYCHO LES: Dank God, Vol. 1 (Pitfight Production)
9.9.2016 DADDY GRACE: No Hip Hop For Grown Men (Church of Hip Hop/Financial Prosperity)
9.9.2016 RYU: Tanks for the Memories (Dirty Version Records)
9.9.2016 CLIPPING.: Splendor & Mysery (Sub Pop Records)
9.9.2016 INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKZL: Fresh Out of FVCKS (Alpha Pup)
9.9.2016 DJ FRESH & EZALE: The Tonight Show with Ezale (The Worlds Freshest Music)
13.9.2016 BRIAN BREACH: Matter of Fact (GTPS)
16.9.2016 MYKKI BLANCO: Mykki (Dogfood Music Group)
16.9.2016 KOOL KEITH: Feature Magnetic (Mello Music Group)
16.9.2016 HORSESHOE GANG: 4 Brothers (Seven13 Music)
16.9.2016 BLAQ POET & COMET: Mad Screwz (Mad Men Entertainment)
16.9.2016 MAC MILLER: The Divine Feminine (Warner Bros)
16.9.2016 CHINX: Legends Never Die (E-One)
16.9.2016 SICK JACKEN: Psychodelic (Rebel Music Group)
16.9.2016 MAX WONDERS: Hues To Blame (Max Wonders)
16.9.2016 A TRIBE CALLED RED: We Are the Halluci Nation (Radicalized Records)
20.9.2016 SULTAN MIR & RECOGNIZE ALI: Too Visible To See (Sultan Mir)
21.9.2016 SCOTTY ATL: Daily Bread (Cool Club/Empire)
23.9.2016 MY NEIGHBOUR IS: Moon's Reflection On a Quiet Lake (Cold Busted)
23.9.2016 WORDSWORTH: Blame It on the Music (Hipnott Records)
23.9.2016 ABCTAKT: The March of the Consciousness (Guerrilla Republik)
23.9.2016 DAYE JACK: Surf the Web (Warner)
23.9.2016 PIGEON JOHN: Good Sinner (Dine Alone Records)
23.9.2016 SLAINE: Slaine Is Dead Ep (AR Classic Records)
23.9.2016 MICK JENKINS: (T)he (H)ealing (C)omponent (Cinematic Music Group)
23.9.2016 HUNTR: Huntr (Anigma)
23.9.2016 SEVEN ODDITIES RECORDS: Out for Blood Vol. 3, Chapter 3 (Seven Oddities Records)
23.9.2016 AUDIO PUSH: 90951 (Good Vibe Tribe)
23.9.2016 WILLIE GREEN: Doc Savage (Backwoodz Studioz)
28.9.2016 BLU & FATE: Open Your Optics To Optimism (EveryDejaVu)
29.9.2016 RICKO: The Slick Rick LP (CRMG Records)
29.9.2016 AESOP ROCK & HOMEBOY SANDMAN: Lice 2 Ep (Still Buggin') (Stones Throw)
30.9.2016 APOLLO BROWN & SKYZOO: The Easy Truth (Mello Music Group)
30.9.2016 DANNY BROWN: Atrocity Exhibition (Warp)
30.9.2016 DJ MUSTARD: Cold Summer (Roc Nation)
30.9.2016 LIKE: Songs Made While High (Squatch Records)
30.9.2016 DAVE EAST: Kairi Chanel (Mass Appeal Records)
30.9.2016 TACHYON GHETTO BLASTER: Heaven On Earth (Fake Four Inc.)
30.9.2016 RUSLAN: Americana (Kings Dream Ent.)
30.9.2016 MOKA ONLY: Milky State (Moka Only/Urbnet)
6.10.2016 KOIS: Familiar Faces (Koins)
7.10.2016 JENOVA 7 & EDDIE SHINN: A Cosmic Safari (Cold Busted)
7.10.2016 KING JUST & POP DA BROWN HORNET: Best of Both Hoods (Thrice Great Records)
7.10.2016 ISHDARR: Broken Hearts & Bankrolls (IshDarr/Empire)
7.10.2016 TRIZZ: Leatherface 2 (Below System)
7.10.2016 BOOGIE BELGIQUE: Volta (Cold Busted)
7.10.2016 A-F-R-O & MARCO POLO: A-F-R-O Polo (Duck Down Records)
7.10.2016 DOMINIQUE LARUE & J. RAWLS: Almost There (Hipnott Records)
7.10.2016 BROOKZILL!: Throwback to the Future (Tommz Boz Entertainment)
7.10.2016 ILL CHRIS: Honor Thy Father (Connoisseurs League Music)
7.10.2016 SMOOVTH: SS96J (Smoothest Since '96 J) (##The Winners Records)
10.10.2016 YELAWOLF: Hotel Ep (Slumerican)
11.10.2016 DEEJAY ELEMENT: Element(als) Vol. 1 (FiveSe7en Music)
14.10.2016 WAX TAILOR: By Any Beats Necessary (Le Plan Music)
14.10.2016 L'ORANGE & MR. LIF: The Life & Death Of Scenery (Mello Music Group)
14.10.2016 FRENCH MONTANA: MC4 (Bad Boy/Epic Records/Sony)
14.10.2016 DEATH CATCHETZ: Death Catchetz (Cataphonic Productions)
14.10.2016 SHINOBI STALIN & MARZ MELLO: Scumbag Jazz #1: An Exercise In Patience (Beer Money UNLTD)
14.10.2016 DAVID BANNER: The God Box (A Banner Vision)
14.10.2016 THE GAME: 1992 (eOne Music)
14.10.2016 TAIWAN MC: Cool & Deadly (Chinese Man Records)
14.10.2016 L'ORANGE & MR. LIF: The Life & Death Of Scenery (Mello Music Group)
14.10.2016 SWET SHOP BOYS: Cashmere (Customs Records)
14.10.2016 GREENSPAN: Never Gon Die (Hipnott Records)
14.10.2016 CONWAY THE MACHINE: Bullet Ep (Effiscienz)
14.10.2016 GRANDBUDA: If It Happened To Me (Ghost Club Records)
14.10.2016 EDO G, SHABAAM SAHDEEQ & FOKIS: Recognize Your Power Ep (Loyalty Digital Corp)
17.10.2016 GUCCI MANE: Woptober (1017 Bricksquad)
21.10.2016 NxWORRIES: Yes Lawd! (Stones Throw)
21.10.2016 PAUL WALL: Houston Oiler (Paul Wall Music)
21.10.2016 ES-K: Passages (Cold Busted)
21.10.2016 U.G.: Portals (Creative Juices)
21.10.2016 BLASTAH BEATZ: PhD in Beatmaking (Thrice Great Records)
21.10.2016 MAKER: Maker vs. Now-Again 3: Now-Again Music Library Vol. 8 (Now-Again)
21.10.2016 JOE BUDDEN: Rage & The Machine (Mood Muzik Entertainment)
21.10.2016 D.R.A.M.: Big Baby D.R.A.M. (EMPIRE/Atlantic/WEA)
21.10.2016 DAME DOLLA: The Letter O (Front Music Page)
21.10.2016 IBN INGLOR: Honegloria (Ibn Inglor)
21.10.2016 WELLS: The Way I'm Living Makes My Mom Nervous (Immaculate Taste)
21.10.2016 SOULJA BOY & BOW WOW: Ignorant Shit (SODMG Records)
25.10.2016 RIFF RAFF: Balloween (Neon Nation)
28.10.2016 JOURNALIST 103: Battle for the Hearts (Babygrande Records)
28.10.2016 MR. HYDE: Evil Never Dies (Psycho+Logical Records)
28.10.2016 KA SEKHEM: Everybody Has the Right to Leave Any Country Including His Own To Return To His Country (Joe Left Hand Records)
28.10.2016 VINNIE PAZ: The Cornerstone of the Corner Store (Enemy Soil Records)
28.10.2016 SAMMUS: Pieces In Space (Don Giovanni Records)
28.10.2016 VORTX OF DISTORSUN: Somebodies Cognitive Telecast from Hanger Antennas (Joe Left Hand Records)
28.10.2016 CURCI: Figuring It Out
28.10.2016 DIIRTY OGZ: We Got Now And Next (RBC Records)
28.10.2016 D.I.T.C.: Sessions (D.I.T.C. Records)
28.10.2016 JEEZY: Trap Or Die 3 (YJ Music/Def Jam Records)
28.10.2016 MICKEY FACTZ & NOTTZ: The Achievement: circa '82 (Soulspazm/WAR)
28.10.2016 DJ RUDE ONE: ONEderful (2RBR)
28.10.2016 CASE ARNOLD: So(u)l Theory (Experience the Culture)
28.10.2016 CALEZ: Baby (CEITO)
28.10.2016 SPECTACULAR DIAGNOSTICS: Avant Raw (Spectacular Diagnostics)
28.10.2016 SABA: Bucket List Project (Saba Pivot, LLC)
30.10.2016 NACHO PICASSO & HARRY FRAUD: Antihero Volume One
31.10.2016 SUPREME CEREBRAL: Master Builders (Deluxe Edition)
31.10.2016 WESTSIDE GUNN: Hitler Wears Hermes 4 (Griselda Records)
1.11.2016 NICK HOOK: Relationships (Fool's Gold Records)
4.11.2016 SIMS: More Than Ever (Doomtree Records)
4.11.2016 ANTHONY VALADEZ: Fade Away (Plug Research)
4.11.2016 CZARFACE: A Fistful of Peril (Silver Age)
4.11.2016 FUNKY DL: February: A Rest In Beats Tribute to the Sound of J Dilla & Nujabes (Washington Classics)
4.11.2016 UNION ANALOGTRONICS & BLU: Cheetah in the City (Fat Beats Records)
4.11.2016 BIG SCOOP: H.O.G. (Strange Music)
4.11.2016 COMMON: Black America Again (Def Jam Recordings)
4.11.2016 THE FLYING DUTCHMAN: Foul Weather (Thrice Great Records)
4.11.2016 DINCO D: Cameo Flows (Power Shift Music Group)
4.11.2016 LA COKA NOSTRA: To Thine Own Self Be True (Fat Beats Records)
4.11.2016 DEEJAY ELEMENT: Element 4 President (FiveSe7en Music)
4.11.2016 TONE SPLIFF: Pull No Punches (Mind Write Music)
10.11.2016 DUMBFOUNDEAD: We Might Die (DFD Records)
10.11.2016 BERNER & B-REAL: Prohibition, Pt. 3 (Bern One Entertainment)
11.11.2016 ODDCOUPLE: Liberation (OddCouple)
11.11.2016 DEVONWHO: Luz (Leaving Records)
11.11.2016 TANYA MORGAN: Abandoned Theme Park (Hipnott Records)
11.11.2016 FATT FATHER & D.R.U.G.S. BEATS: Veterans Day (Fueled By Life)
11.11.2016 VIC SPENCER: St. Gregory (Perpetual Rebel)
11.11.2016 BLACK OPERA: African America (The Black Opera)
11.11.2016 PREMRCOK & FRESH KILS: Leave In A Tact (Urbnet)
11.11.2016 CARL ROE: Eleven Chuck (Carl Roe)
11.11.2016 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST: We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic/SME)
11.11.2016 Z-RO: Legendary (1 Deep Entertainment)
11.11.2016 JEREMIAH JAE: A Cold Night (Black Jungle Squad)
11.11.2015 KXNG CROOKED: Good vs Evil (RBC Records)
11.11.2016 VERBAL SKILLZ: OldManRapper
14.11.2016 BOOGIE: Thirst 48, Pt. 2 (Interscope Records)
15.11.2016 TRAPO: Shade Trees (Esselgy Records)
16.11.2016 RAPSODY: Crown Ep (Jamla Records/Culture Over Everything)
16.11.2016 HUS KINGPIN & SMOOVTH: H.N.I.C. Hempstead Niggas In Charge
18.11.2016 E-40: The D-Boy Diary (Heavy On The Grind Ent.)
18.11.2016 KEVIN ABSTRACT: American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story (Brockhampton/EMPIRE)
18.11.2016 TERMANOLOGY: Politics As Usual (ShowOff/St. Records)
18.11.2016 TONE CHOP & FROST GAMBLE: Veteran (Seven13 Music)
18.11.2016 MAR WON: Soundtrack of Autumn (Rappers I Know)
18.11.2016 GUERINGER THE 13th: Clifford (Chiefy Tribe)
18.11.2016 JAKE PALUMBO: Jake It Till You Make It (SpaceLAB Recordings)
18.11.2016 JALEN SANTOY: Charlie Eastern (Ventwood Entertainment/Empire)
18.11.2016 THE WHITE SHADOW OF NORWAY: Blaze of Glory (Uncut Productions)
22.11.2016 LES: Olde English (Slfemp Music)
22.11.2016 BLOCK McCLOUD: The Book of Ishmael (Disturbia Music)
25.11.2016 GENSU DEAN: RAW (Mello Music Group)
25.11.2016 FES TAYLOR: The Pak (ChamberMusik)
25.11.2016 JOE YOUNG: Invincible Armour (Younglife Music Group)
25.11.2016 SEAN PRICE: Gorilla (Duck Down Music)
25.11.2016 UNKNOWN MIZERY: Kill the Flowers (Thrice Great Records)
2.12.2016 S.A.S.: Celestial (Man Bites Dog Records)
2.12.2016 SMOKE DZA & PETE ROCK: Don't Smoke Rock (Babygrande Rec.)
2.12.2016 CURTISS KING: Jubilee Year (The Chill Palace)
2.12.2016 GEECHIE SUEDE: 0.9 NyteLife Fm (Gold Dice)
2.12.2016 GENERAL STEELE & ES-K: Building Bridges (Bucktown/Duck Down Music)
6.12.2016 TRINA: Dynasty 6 Ep (Rockstarr Music Group)
9.12.2016 TECH N9NE: Storm (Strange Music)
9.12.2016 BOODA FRENCH: Awesome Is Everyday (Soulspazm)
9.12.2016 POST MALONE: Stoney (Republic)
9.12.2016 DENIRO FARRAR: Red Book Vol. 1 (Warner Records)
9.12.2016 AB-SOUL: Do What Thou Wilt (Top Dawg Entertainment)
9.12.2016 MIKEY D: Day Of D'struction (Elements of Hip Hop)
9.12.2016 J. COLE: 4 Your Eyez Only (Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope)
9.12.2016 CAS METAH: Second Wind (Soulspazm)
9.12.2016 TRADEMARK DA SKYDIVER & YOUNG RODDY: Family Business (iHopHop Distribution)
9.12.2016 ATMOSPHERE: Frida Kahlo Vs Ezra Pound (RhymeSayers Entertainment)
9.12.2016 HODGY: Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide (Odd Future)
16.12.2016 SNOWGOONS: Goon Bap (Goon Musick)
16.12.2016 CODE NINE & PURPOSE: Below Sumerian Skies (Below System)
16.12.2016 FLEXVOCAL: Cognitions (Focus Records)
16.12.2016 BOND ST. DISTRICT: The Storm (Friends Records)
16.12.2016 IDEAZ: Motion Capture (Cold Busted)
16.12.2016 LEGSWEEP SPECIALIST: Legsweep (Below System)
16.12.2016 AARON ROSE: Elixir (Coalmine Records)
16.12.2016 T.I.: Us Or Else: Letter To The System (Roc Nation/Grand Hustle)
16.12.2016 KID CUDI: Passin, Pain & Demon Slayin' (Republic/UMG)
16.12.2016 BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR: Diasporadical (Jakarta)
16.12.2016 STRO ELLIOTT: Stro Elliott (Street Corner Music)
16.12.2016 TRAE THA TRUTH & MOZZY: Trapped In (ABN/Mozzy Records/EMPIRE)
16.12.2016 THE LOX: Filthy America... It's Beautiful (D-Block Inc./Roc Nation)
16.12.2016 GUCCI MANE: The Return of East Atlanta Santa (Atlantic/WEA)
19.12.2016 TREV RICH: To Make a Long Story Short (Squizzy Entertainment/Cash Money Records)
19.12.2016 YASIIN BEY & FERRARI SHEPARD: December 99th
23.12.2016 ZION I: The Labyrinth (Jah Works)
23.12.2016 DOM KENNEDY: Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1 (The Other People's Money)
25.12.2016 QUENTIN MILLER: Gunmetal Grey (1317 Recordings)
25.12.2016 RUN THE JEWELS: RTJ3 (Mass Appeal)

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