Podpisujemo peticijo, lajamo v majk in poslušamo kako o joških

Boldy James
10. 10. 2013 - 20.00


1.) BLU and NOTTZ ft. RASHAD: End of the World
2.) CHUCK INGLISH ft. AB-SOUL & MAC MILLER: Came Thru/Easily
6.) WILLIE B: Money Train
11.) SEAN P ft. STARVIN B: Sean Shank Redemption
12.) CAM'RON ft. T.I. & YO GOTTI: Jungle
13.) CJ FLY ft. JOEY BADASS: Sup Preme
14.) CJ FLY ft. AB-SOUL: Sadderdaze
16.) 14KT ft. ROC MARCIANO: Live from Pimpstead
17.) PUSHA T & KENDRICK LAMAR: Nosetalgia
18.) CHILDISH GAMBINO: Yaphet Kotto
19.) DYNASTY: Street Music
20.) DOM KENNEDY: Dominic
21.) NIPSEY HUSSLE ft. DOM KENNEDY: Don't Forget Us
22.) THA DOGG POUND ft. SNOOP DOGG: Nice & Slow
23.) CHUUWEE & TRIZZ: By My Lonesome
24.) CHI-ALI: Untouchable
25.) E-40 ft. CHRIS BROWN & T.I.: Episode


Oktober 2013     

01.10.2013 ODDISSE: The Beauty In All (Mello Music Group)
01.10.2013 JU'MALONE: Diff.Rnt 
01.10.2013 BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH: Glaciers (Fake Four)
05.10.2013 WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Flockaveli 2
05.10.2013 RANSOM & STATIK SELEKTAH: The Proposal (ShowOff Records/Brick Records)
08.10.2013 RJD2: More Is Than Isn't
08.10.2013 PUSHA T: My Name Is My Name (G.O.O.D. Music)
15.10.2013 BLACK MILK: No Poison No Paradise
15.10.2013 SHAD: Flying Colours
15.10.2013 A$AP MOB: A$ap Mob 
22.10.2013 CAGE: Kill the Architect (Eastern Conference Records)
22.10.2013 DJ KHALED: Suffering From Success
29.10.2013 ENDEMIC: Terminal Illness 2
31.10.2013 EPIDEMIC: The Bassment Tapes Vol. 1: Write To Remain Violent (Mic-Theory Records)
31.10.2013 MELLOWHYPE: MellowHype (Odd Future)

November 2013

05.11.2013 TECH N9NE: Therapy
05.11.2013 EMINEM: MMLPII (Shady Records/Aftermath/Interscope)
05.11.2013 LATYRX: The Second Album (Latyramid Inc)
12.11.2013 BLOCK McCLOUD: The Fifth Wall:Four Walls Remixes (Disturbia Music Group)
12.11.2013 DENMARK VESSEY & SCUD ONE: Cult Classic (Dirty Science)
12.11.2013 MARCO POLO: PA2: Port Authority 2 (The Director's Cut) (SoulSpasm)
19.11.2013 STEP BROTHERS: Lord Steppington
19.11.2013 KASIM KETO: Long Car Rides
19.11.2013 DEATH GRIPS: No Love Deep (Harvest)
26.11.2013 HOPSIN: Knock Madness

December 2013

17.12.2013 BEWILL: Day By Day Ep (Wanna Battle Records)
24.12.2013 DEMUNZ THE DARK APOSTLE: "Audio Snuff: The Hyperviolent Torture Show" (Disturbia Music Group


Januar 2013

04.01.2013 MC EIHT: Keep It Hood Ep (Bluestamp Music Group)
04.01.2013 DIM: Bright Ideas (Enviamentally Fresh Music)
08.01.2013 RAEKWON: Lost Jewlry Ep
08.01.2013 SUPER HELPFUL: The Help Ep
15.01.2013 DJ MUGGS: Bass For Your Face (Ultra Records)
15.01.2013 DAG SAVAGE: Dag Savage Ep (Dirty Science, Fat Beats)
15.01.2013 A$AP ROCKY: Long.Live.A$ap (A$AP Worldwide, Polo Grounds, RCA)
15.01.2013 MACH FIVE: Art Rap (Greedmont Radio)
15.01.2013 WAX: Continue... (Scrublife)
15.01.2013 SUPASTITION: The Blackboard Ep 
16.01.2012 ESS VEE: The Anecdote: Memoirs of S. Victor (Association Music Group)
21.01.2013 ROCKIE FRESH: Electric Highway (MMG)
21.01.2013 TA-KU: Make It Last Ep (Life For The Funk)
22.01.2013 MOE POPE & RAIN: Let the Right Ones In (Brick)
23.01.2013 SL JONES: Trapper's Delight
23.01.2013 CLASSIFIED: Classified (Halflife Recordings)
23.01.2013 APAULO TREED & KNIGHTSTALKER: The Last Line Of Defence (self-released)
29.01.2013 SAHEED & NUMONICS: Not For Nothing (self-released)
29.01.2013 ELOQUENT: Gebrochenes Deutsch
29.01.2013 UPTOWN XO: Colour De Grey (Mello Music Group)
29.01.2013 ALMIGHTY SAMHILL: The Preface Ep (self-released)
29.01.2013 SLUM VILLAGE: Dirty Slums 2 (Synchronization)
29.01.2013 ALEXANDER SPIT: A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside (Decon Records)
29.01.2013 DEAD PREZ: Information Age (Varese Sarabande Records)
29.01.2013 OH NO: Disrupted Ads (KashRoc Entertainment)
29.01.2013 VAST AIRE: A Space Iliad Ep (Man Bites Dog Records)
31.01.2013 KRONDON: Everything's Nothing (Blacksmith Music)

Februar 2013

04.02.2013 YONAS: Black Canvas (1st Round Records)
05.02.2013 FRANK-N-DANK: 48 Hours (Delicious Vinyl)
05.02.2013 EDO G: Intelligence & Ignorance (Envision Entertainment)
05.02.2013 BROTHA LYNCH HUNG: Mannibalector (Strange Music)
05.02.2013 RICKY HILL: SYLDD 
05.02.2013 MR. SOS: Trains Never Get Sidetracked (Below System)
05.02.2013 SLOT-A: The Transition
05.02.2013 JOE BUDDEN: No Love Lost (eOne Music)
05.02.2013 ANNEXX CLICK: Annexx Click (Six2Six)
12.02.2013 RAS KASS: Barmageddon
12.02.2013 CHAMILLIONAIRE: Elevate Ep
12.02.2013 J.COLE: Truly Yours Ep
12.02.2013 DJ DAY: Land Of 1000 Chances (Piecelock 70)
12.02.2013 DUCKO McFLI: RatchetLifeSophisticatedDreams (P.U.S.H. Productions)
12.02.2013 RAEKWON & DJ FRESH: The Tonite Show (Siccness Recordings)
12.02.2013 CAPPADONNA: Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre (RBC Records)
19.02.2013 JEFF CHERRY: Jetset Vagabond (Team Rsinal Inc.)
19.02.2013 DJ TOURE: Toure's Theory (Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings)
19.02.2013 SADISTIK: Flowers For My Father (Fake Four Inc)
19.02.2013 SPECTAC & SHAKIM: For the People (HipNott Records)
19.02.2013 BLANCO & THE JACKA with BEDROCK: Game Over (Guerilla Entertainment)
19.02.2013 BERNER & THE JACKA: Border Wars (Liqz)
19.02.2013 BUDDHA MONK: The Dark Knight (Chambermusik)
19.02.2013 BLU, MED & MADLIB: The Burgundy Ep 
19.02.2013 J-LOVE: Pardon My Intrusion (Chambermusik)
19.02.2013 MEDKEM: Kola La Vie Ep (Elementality Production)
26.02.2013 GENSU DEAN & PLANET ASIA: Abrasions (Mello Music Group)
26.02.2013 ALEXANDER SPIT: A Breathtaking Trip To The Otherside (Decon)
26.02.2013 REKS: Revolution Cocktail
26.02.2013 50 CENT: Street King Immortal
26.02.2013 SPIT GEMZ: Fuck the Radio, End the TV
26.02.2013 ILL BILL: The Grimy Awards (Fat Beats)
26.02.2013 FOREIGN EXCHANGE: +Fe Music: The Reworkds (2cd)
26.02.2013 NOTES TO SELF: Target Market (RECOIL) (Decon Records)
26.02.2013 KONCEPT: Malt Disney Ep
26.02.2013 KILLAH PRIEST: The Psychic World of Walter Reed (Proverbs Records)
26.02.2013 AMP LIVE: Kaleidoscope Theory Ep (The Color Ep) (Plug Research)
26.02.2013 JARED EVAN & STATIK SELEKTAH: Boom Bap & Blues
26.02.2013 KUTT CALHOUN: Black Gold (Strange Music)
28.02.2013 REESE: DSPNTRPN Ep 

Marec 2013

01.03.2013 ELOQUENT & I.L.L. WILL: Skizzen In Blau Ep
01.03.2013 FRESH FACE: Fresh Henry der Packernacken EP
01.03.2013 DER PLUSMACHER: BWL / Bordsteinwirtschaftslehre
04.03.2013 RICKIE JACOBS: Songs For High School Kids
05.03.2013 SOLOMON CHILDS: Wu-Tang 4 Life 2 (Chambermuzik)
05.03.2013 DEMIGODZ: KILLMatic (Dirty Version Records)
05.03.2013 AYATOLLAH: Avant Garde (Elementality Productions)
05.03.2013 JELLY ROLL: The Big Sal Story (A-Game)
05.03.2013 SWAVE SEVAH: Son of a One Armed Man (Creative Juices Music)
05.03.2013 DOUBLE A.B. & DUB SONATA: Media Shower (Man Bites Dog Records)
05.03.2013 BOLDY JAMES: Grand Quarters Ep 
08.03.2013 WATSKY: Cardboard Castles (Steel Wool Records)
09.03.2013 DRILL: Nuklearna zima (Wudisban)
12.03.2013 DELIBERATE ENIGMAS: Draw What I Want (Joe Left Hand Records, Nephew Of Frank Records)
12.03.2013 DURAG DYNASTY: 360 Waves (Nature Sounds)
12.03.2013 DANDY TERU: Adventures (Ubiquity)
12.03.2013 DOPPELGANGAZ: HARK (Groggy Pack Entertainment)
12.03.2013 Z-RO: Tripolar
13.03.2013 CASHIUS GREEN: Pisces Ep
15.03.2013 BRICK SQUAD BOYZ presents 
19.03.2013 SWOLLEN MEMBERS: Beautiful Death Machine (Suburban Noize Records)
19.03.2013 CZARFACE: Czarface (Brick Records)
19.03.2013 VARIOUS: RZA presents Shaolin Soul Selection: Volume 1 (Shaolin Soul Records)
19.03.2013 MR. LEN: The Marvels Of Yestermorrow
19.03.2013 REGIME: Dragon Gang (Smoke-A-Lot Records)
25.03.2013 ANTIHEROES: Modern Day Riot (Dj Booth)
26.03.2013 TRINITY: 20 In (Fat Beats)
26.03.2013 PAPOOSE: Nacirema Dream (Ingrooves)
26.03.2013 JASIRI X: Ascension
26.03.2013 AZEALIA BANKS: Broke With Expensive Taste
26.03.2013 LAS SUPPER: Las Supper
26.03.2013 CES CRU: Constant Energy Struggles (Strange Music)
26.03.2013 GQ: I'm Gone (JAMLA)
26.03.2013 LIL WAYNE: I Am Not A Human Being II (Universal Motown)
26.03.2013 VON PEA & AEON: Duly Noted (Hipnott Records)

April 2013

01.04.2013 MC MELODEE & COOKIN' SOUL: My Tape Deck (Jakarta)
01.04.2013 ILLSMITH: Murkle Ep
02.04.2013 TYLER, THE CREATOR: Wolf (Odd Future, Sony)
02.04.2013 ELEMENTS OF HIPHOP: Calm Before the Storm (Elements Of Hiphop)
02.04.2013 KIDZ IN THE HALL: Wishful Drinkin' Ep
02.04.2013 KID DAYTONA & DJ OZONE: Runnin' With the Bulls
08.04.2013 VELEBOR: Božja gamad (Wubisdan)
09.04.2013 GINRUMMY: The L Crooked I : Chronicles of Rummy (Cloak N Dagga/Definite Prod)
09.04.2013 TYGA: Hotel California
09.04.2013 SILENT KNIGHT: Busy Is My Best Friend II
09.04.2013 RICH BOY: Break the Pot (eOne Music)
09.04.2013 PMD + SNOWGOONS + SEAN STRANGE: Welcome To the Goondox (RBC Records)
15.04.2013 J. LATELY & J. GOOD: PB&Js (
16.04.2013 NAMETAG & NAMELESS: For Namesake (Brick Records)
16.04.2013 TREKLIFE: Hometown Foreigner (Mello Music Group)
16.04.2013 FIRST LIGHT: Fallacy Fantasy (Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings)
16.04.2013 SAFE: Safe (Greedhead Entertainment)
16.04.2013 ISWHAT!?: Things That Go Bump In The Dark (OSNR Records)
16.04.2013 GHOSTFACE KILLAH & ADRIAN YOUNGE: Twelve Reasons To Die (Soul Temple Records)
16.04.2013 SLAINE: The Boston Project (Suburban Noize/Commonwealth Records)
16.04.2013 SPENDS QUALITY: Flight Music (CFO Recordings)
16.04.2013 SPENDS QUALITZ with MR. TAY: Time Peace (CFO Recordings)
16.04.2013 ANDY MINEO: Heroes For Sale (Reach Records)
16.04.2013 STAXX with LU BALZ: Writin My Mind (Bronx Bridge Entertainment)
16.04.2013 N.O.R.E. aka P.A.P.I.: Student Of the Game (eOne)
16.04.2013 KEV BROWN: Songs Without Words Vol. 1 & 2 (Low Budget Records/Redefinition Records)
16.04.2013 STYLES P & SCRAM JONES: Float (Nature Sounds, High Times Records)
17.04.2013 SID SPIRAM: West Coast Downfall: Before Dusk
20.04.2013 DOPE D.O.D: Da Roach
23.04.2013 SNOOP LION: Reincarnated (Red Ink Records)
23.04.2013 WILL.I.AM: #Willpower (Interscope Records)
23.04.2013 K-OS: BLack On BLonde (Crown Loyalist Recordings, Nettwerk Records)
23.04.2013 MITCHY SLICK & THE WORLD'S FRESHEST: Feet Match the Paint (Empire Distribution)
23.04.2013 MR. VIGILANT: The Jacket (Simply Skillz Music)
23.04.2013 ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD: Capture the Sun (Man Bites Dog Records)
23.04.2013 KID CUDI: indicud (Universal Republic)
23.04.2013 DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: How It Should Sound Vol. 1 & 2 (Redefinition Records)
24.04.2013 MITCHY SLICK: Feet Match the Paint (Empire Distribution)
30.04.2013 R.A. THE RUGGED MAN: Legends Never Die (Nature Sounds)
30.04.2013 RITTZ: The Life And Times of Johnny Valiant (Strange Music)
30.04.2013 SPECTAC & AMIRI: Soul Beautiful (HiPNOTT Records)
30.04.2013 PROLYPHIC: Workin' Man Ep (Strange Famous)
30.04.2013 JUST ICE: Best Of (Traffic)
30.04.2013 K-DEF: The Exhibiton (Redefinition Records)
30.04.2013 NUTSO: I Plead the 5th (Poor Pocket Muzik)
30.04.2013 QUELLE CHRIS: Niggas Is Men (Mello Music Group) 
30.04.2013 SOLE: No Wising Up No Settling Down (Black Canyon Recordings)
30.04.2013 YOUNG CHOZEN: G.L.O.W. (Young Royalty)

Maj 2013

01.05.2013 SPREE WILSON: Life In Technocolor Vol. 1
02.05.2013 PSYMUN & DAMACHA: SSV3 (Serious Sauce Vol. 3) (MJ MJ Records)
07.05.2013 L.L.COOL J.: Authentic Hip Hop (Savoy Records)
07.05.2013 HANNIBAL STAX & MARCO POLO: Seize the Day (Soulspazm)
07.05.2013 PUBLIC ENEMY: Planet Earth: Rock and Roll Hame of Fame Greatest Rap Hits (Eastlink)
07.05.2013 LIL CUETE: Rider Classics (East Side Records)
07.05.2013 MR. CAPON-E: Don't Get It Twisted (Hi Power Ent)
07.05.2013 LATIN BOI: Afraid To Love (Hi Power Ent.)
07.05.2013 TALIB KWELI: Prisoner Of Consciousness (Javotti Media)
07.05.2013 BTAKA: Still In Da Game (SL Recordings)
07.05.2013 UNCLUDED: Hokey Fright (RhymeSayers Entertainment)
07.05.2013 QWEL & MAKER: Beautiful Raw (Galapagos4)
07.05.2013 SPIRIT OF TRUTH: Spiritual Warfare 
07.05.2013 E GUTTAH: Unexpected Arrival (Select-O-Hits)
07.05.2013 MEKO McAFEE: Player Music
07.05.2013 SUGA FREE & PIMPIN YOUNG: Blood Makes You Related, Loyalty Make You Family Ep
07.05.2013 LOCKSMITH: The Green Box (www.Iamlock.com)
07.05.2013 PARALLEL THOUGHT & GENE THE SOUTHERN CHILD: Artillery Splurgin (Parallel Thought LTD)
07.05.2013 HAVOC: 13 (Nature Sounds)
07.05.2013 TRKAJ: Vse je OK
07.05.2013 TIMELESS TRUTH & RTNC: Rock-It-Science 
07.05.2013 HARRY FRAUD: High Tide Ep (Scion A/V)
07.05.2013 7 G.E.M.S.: Golden Era Music Sciences (Ill Adrenaline Records)
14.05.2013 JUNE MARX: Seven Trumpets Sound (Torchbearer Records)
14.05.2013 EVE: Lip Lock (From the Rib)
14.05.2013 JSWISS: Awthenticity
14.05.2013 TREE: Sunday School II (Creative Control)
14.05.2013 HOMEBOY SANDMAN: Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent (Stones Throw)
14.05.2013 MASTER P: Icon (Capitol)
14.05.2013 GDP: Holla (Cobraside)
14.05.2013 TRAVI$ SCOTT: Owl Pharoahe
15.05.2013 VIKN: Capitol 
21.05.2013 DEXTER: The Trip (Melting Pot Records)
21.05.2013 THE-DREAM: IV Play
21.05.2013 TALL BLACK GUY: 8 Miles To Moenart (First Word Records)
21.05.2013 FRENCH MONTANA: Excuse My French (Bad Boy)
21.05.2013 ZO!: ManMade (Foreign Exchange Music)
21.05.2013 CREATE & DEVASTATE: Most Confident Ep (Elite Fleet/Coalmine Records)
21.05.2013 VARIOUS: Rich Gang: Fleshy Lifestyle (Cash Money Rec./Island)
21.05.2013 KRAYZIE BONE: The Collabo the Bum (Hi Power Ent)
21.05.2013 P-MONEY: Gratitude (Dawn Raid Ent./Dirty Management/Duck Down Music)
21.05.2013 G & D: The Lighthouse (SomeOthaShipConnect)
21.05.2013 CHOSEN FEW: Grandes Exitos (Chosen Few)
21.05.2013 GUVNA B: Odd One Out (Guvna Music)
21.05.2013 TENACITY: Everything Must Change 
21.05.2013 AMERICAN POETS 2099 vs MYSTERIOUS: World Of Tomorrow (Chambermuzik)
21.05.2013 EFFECT & DANG: You Don't Love Me And I Don't Care (Los Wunder Twins Del Record Label)
21.05.2013 CHRIS STYLEZ THE SHADOW FIGURE: Sign Of the Times: Return To Oceania (Chambermuzik)
21.05.2013 IRV DA PHENOM: Los Kangeles (DefMetalGospel) 
21.05.2013 FREDO SANTANA: Trappin' Ain't Dead (Squad Records)
23.05.2013 CHUCH INGLISH: Droptops Ep (Sounds Like Fun Records)
27.05.2013 GHOSTWRIDAH: Flu Game LP
27.05.2013 CM JONES: Perfect Hand Off (Ascetic Music)
28.05.2013 ACEYALONE: Leanin On Slick (Decon Records)
28.05.2013 SWEATSHOP UNION: Infinite (Urbnet)
28.05.2013 4th PYRAMID: The Sky Belongs To The Stars (Lyrics To Go Entertainment)
28.05.2013 PAUL WHITE: Street Lights (One-Handed Music)
28.05.2013 TRILL CUNNINGHAM: Trill Cunningham Ep (Brown Bag All-Stars)
28.05.2013 UGLY HEROES: Ugly Heroes (Mello Music Group)
31.05.2013 DJ SCREAM: Ratchet Superior Ep


01.06.2013 HODGY BEATS: Untitled 2 Ep 
04.06.2013 DJ CLAY: A World Upside Down
04.06.2013 JON CONNOR: Unconscious State 
04.06.2013 PROGRAM: The Article EP: Expanded Edition (Slice-Of-Spice)
04.06.2013 ALL ANGLES: Def Valley (DubCnn.com)
07.06.2013 YOUNG RHOME: Perfectly Flawed
11.06.2013 LONELY ISLAND: The Wack Album (Universal Republic)
11.06.2013 EMILIO ROJAS: No Shame, No Regrets
11.06.2013 WHITE MANDINGOS: The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me (Fat Beats)
11.06.2013 ACTION BRONSON: Saaab Stories Ep (Atlantic)
11.06.2013 PRODIGY & ALCHEMIST: Albert Einstein (Infamous Records)
11.06.2013 FAT TONY: Smart Ass Black Boy (Young One Records)
11.06.2013 ARIEZ ONASIS: Theme Music
11.06.2013 JARREN BENTON: Grandma's Basement
12.06.2013 SOULSLICERS: Slice Of Life
12.06.2013 RICKIE JACOBS: Beautiful America Ep 
18.06.2013 TONA: Silverspring Crescent
18.06.2013 QUASIMOTO: Yessir Whatever (Stones Throw)
18.06.2013 MITCHY SLICK: Won't Stop (Empire Distribution Corp.)
18.06.2013 MAC MILLER: Watching Movies With the Sound Off (Rostrum Records)
18.06.2013 KID TSUNAMI: The Chase (Head Bop Music)
18.06.2013 RABBI DARKSIDE: Prospect Avenue (Rabbi Darkside)
18.06.2013 STATIK SELEKTAH: Extended Play (Duck Down Records)
18.06.2013 STAXX & LU BALZ: Writin My Mind (Bronx Bridge Entertainment)
18.06.2013 KANYE WEST: Yeeezus (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam Records)
18.06.2013 J. COLE: Born Sinner (Roc Nation/Columbia)
25.06.2013 MARCO POLO: Newport Authority 2 (Marco Polo Productions)
25.06.2013 DIRT PLATOON & KYO ITACHI: War Face (Shinigamie)
25.06.2013 EVIDENCE: Green Tape Instrumentals (Decon Records)
25.06.2013 SERENGETI & ODD NOSDAM: Kenny Dennis LP (Anticon)
25.06.2013 DESSA: Parts Of Speech (Doomtree)
25.06.2013 EPIDEMIC: Somethin' For Tha Listeners (Mic-Theory Records)
25.06.2013 WALE: The Gifted (Atlantic Records)
25.06.2013 YOUNG FATHERS: Tape Two EP (Anticon)
25.06.2013 JUNCLASSIC: Blvd Backdrop (HiPNOTT Records)
25.06.2013 CM JONES: Perfect Hand Off (Ascetic Music)
25.06.2013 DA YOUNGFELLAZ: Sophisticated Arrogance LP 
25.06.2013 WREKONIZE: The War Within (Strange Music)
25.06.2013 JOHN ROBINSON + KYO ITACHI: The Path Of Mastery (Shinigamie Records)
25.06.2013 COOKBOOK & DJ RHETTMATIC: The Phantom Menace Ep
25.06.2013 KOOL KEITH & MR. SCHE EASTWOOD: Magnetic Force Field (Modulor Records)
25.06.2013 NUTSO & DJ LOW CUT: In the Cut (Rugged Records)
28.06.2013 JNATURAL: Bad Woman Rising (Fake Four Inc.)
28.06.2013 DEVINE CARAMA: No Child Left Behind
29.06.2013 RUN THE JEWELS: Run the Jewels (Fool's Gold)

Julij 2013

01.07.2013 JOEY BADA$$: Summer Knights 
02.07.2013 GUCCI MANE: Trap House 3: The Guwop Edition (101 Distribution)
02.07.2013 SLUM VILLAGE: The Evolution (Ne'Astra Music Group)
02.07.2013 YOUNG SCOOTER: Jugghou$e
02.07.2013 GUERILLA ALLIANCE: Empire Of Fear (Planet X Records)
02.07.2013 BILLY WOODS & BLOCKHEAD: Dour Candy (Backwoodz Studios)
02.07.2013 REKS: Revolution Cocktail
02.07.2013 MIDI MAFIA: BrandX - Get Connected
02.07.2013 NEMO ACHIDA: Midnight Magic (LockSmith Records)
02.07.2013 THE GREATER GOOD: Goodness Gracious (2DopeBoyz)
02.07.2013 ERIC LAU: One of Many (Killawat Music Limited)
03.07.2013 FATBOI FRESH: Escapre From Fat Camp-The Album
07.07.2013 JAY-Z: Magna Carta Holy Grail (Roc Nation)
07.07.2013 OPEN MIKE EAGLE: Sir Rockabye Ep
09.07.2013 AD-LIB: Bad Newz (Thrice Great) 
09.07.2013 EPIDEMIC: Somethin' For Da Listeners (Mic-Theory Records)
09.07.2013 RICH QUICK: Sad Songs Ep (Ben Frank Recordings)
09.07.2013 WYLD BUNCH & DJ BRANS: Unbreakable (Effiscienz)
09.07.2013 GREENHOUSE (BLUEPRINT & ILLOGIC): Bend But Don't Break (Weightless)
09.07.2013 BOTZY: Buck Fotzy (Fake Four Inc.)
09.07.2013 ADLIB: Bad Newz
09.07.2013 BURNTmd: The Green Invasion
09.07.2013 DEMON QUEEN: Exorcise Tape (Rad Cult)
09.07.2013 THE BULLITTS: They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories
09.07.2013 SKEE-LO: Fresh Ideas (MRI Associated Labels)
09.07.2013 TONY TOUCH: Piecemaker 3; Return of the 50 Mc's (Red River Entertainment)
12.07.2013 KOMPLEX: Redemption
13.07.2013 KA: The Night's Gambit
16.07.2013 ACE HOOD: Trials & Tribulations
16.07.2013 CHAOTIK STYLZ & OH NO: Subliminal Substance (Brick Records)
16.07.2013 MAYDAY: Believers (Strange Music)
16.07.2013 AUDIBLE DOCTOR: The Summer Tape 
16.07.2013 LMNO: After the Fact
16.07.2013 HIEROGLYPHICS: The Kitchen (Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings)
16.07.2013 J. STALIN & THE WORLD'S FRESHEST: Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street (Livewire Records)
17.07.2013 WARM BREW: The Rider
23.07.2013 RAPPER HOOKS: All Black Jesus (2dopeboyz)
23.07.2013 U-GOD: The Keynote Speaker (Soul Temple Records)
23.07.2013 YMCMB: Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle
23.07.2013 FACTOR: Woke Up Alone (Fake Four Records)
23.07.2013 WILLIE THE KID: Masterpiece Theater Ep
23.07.2013 GHOSTFACE KILLAH & APOLLO BROWN: Twelve Reasons/Brown Tape (Soul Temple Records)
23.07.2013 CHAMILLIONAIRE: Reignfall Ep 
30.07.2013 CORY MO: Take It Or Leave It
30.07.2013 TECH N9NE: Something Else (Strange Music)
30.07.2013 CROOKED I: Apex Predator (Empire Distribution)
30.07.2013 DELTRON 3030: City Rising From the Ashes Ep
30.07.2013 DUKE WESTLAKE: Re.Turn (Mello Music Group)
30.07.2013 CASTLE: Gasface (Mello Music Group)
30.07.2013 THE JACKA & DOUBLE OO: Futuristic Mob (Empire Distribution)
30.07.2013 PETE ROCK & CAMP LO: 80 Blocks from Tiffany's Pt. 2


Avgust 2013

04.08.2013 DICE RAW: Jimmy's Back
06.08.2013 MAYBACH MUSIC GROUP: Self Made Vol. 3 (Maybach Music Group)
06.08.2013 MADCHILD: Lawn Mower Man (Suburban Noize)
06.08.2013 MAW: Leave the Flow (Cold Busted)
06.08.2013 PROFESSOR LYRICAL with DJ SHAME: Put Em All To Shame (Invasion Entertainment)
13.08.2013 STEVIE STONE: 2 Birds 1 Stone (Strange Music)
13.08.2013 WASHED OUT: Paracosm
13.08.2013 TERRACE MARTIN: 3ChordFold (Empire Distribution)
13.08.2013 DEMRICK & POLYESTER THE SAINT: Wing up Ep
17.08.2013 EOM: ForAllWeKnow
18.08.2013 NO MALICE: Hear Ye Him
19.08.2013 DICE RAW: Jimm's Back 
20.08.2013 NUMBERS AND NAMES: What's the Price? (Ici D'Ailleurs)
20.08.2013 DAZ DILLINGER & WC: WestCoast Gangsta Shit (Dilly Recordz, Bigg Swang Recordz)
20.08.2013 MIDAZ THE BEAST: AU: Another Universe (HiPNOTT Records)
20.08.2013 KABIR: Olympic Gold (Uncle Trouble Music)
20.08.2013 DEF DEE: 33 And a Third (Mello Music Group)
20.08.2013 ERIC LAU: One Of Many (Killawat Music Limited)
20.08.2013 MAC DRE: The Musical Life Of Mac Dre, Vol. 1: The Strictly Business Years (1989-1991) (Young Black Brotha Records)
20.08.2013 SHAHEED & DJ SUPREME: Knowledge, Rhzthm and Understanding (Communicating Vessels)
20.08.2013 EARL SWEATSHIRT: Doris (Ten Cresada/Sony Music Entertainment)
20.08.2013 ASAP FERG: Trap Lord (RCA)
26.08.2013 YC THE CYNIC: GNK
27.08.2013 J57 & BLAME ONE: Walk In the Sun (Soulspazm Records)
27.08.2013 KRIZZ KALIKO: Son Of Sam (Strange Music)
27.08.2013 GOODIE MOB: Age Against the Machine (Alliance Entertainment)
27.08.2013 NAUGHTY BOY: Hotel CabanY
27.08.2013 ALMIGHTY: The 2nd Coming (RBC Records)
27.08.2013 CRIMEKILLZ: Destroy Stress (A.I.R. Recordings/Green Streets Entertainment)
27.08.2013 DB THA GENERAL: No CB4 (Empire Distribution)
27.08.2013 EVERLAST: Life Acoustic (Martyr Inc Records)
27.08.2013 G-CLEF DA MAD KOMPOSA: The Producer Vol. 1 (ChamberMusik)
27.08.2013 BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR: The Warm Up Ep 
27.08.2013 SUNGOOD: Redemption
27.08.2013 BIG SEAN: Hall of Fame (Def Jam)
27.08.2013 JUICY J: Stay Trippy (Taylor Gang Records/Sony Entertainment)
31.08.2013 EMKEJ & DJ SPLIF: Cifre Ep (Wudisban)

September 2013

01.09.2013 WEBBIE: Savage Life $Ever
02.09.2013 PROCUSSIONS: The Procussions
03.09.2013 14KT: Nickel & Dimed (Mello Music Group)
03.09.2013 EXILE: Zip Disks & Floppies (Dirty Science)
03.09.2013 JEL: Late Pass (Anticon Records)
03.09.2013 DENZEL CURRY: Nostalgic 64 Ep 
03.09.2013 KLAUS LAYER: The Adventures Of Captain Crook (Redefinition Records)
03.09.2013 DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: Spur Momente Trailer Ep (Redefinition Records)  
10.09.2013 PLANET ASIA: High End Cloths (Empire Distribution)
10.09.2013 J-ZONE: Peter Pan Syndrome (
10.09.2013 2CHAINZ: Baed On A TRU Story 2
10.09.2013 LMNO with EVIDENCE: After The Fact (Up Above Records)
10.09.2013 SLIM THUG & Z-RO: A King & A Boss
17.09.2013 THE ROOTS & ELVIS COSTELLO: Wise Up Ghost
17.09.2013 DELTRON 3030: Event II
17.09.2013 GRAYSKUL: Zenith (Fake Four, Inc.)
17.09.2013 DJ SKIZZ: B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Experience) 
17.09.2013 CLEAR SOUL FORCES: Gold PP7s (Fat Beats Records)
17.09.2013 DAEDELUS; Drown Out (Anticon)
17.09.2013 HUS KINGPIN: The Cognac Tape (Mello Music Group)
17.09.2013 RUN THE JEWELS: Run the Jewels (Fool's Gold Records)
17.09.2013 YANCEY BOYS: Sunset Blvd 
17.09.2013 UMANG with B.B.Z DARNEY: The Revisited
17.09.2013 WORDSMITH: The Blue Collar Recital
17.09.2013 MATHEMATICS: The Answer (All Maf Production Inc.) 
24.09.2013 JYOTI (aka GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW): Denderah (Epistrophik Peach Sound)
24.09.2013 LIVE PERCENTERS: The Corners Involved (HiPNOTT Records)
24.09.2013 DRAKE: Nothing Was the Same
24.09.2013 FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Love In Flying Colors (Foreign Exchange Music)
24.09.2013 TANYA MORGAN: Rubber Souls (Imprint One8o)
24.09.2013 AKIR: The Plan (Viper Records)
30.09.2013 DIZZEE RASCAL: The Fifth
30.09.2013 DANNY BROWN: OLD (Fool's Gold)
30.09.2013 NELLY: M.O. 

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