Ubijalec Mike

22. 10. 2015 - 20.00


... Kanye navrgel dva komada na SoundCloud...
... Klasika "Luchini" v reizdaji izhaja kot 7 inčer...
... Jay-Z in Timbaland oproščena krivda za krajo vzorca singla "Big Pimpin'"...
... Lil B nadaljuje z "Based God Cursom" nad Jamesom Hardnom...
... Scarface izpuščen iz zapora...


23.11.2015 ob 21.30 PETE ROCK + DJ JOPA@RAPETEK, GALA HALA

Obvezno branje tedna: vpogled v nor pregled najuspešnejših hiphop založb (obilica branja): http://poly-graph.co/labels/index.html


3.) TY DOLLA SIGN ft. E-40: Saved
4.) KANYE WEST: When I See It
5.) ASM (A STATE OF MIND) ft. MF DOOM: Masking
6.) DENMARK VESSEY: Don't Smoke K2
8.) DEE-1: My Student Got Murdered (Both Sides of the Gun)
11.) MOSS ft ONYX & HAVOC: Nobody Move
12.) REDMAN: Dope Man
13.) KILLER MIKE: Eat What You Kill (EWYK)
14.) BIG K.R.I.T. ft K CAMP & LUDACRIS: Shakem Off
15.) JAY ROCK ft. SIR: The Ways
17.) RAURY ft. RZA: CPU
18.) ROCKNESS MONSTA: Da Streets Want Blood
20.) JOE BUDDEN: Man Down
21.) WALE ft. SKEME: Know Me
23.) DJ KHALED ft. FUTURE & RICK ROSS: I Don't Play About My Paper
24.) PSALM ONE: Plenty Of Wins


6.1.2015 STARVIN B: Starvicide
13.1.2015 NACHO PICASSO & BSBD: Stoned & Dethroned (SRFSCHL Recording)
13.1.2015 DMX: Redemption Of the Beast (Seven Arts Music)
20.1.2015 JOEY BADA$$: B4.Da.$$ (Pro Era/Cinemƒatic Music Group)
20.1.2015 LUPE FIASCO: Tetsuo & Youth (Atlantic Records)
20.1.2015 SADAT X: Never Left (Loyalty Digital Corp.)
20.1.2015 ALMIGHTY: The Solar Facts
20.1.2015 THE AUDIBLE DOCTOR: Can't Keep The People Waiting EP (AMD Music)
20.1.2015 HANNI EL KHATIB: Moonlight (Innovative Leisure Records)
26.1.2015 EUROZ: Age Of Aquarius Ep
27.1.2015 DOOMTREE: All Hands (Doomtree Records)
27.1.2015 KIDD CALLED QUEST & KING RIGHTEOUS: Young Black And Restless (New Era Boom Batt)
27.1.2015 EARLLY MAC: God Knows Ep
27.1.2015 TWIZTID: Darkness (Ingrooves)
27.1.2015 JARRY MANNA: The Elevator
27.1.2015 RAZ SIMONE: Cognitive Dissonance Part 2
27.1.2015 RAVEN SORVINO: Lifestyle Ep
27.1.2015 JOMOR SWIFT: Gene$is
27.1.2015 REY RES: Heart Of The City 
27.1.2015 DEREK MINOR: Empire (Entertainment One Music/ENT. ONE MUSIC)
27.1.2015 KENN STARR: Square One (Mello Music Group)
27.1.2015 BEYOND THE GRAVE: Visons Of Mithra (Rap And Revange)
21.1.2015 KING I DIVINE: Modes Of Chill
27.1.2015 LEE BANNON: Cope (Chillectro, Baby Grande Records)
28.1.2015 B. DOLAN: House Of Bees 3
29.1.2015 SHUKO: For The Love Of It (Peripherique)
3.2.2015 EARTHGANG: Shallow Graves for Toys (Spillage Village Records; Empire Distribution)
3.2.2015 OPEN MIKE EAGLE: A Special Episode Ep (Mello Music Group)
3.2.2015 TeeFLii: Starr
3.2.2015 CHILLxWILL: Almighty (Ill Adrenaline Records)
3.2.2015 SOULJA BOY: Loyalty (SOD/Rich Gang/Universal)
3.2.2015 MR SHADOW & RASKAL: Street Bangerz (Music Access Inc.)
3.2.2015 TONA: Carpe Diem (Da District Entertainment)
3.2.2015 NIKO IS: Brutus (Colours Of The Culture)
9.2.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Jakarta Records presents Winter In Jakarta (Jakarta Records)
10.2.2015 GLASSES MALONE: Gh2: Life Ain't Nuthin' But (Empire Distribution)
10.2.2015 KID INK: Full Speed (RCA)
10.2.2015 TAMEONE: Skwadzilla
10.2.2015 LIL SNUPE: R.N.I.C. 2 "Jonesboro"
10.2.2015 RICH GANG: Rich Gang 2
10.2.2015 SCHOOLLY D: Saturday Night! The Album (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS: Holy Intellect (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 KOOL MOE DEE: How Ya Like Me Now (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 WILEY: Snakes & Ladders (Big Dada Recordings)
10.2.2015 DEATH GRIPS: Powers That B (Harvest Records)
10.2.2015 HEZEKIAH: Dreams Don't Chase Themselves (Raw Koncept)
10.3.2015 FATGYVER: Talk To Strangers (Redefinition Records)
10.2.2015 TONY PATAGONIA: Art Of The Hustle (Seven Oddities Records)
10.2.2015 AMERICAN POETS 2099: In Pro's Laboratory 3 (ChamberMuzik)
10.2.2015 UNION BLACK: Street English (Effiscienz)
17.2.2015 G.R.: Spazzin Out (Go Harder Ent.)
17.2.2015 JARREN BENTON: Slow Motion (Volume 1) (ep) (WEA)
17.2.2015 MEGA RAN & STORYVILLE: Soul Veggies (Brick Records)
17.2.2015 J DAWG & LIL C: Connected & Respected 1 (Oarfin Records)
17.2.2015 BEANZ & RIZE: Beanz & Rize (Fahrenheit)
17.2.2015 SOLE & DJ PAIN 1: Patterns of Life 
17.2.2015 SLIM THUG: Hogg Life: The Beginning (Empire Distribution)
17.2.2015 JOEY FATTS: Ill Street Blues
17.2.2015 TAIWAN MC: Diskodub (Chinese Man Records)
17.2.2015 DEE-1: 3's Up Ep (RCA)
17.2.2015 U-GOD: The Keynote Speaker (Reissue) (Baby Grande Records)
17.2.2015 FLIP: Reflections (Ill Adrenaline Records)
17.2.2015 BODEGA BAMZ: Sidewalk Exec (Duck Down Records)
17.2.2015 DELUXE: The Deluxe Family Show (Chinese Man Records)
17.2.2015 STARLITO: Black Sheep Don't Grin (Empire Distribution)
17.2.2015 TRAE THA TRUTH: Against Everything (Oarfin Records)
24.2.2015 CHRIS BROWN & TYGA: Fan of a Fan: The Album (RCA)
24.2.2015 BIG SEAN: Dark Sky Paradise (Def Jam Records)
24.2.2015 VOLI: The Wall
24.2.2015 MALIK B & MR. GREEN: Unpredictable (Enemy Soil Records)
24.2.2015 BADBADNOTGOOD & GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Sour Soul (Lex Records)
24.2.2015 Z-RO: Melting The Crowd (Rap-A-Lot Records)
24.2.2015 DEMRICK & CALI CLEVE: Losing Focus (Battle Axe Records)
24.2.2015 DREW DAVE: SynthBASED (Mello Music Group)
24.2.2015 J-MERK & B.B.Z. DARNEY: Born Dead (Justus Music)
24.2.2015 CAPER: Soldier Of Life (Darkstarz Records)
24.2.2015 TREE: Trap Genius 
24.2.2015 INFINITO:2017: Antieverything (Kamau Chieng)
24.2.2015 EVIL INTENTIONS: Food of the Gods (Goldminded Records)
24.2.2015 FASHAWN: The Ecology (Mass Appeal Records)
24.2.2015 ROOSH WILLIAMS: Unorthodox 
24.2.2015 OMNISCENCE: The God Hour (Gentleman's Relief Records)
24.2.2015 NUTSO: Divided Soul Ep (selfreleased)
27.2.2015 MC SADRI: Innere Stimme (DIHH Das ist Hamburg)
28.2.2015 CLEAR SOUL FORCES: The Cheat Codes Ep 
1.3.2015 KRAYZIE BONE: Chasing The Devil (RBC Records)
2.3.2015 MAHD: 13 (MAHD)
3.3.2015 G-UNIT: The Beast Is G-Unit Ep (G-Unit Records)
3.3.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Skeleton Key Vol. 1 (Music Access Inc.)
3.3.2015 CANNIBAL OX: Blade of the Ronin (iHipHop Distribution)
3.3.2015 SOLOMON CHILDS: The King Kong Of New York (ChamberMuzik)
3.3.2015 TUXEDO (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One): Tuxedo (Stones Throw Records)
3.3.2015 JOHN ROBINSON & CHIEF: We The Prolific (Feelin' Music)
3.3.2015 ROYAL FLUSH: Grand Capo (Grand Papa Tra)
3.3.2015 ECID: Pheromone Heavy (Fill In the Breaks)
3.3.2015 RATKING: 700-Fill Ep 
3.3.2015 THEORY HAZIT: The Fall of the Light Bearer (Soulspasm)
9.3.2015 FREDDIE GIBBS - Pronto Ep 
10.3.2015 DIAMOND DISTRICT: March On Washington Redux (Mello Music Group)
10.3.2015 HEEMS: Eat Pray Thug (Megaforce)
10.3.2015 MOD SUN: Look Up (Rostrum Records)
10.3.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Persona (Mello Music Group)
10.3.2015 LORD FINESSE: The SP1200 project: A Re-Awakining (Expanded Edition) (Slice-Of-Spice/Bossmen)
10.3.2015 KING LIL G: 90s Kid (Mih Entertainment)
10.3.2015 LEWIS PARKER & EASTKOAST: MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis (King Underground)
10.3.2015 HELL RAZAH: Digital Dope (ChamberMusik)
10.3.2015 JISE: The Passion Of (Creative Juices Music)
13.3.2015 DIRTYDIGGS: Rodman Lp (
17.3.2015 OMNISCENCE: The God Hour (Gentleman's Relief Records)
17.3.2015 DA MAFIA 6IX: Watch What U Wish
17.3.2015 FATHER: Who's Gonna Get Fucked First? (Awful Records)
17.3.2015 ILLUS & DJ JOHNNY JUICE: KaBoom
17.3.2015 BERNER: 20 Lights (Bern One Entertainment)
17.3.2015 GRAND DADDY I.U.: P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) (Steady Flow Enterprises)
17.3.2015 SUBSTANTIAL & THE OTHER GUYS: The Past... Ep
17.3.2015 J-DIGGS & JACKA: Mobb Nation (Thizz Nation/Romp't Out)
17.3.2015 DA UNDA DOGG: In With The Old Out With The New (Pushin Dope Productions)
17.3.2015 J-LIVE: His Own Self (Mortier Music)
17.3.2015 BIG SHUG: Triple Ogzus (Brick Records)
17.3.2015 WEBBIE: Money Good
17.3.2015 THE PURIST: Pyrex Scholar
20.3.2015 ACTION BRONSON: Mr. Wonderful (Atlantic)
20.3.2015 KENDRICK LAMAR: To Pimp A Butterfly (Top Dawg Ent./Aftermath/Interscope)
20.3.2015 DIRT PLLATOON: Bare Face Robbery (Effiscienz)
23.3.2015 EARL SWEATSHIRT: I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside (Tan Cressida Records/Columbia Records)
24.3.2015 BONE THUGS: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Siccness)
24.3.2015 RAPPER BIG POOH: Words Paint Pictures (Mello Music Group)
24.3.2015 ALLAN RAYMAN: Hotel Allan
27.3.2015 BUDDHA MONK: Zu-Chronicles Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son (ChamberMusik)
31.3.2015 LUDACRIS: Ludaversal
31.3.2015 RODNEY HAZARD: Victim Volunteer
31.3.2015 KLAUS LAYER: Restless Adventures + For The People Like Us (Redefinition Records)
31.3.2015 OUTASIGHT: Chasing Tha Ghost (10 Spot)
31.3.2015 YOUR OLD DROOG: Your Old Droog 
31.3.2015 DEATH GRIPS: The Powers That B
31.3.2015 MARK BATTLES & DIZZY WRIGHT: Lost In Reality
31.3.2015 WALE: Album About Nothing (Maybach Music Group/Atlantic)
31.3.2015 BILLY WOODS: Today, I Wrote Nothing (Backwoodz Studioz)
31.3.2015 CHUUWEE and JR & PH7: The South Sac Mack. (Below System Records)
4.4.2015 CURREN$Y: Pilot Talk 3
7.4.2015 MGK: Coast 2 Coast 208
7.4.2015 RAZ SIMONE: Baby Jesus
7.4.2015 ACEYALONE: Action
7.4.2015 RED PILL: Look What This World Did To Us (Mello Music Group)
7.4.2015 MR. GREEN: Live From The Streets (Duck Down Records/VICE)
7.4.2015 YOUNG FATHERS: White Men Are Black Men Too (Big Dada Recordings)
14.4.2015 DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE: Playlist: The Very Best Of Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
14.4.2015 TYLER, THE CREATOR: Cherry Bomb (Odd Future)
14.4.2015 BODEGA BAMZ: Sidewalk Exec (Duck Down Music)
14.4.2015 DJ EFN: Another Time (Redefinition Records)
14.4.2015 SPIT GEMZ: Godly Features
14.4.2015 PROJECT PAT: Mista Don't Plaz 2: Everythang's Money (Entertainment One)
17.4.2015 YOUNG THUG: The Barter 6 (300 Entertainment)
18.4.2015 MC LYTE: Legend
20.4.2015 FLOSSTRADAMUS: Soundclash Ep
20.4.2015 CURRENSY: Even More Saturday Night Car Ep
21.4.2015 LAELO: Deeper Than Plenty, Higher Than Most
21.4.2015 BEATS BY RUDEBWOAY: Oxygen Mask (Bølgemaskin)
21.4.2015 YELAWOLF: Love Story (Shady Records/Interscope)
21.4.2015 ALCHEMIST & OH NO: Welcome To Los Santos (Mass Appeal Records/Rockstar Games)
21.4.2015 SUPRALIMINAL: Supra Cum Laude
21.4.2015 TRINIDAD JAMES: Trips To Trinidad Ep
21.4.2015 TIM GENT: Clarksville Nights
21.4.2015 DRAKE: If You're Reading This It's Too Late (Cash Money/Republic Records)
21.4.2015 BLACK ROB: Genuine Article (Slimstyle Records)
21.4.2015 ShaMANIC: The Artist
21.4.2015 MAEMON CORLEONE: 6750 (Northbook Recordings)
21.4.2015 L'ORANGE & JEREMIAH JAE: The Night Took Us In Like Family (Mello Music Group)
24.4.2015 JARV DEE: Satellites, Swishers And Spaceships (MoorGang)
28.4.2015 CLEAR SOUL FORCES: Fab 5ive (Fat Beats)
28.4.2015 WORDSMITH: Apt. 507 (Nu Revolution)
28.4.2015 RAEKWON: Fly International Luxurious Art (Ice Water Music)
28.4.2015 WORDSMITH: Apt. 507 (Nu Revolution)
28.4.2015 YOUNG ZEE: Musical Meltdown (Gentleman's Relief Records)
28.4.2015 JSOUL: The Purple Symphony (Hipnott Records)
28.4.2015 THE KNUX: Eleven (Rebel House LLC)
28.4.2015 BLUEPRINT: King No Crown (Weightless Records)
28.4.2015 SCIENZE: A Traveling Man Ep
28.4.2015 JONWAYNE: Jonwayne Is Retired Ep
28.4.2015 INSANE CLOWN POSSE: The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost (Psychopathic Records)
28.4.2015 PHILADELPHIA SLICK: Earth Rocks Harder (Badtape Music)
28.4.2015 BAD LUCC: Off The Porch (Diamond Lane Music)
28.4.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: In Ya Ear Recordings Presents: In Session Volume 1 (In Ya Ear Recordings)
5.5.2015 eMC: The Tonite Show (Penalty Entertainment)
5.5.2015 LYRICS BORN: Real People (Mobile Home Recordings)
5.5.2015 ODDISEE: The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)
5.5.2015 ONYX: Against All Authorities Ep (Goon Musick)
5.5.2015 KNXWLEDGE - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
5.5.2015 S.T.S. & RJD2: S.T.S. x RJD2 (RJ's Electrical Connections)
5.5.2015 AGALLAH: Agalito's Way (Propain Campaign)
5.5.2015 TECH N9NE: Special Effects (Strange Music)
5.5.2015 JOE MOSES: Brackin (All Out Bosses Ent)
5.5.2015 GEMSTONES: Blind Elephant (Xist Music/Malaco)
5.5.2015 DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: Public Assembly 2 (Redefinition Records)
5.5.2015 WILLIAM COOPER: God's Will (Gemstarr Regime)
11.5.2015 BISHOP NEHRU: Nehruvian: The Nehruvian Ep (Mass Appeal)
11.5.2015 MAGESTIK LEGEND: Legend Has It
12.5.2015 SNOOP DOGG: Bush (Sony Music Entertainment)
12.5.2015 LIL DURK: Remember My Name
12.5.2015 TROY AVE: Major Without A Deal (BSB Records/Empire Distribution)
12.5.2015 VURSATYL: Crooked Straights Ep (BBE Music)
12.5.2015 KOOL KEITH: Total Orgasm (Junkadelic Music)
12.5.2015 STARVIN B & FEL SWEETENBERG: Soul Museum (Effiscienz)
12.5.2015 LONG ARM: Kellion: The Stories Of A Young Boy (Project Mooncircle)
12.5.2015 PREFUSE 73: Rivington Nao Rio (Temporary Residence)
12.5.2015 CANIBUS & BRONZE NAZARETH: Time Flys, Life Dies... Phoenix Rise (RBC Records)
12.5.2015 HODGIE: American Dreamin'
16.5.2015 DR. YEN LO: Days With Zen Lo (Pavlov Institute Records/Mondieu Music)
19.5.2015 RICO LOVE: Turn The Lights On
19.5.2015 GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW: A Thoughtverse Unmarred (Mello Music Group)
19.5.2015 CAMP LO & SKI BEATZ: Ragtime Hightimes (Nature Sounds)
19.5.2015 MURS: Have A Nice Life (Strange Music)
19.5.2015 DJ K.O.: Living Out A State Of Mind (Elementality Productions)
19.5.2015 LOUNGE LO: Drop City (ChamberMusik)
19.5.2015 TWISTA & DO OR DIE: Withdrawal (EMPIRE Music)
26.5.2015 A$AP ROCKY: At.Long.Last.A$AP (RCA Records)
26.5.2015 MYKA 9 + FACTOR: Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet Records)
26.5.2015 DIZZY WRIGHT: The Growing Process (Funk Volume)
26.5.2015 FRANK NITT: Frankie Rothstein (Fat Beats Records)
26.5.2015 EA$Y MONEY: The Motive Of Nearly Everybody, Yo (Showoff Records)
26.5.2015 KAIMB: Bronze Horse (Humble Monarch Recordings)
26.5.2015 ALCHEMIST: Israeli Salad (Alc Records)
1.6.2015 WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Flockaveli 2
1.6.2015 FOCUS: Analog In A Digital World
2.6.2015 JEDI MIND TRICKS: The Thief And The Fallen (Enemy Soil Records)
2.6.2015 LIL DURK: Remember My Name
2.6.2015 RESPECT THA GOD: Work Ethic (Creative Juices Music)
2.6.2015 RAZ FRESCO: Pablo Frescobar
2.6.2015 EARLLY MAC: Cousin Trap Ep (Foolay Ent)
2.6.2015 DOM KENNEDY: Dom Kennedy
2.6.2015 LARGE PRO: Re:Living (Fat Beats Records)
9.6.2015 GODS'ILLA: Believe In Gods'Illa (Hipnott Records)
9.6.2015 SKEME: Ingleworld 2
9.6.2015 EAZY-E: 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick
9.6.2015 FLUENT: Supreme Victory 2
9.6.2015 TROY AVE: Major Without a Deal (BSB Records)
9.6.2015 DENZEL CURRY: 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms Ep
9.6.2015 SLIM THUNG: Hogg Life: The Deal
16.6.2015 KILLAH PRIEST: Planet Of The Gods
16.6.2015 ARAABMUZIK: Dream World
16.6.2015 CZARFACE: Every Hereo Needs A Villain (Brick Records)
16.6.2015 DOPPELGANGAZ: Parts Unknown Ep
16.6.2015 SLUM VILLAGE: Yes! (Barak Records)
16.6.2015 EDO G & STREET WYZE: Afterwords
16.6.2015 CYRUS THE GREAT: King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me
21.6.2015 KREPT & KONAN: The Long Way Home (Deluxe) (Virgin/EMI)
23.6.2015 TRAE THA TRUTH: Tha Truth
23.6.2015 SKYZOO: Music For My Friends
23.6.2015 ESTEE NACK & PURPOSE: 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack (Ill Adrenaline Records)
23.6.2015 PETE ROCK: Petestrumentals 2 (Mello Music Group)
23.6.2015 DARKO THE SUPER: Knox Overstreet (Already Dead)
23.6.2015 NAPPY ROOTS: The 40 Akerz Project (Nappy Roots Entertainment Group)
30.6.2015 DIDDY: MMM
30.6.2015 VINCE STAPLES: Summertime '06
30.6.2015 THE INTERNET: Ego Death
30.6.2015 LOCKSMITH: Lofty Goals (Landmark Entertainment)
30.6.2015 APATHY: CC: Weekend At The Cape Ep (Dirty Version Records)
30.6.2015 APATHY: The Black Lodge (Dirty Version Records)
30.6.2015 MAIN ATTRAKIONZ: 808 & Dark Grapes III
30.6.2015 PAPOOSE: You Can't Stop Destiny
30.6.2015 BEATNICK DEE: Creative Medicine
30.6.2015 STEVIE STONE: Malta Bend (Strange Music)
30.6.2015 PUSHA T: King Push
3.7.2015 JUJU ROGERS: From The Life of a Good-For-Nothing
4.7.2015 LIL WAYNE: Free Weezy Album
7.7.2015 STATIK SELEKTAH: Lucky 7 (Duck Down Records)
7.7.2015 KING MIDAS CLIQUE: King Midas Clique (Sound For Sound Music)
7.7.2015 TALIB KWELI: Train of Thought: Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases + Beautiful B-Sides, Volume 1
10.7.2015 CHRIS QUELLE: Innocent Country (Mello Music Group)
10.7.2015 KING MAGNETIC: Timing Is Everything (King Mag Music)
10.7.2015 GHOSTFACE KILLAH & ADRIAN YOUNGE: Twelve Reasons To Die II (Linear Labs)
10.7.2015 ALCHEMIST: Retarded Alligator Beats (ALC)
10.7.2015 B. DOLAN: Kill The Wolf
15.7.2015 BOOSIE BADASS: Touchdown 2 Cause Hell
15.7.2015 PUBLIC ENEMY: Man Plans God Laughs
17.7.2015 OMEN: Elephant Eyes
17.7.2015 FUTURE: DS2 (A1/Freebandz/Epic)
17.7.2015 JOELL ORTIZ & ILLMIND: Human
17.7.2015 YOUR OLD DROOG: The Nicest Ep (Droog Recordings/Empire)
17.7.2015 PAPOOSE: You Can't Stop Destiny (Honorable Records)
21.7.2015 DAYNE JORDAN & DJ JAZZY JEFF: Memoirs Of Dayne Jordan
21.7.2015 OMEN: Elephant Eyes!
24.7.2015 MADCHILD: Silve Tongue Devil
24.7.2015 L'ORANGE & KOOL KEITH: Time? Astonishing? (Mello Music Group)
24.7.2015 CAPONE-N-NOREAGA: Lessons (Penalty Ent.)
24.7.2015 HOPSIN: Pound Syndrome
28.7.2015 JAMALL BUFFORD + KENSAYE: Freedom Is
28.7.2015 MARKIS PRECISE: The Feeling Of Fliying (Ineffable Music)
28.7.2015 TAIYAMO DENKU: Radioactive (Cyphadenmusic)
31.7.2015 MIGOS: YRN Tha Album (Quality Control/300 Entertainment)
31.7.2015 GUNPLAY: Living Legend (Def Jam Recordings)
31.7.2015 LIL DICKY: Professional Rapper
31.7.2015 NOVELISS: Toonami Tsuanmis (ep)
7.8.2015 CASEY VEGGIES: Live And Grow
7.8.2015 DR. DRE: Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre (Aftermath/Interscope)
7.8.2015 CHEVY WOODS: The 48 Hunnid Project
7.8.2015 GANGRENE: You Disgust Me (Mass Appeal)
7.8.2015 GAME: Documentary 2
11.8.2015 SADISTIK: Phantom Limbs Ep
14.8.2015 CHINX: Welcome To J.F.K.
14.8.2015 FINALE: Odds & Ends (Mello Music Group)
14.8.2015 B.O.B.: Psycadelik Thoughtz
21.8.2015 METHOD MAN: The Meth Lab
21.8.2015 DJ SOKO: Domino Effect (Left Of Center)
21.8.2015 FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Tales from the Land of Milk and Honey
21.8.2015 MAYDAY: Future Vintage
21.8.2015 CHRISTIAN RICH: FW14 (
26.8.2015 THA ADDICTS: This Is For Us
28.8.2015 JERED SANDERS: Daylight Savings Time
28.8.2015 K-OS: Can't Fly Without Gravity
4.9.2015 KLEMEN KLEMEN: S3P (Nika Records)
4.9.2015 PUBLIC ENEMY: Live From Metropolis Studios
4.9.2015 TRAVIS SCOTT: Rodeo (Epic, Sony)
4.9.2015 K CAMP: Only Way Is Up
11.9.2015 VERBAL KENT: Anesthesia (Mello Music Group)
11.9.2015 SKAM2: Flying Monkey Muder Cirkus (Omega Level)
11.9.2015 GUILTY SIMPSON: Detroit's Son (Stones Throw)
18.9.2015 RECONCILE: Catchin Bodies
18.9.2015 MAC MILER: Good A.M.
18.9.2015 WORDSWORTH: New Begginings
18.9.2015 BLACKALICIOUS: Imani Vol. 1
18.9.2015 OPIO & FREE THE ROBOTS: Sempervirens
20.9.2015 DRAKE & FUTURE: What a Time To Be Alive (Cash Money Records)
24.9.2015 YOUNG THUG: Hy!£UN35 (300 Entertainment)
25.9.2015 CASEY VEGGIES: Live & Grow (Epic)
25.9.2015 APOLLO BROWN: Grandeur (Mello Music Group)
25.9.2015 BIG GRAMS (BIG BOI & PHANTOGRAM): Big Grams (Epic, Sony)
25.9.2015 FETTY WAP: Fetty Wap (RGP, 300, Atlantic)
25.9.2015 PSALM ONE: P.O.L.Y. (Psalm One Loves You)
25.9.2015 ERICK SERMON: E.S.P. (Erick Sermon's Perception) (Def Squad Records)
30.9.2015 DEACON THE VILLAIN: Peace Of Power LP
2.10.2015 KYLE: Smyle (Deluxe) 
2.10.2015 ILLA J: Illa J (self released)
2.10.2015 BRYSON TILLER: Trapsoul 
2.10.2015 CHUCK INGLISH: Everybody's Big Brother (Sounds Like Fun Records)
5.10.2015 AZIZI GIBSON: preHISTORIC Till Death (36brickhouse)
6.10.2015 C-RAYZ WALZ: The Kangol Kid
6.10.2015 TROY AVE: Major Without A Deal: Reloaded
8.10.2015 MR. MFN EXQUIRE: LiveForever
9.10.2015 MR. MITHAFUCKIN' EXQUIRE - Live Forever
9.10.2015 TERMANOLOGY: Term Brady
9.10.2015 DENMARK VESSEY: Martin Lucid Dream (Rappers I Know)
9.10.2015 THE GAME: Documentary 2 Part 1
16.10.2015 THE GAME: Documentary 2 Part 2
16.10.2015 PROF: Liability (RhymeSayers)
16.10.2015 JOE BUDDEN: All Love Lost
16.10.2015 ASM: The Jade Amulet
16.10.2015 MACHINE GUN KELLY: General Admission
16.10.2015 RAURY: All We Need
16.10.2015 SEMI HENDRIX: Breakfast At Banksy's (Mello Music Group)
17.10.2015 FREE ACKRITE: Free Ackrite
23.10.2015 SIPHO THE GIFT: Coming Of Age
23.10.2015 GILLA DA KID: Welcome 2 Gilladelphia 
23.10.2015 WAX: Livin' Foul
23.10.2015 DJ KHALED: I Changed A Lot
23.10.2015 MICHAEL CHRISTMAS: What A Weird Day
27.10.2015 TWO FRESH: Torch 
30.10.2015 CES CRU: Recession Proof
30.10.2015 FRENCH MONTANA: Mac & Cheese: The Album
30.10.2015 KIRK KNIGHT: Late Knight Special
30.10.2015 MED, BLU & MADLIB: Bad Neighbor
30.10.2015 J. DILLA: Dillatronic
6.11.2015 TALIB KWELI & 9th WONDER: Indie 500
6.11.2015 PELL: Limbo 
13.11.2015 LOGIC: The Incredible True Story
13.11.2015 JEEZY: Church In The Streets
13.11.2015 RAPPER BIG POOH & NOTTZ: Home Sweet Home (Mello Music Group)
13.11.2015 J-LIVE: How Much Is Water?
13.11.2015 SKEME: Ingleworld 3
13.11.2015 K-DEF & 45 KING: Back To The Beat Vol. 2 (Redefinition Records)
13.11.2015 REDMAN: Mudface (Def Jam)
13.11.2015 MOSS: Marching To the Sound Of My Own Drum 
20.11.2015 KONCEPT & J57: The Fuel
20.11.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Strangeulation Viol. II 
27.11.2015 RED PILL: Day Drunk Ep (Mello Music Group)
27.11.2015 MR. LIF: I Phantom (Rerelease) (Mello Music Group)
27.11.2015 MASTER P: Empire
4.12.2015 CURREN$Y: Canal St. Confidental
11.12.2015 KEVIN GATES: Islah
22.12.2015 LONE NINJA: Day Of Reckoning

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