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5. 11. 2022 - 22.00










I was sure that this was all a ruse to lure me away from Earth so they could use me in some way. Maybe even 'use me to bring about the end of gardening.' Or maybe to use myself as an experiment to determine what the nourishment should be... the no garden centres for a week penalty. If you are going off to make your own garden, don`t you . He smiled, a grin I never saw before. 'I'll tell my parents that you didn't make it.' He held out his hand, palm down. That hand was the only thing I knew about him...
















1. JK Flesh  -  Washed Up
2. Toya Delazy  -  Funani
3. DJ Die Soon  -  Minions
4. JK Flesh  -  Cruiser
5. DJ Die Soon  -  Monopolize
6. Fetus  -  Footprints
7. Nahshi  -  NAHSHI - LILIUM 152
8. DJ soyboi  -  Bottom growth
9. CRRDR  -  Caliente
10. DJ soyboi & salt pillar  -  It's not the taking part that counts, it's the winning
11. Toya Delazy  -  Qhawe
12. DJ Die Soon  -  [untitled]
13. ΛFΛLFL  -  just some kick noyze
14. DJ Khalipha  -  Ahh 2.0
15. DJ Stainless  -  No Comment Freebeat
16. MOVES x Cruise and DJ YK Beats  -  Viral Beat
17. Lady Aicha & Pisko Crane's Original Fulu Miziki of Kinshasa  -  Mutangila
18. DJ Slimfit  -  E Ma Sare




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