Mark Fell ob izidu plošče Manitutshu

23. 6. 2011 - 23.00

Te dni je Mark Fell objavil že svoj tretji solistični album v zadnjega pol leta, s katerim se je ponovno potrdil za enega najzanimivejših sodobnih elektronskih kreativcev. Plošča je izvrstna priložnost za razmislek o tem kam bi lahko tisto zvedavejšo elektroniko zaneslo v prihodnosti, ob tej priložnosti pa si bomo zavrteli še Markov - za marsikoga bržkone presenetljiv - izbor skladb...


mark's selection;

1) Rothko Chapel 4, Morton Feldman, Rothko Chapel - Why Patterns

i had this album on in the background recently, not paying much attention, when track 4 came on. the main thing in this for me is the sequence of notes and sounds that the voice plays. the pacing of the notes and spaces is quite amazing i think.

2) Tanz Debil, Einstürzende Neubauten, Strategies Against Architecture

this was my favourite track as a youngster. i know it drove my parents pretty mad having this on 24 hours a day. if i listen to that album again now i hear it in a very different way. i think at the time i got the energy but not much else.

3) Jiao Liao Fruits, Yasunao Tone, Musica Iconologos

this is one of my favourite pieces by yasunao. it was released in 1993 but i did not find out about it until many years later. i think russell (haswell) had found his work and through a trail of information this got to anna and roc (alku) who released a mini cd with some of his work on. when i heard this i played it to mat (steel) and we invited him to perform in sheffield. it was an amazing show and i've followed his work since then. i like the way yasunao will construct a simple process from which complex and musically interesting sounds emerge.

4) Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland), David Guetta

i only really like the chorus in this piece. i think the structure of this is quite weak, but the power of the chorus is worth the wait.

5) It's Only You (Part II), Salem Al Fakir

this was on a car advert one christmas. since getting a copy i think this has become one of my most played tracks in my house. i tend to focus on a specific track and play it and nothing else for weeks but this one has lasted years.

6) Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

for some reason i'm a massive fan of katy perry. my daughter thinks its so mental. but her records are always amazing. extremely well crafted i think.


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