Peter Van Hoesen

13. 10. 2011 - 23.00

Petrov izbor:

Joy Division: She's Lost Control
I can't really say much about Joy Division, it's my favourite band and my feelings related to their music are hard to put into words. I will never get tired of it.

Front 242: U-Men
It's probably my favourite Front 242 track. Stark, cold and very much their own sound.

Cocteau Twins: Wax And Wane
This track has a great mood, a very distinct vibe, mostly because of Elizabeth Fraser's amazing voice.

Bandulu: Presence
Presence was one of the tracks that was played a lot at the BWP raves in Brussels, mid nineties. Warehouse techno at its best.

Rue East - Indoor Culture Surgeon remix
This track has been a constant influence for me. All the elements are perfectly balanced, and you can play it at peak time as well as during an afterhours set.

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