OM 59: Antoine Bousquet

2. 10. 2017 - 23.00

It seems there came an end to old Westphalian-Clausewitzian paradigm of war and warfare, which gave rise to the – as you call it – war without end, where securitization processes seem to be projected both to external as internal territories, where wars don't seem to end with treaties and where human beings – as casualties or soldiers - seem more and more intertwined with technology, yet »as our incorporation into these martial assemblages deepens further, it becomes ever more pressing to attend to the critical question of the endurance of a human autonomy increasingly evanescent and otherwise perhaps destined to be some day no more than a faint ghostly presence in the war machine.« If the humans will become obsolete for the warfare, are humans beings really needed to manage it? In other words, if there are theories that explicate the autonomity of capitalism where humans as workforce will be no longer needed to obtain surplus value, is there a possibility of war being waged by itself and in itself?

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