Fragments from a Deviant by Luka Prinčič

13. 6. 2013 - 22.30

Fragments from a Deviant by Luka Prinčič for Radia/Radio Student/Ljubljana

I always liked radio. It offers a special mental, bodily and emotional
space. At least it used to. Things are so much different these days.
It seems it is so hard to find intimacy, time and attention to focus
on a single channel. It seems like we are tuned to many different
frequencies at once and we're having an open recording device on each
of them. Do we ever go back and listen to those recordings? Have we
really experienced each and every one of these channels? If we
haven't, do the recordings matter?

Radiophonicaly I was "born" through so called Ministry for Experiment
run by Borut Savski, Marko Košnik and Luka Frelih. Broadcasting seemed
such magic. The open radiospace after midnight and the experience of the
eXchange network (first web streaming, creating closed loop/chain of
online rebroadcasters) provoked a special sense of closeness and
distance at the same time.

A recent radio project was a monthly radio show "Fragments from a
Deviant", where various materials - sonic and textual - were
manipulated, processed and edited into a collage of dis/appearing
messages and references.

What follows is a short edit of some of those radio shows and few
original sound pieces.


* Deviantovi fragmenti [Fragments from a Deviant] #24 (050510): Keith
  Jarret in conversatoin with machines

* Deviantovi fragmenti [Fragments from a Deviant] #33: Explicite Hriste

* Deviantovi fragmenti [Fragments from a Deviant] #35: Christian

* Undulation of Oud & Nature is the Steppe from "Nova deViator presents
  Leopoldina Istanbul (from contract to ritual)"

* Luka Prinčič live sound performance at RŠ44, Museum of Contemporary
  Art Metelkova, Ljubljana

* "switch" by Luka Prinčič (unpublished)

Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist who works
and lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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