Show 473: Radiagund

1. 5. 2014 - 22.30

RADIAGUND by Kaiser & Schönswetter for Radio Orange, 94.0 – Vienna

Two people in a town of 2 millions found out that they both are connected to a tiny village in upper austria called St. Radegund. They decided to make a trip to their memories concerning this place on a hot summer weekend in august 2013. Fortunately they were allowed to stay at the former elementary school of St. Radegund, the building which is the key to intense memories for both of them. Radiagund is a collage of sound scape, direct quotes and voice recordings. Barbara Kaisers und Karl Schönswetters show is a reflection about memories and the process of remembering in general.


- Anat (Recorded Voice)
- Ernst (Best boy and music)
- Gundi (Direct quotes)
- Isidor (for the warm welcome)
- Lale (Audio mastering)
- Maria (Best girl)
- Sepp (for being with us)
- (Muzak)
- Barbara and Karl (Concept, Recordings, Lyrics and Arrangement)

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