Show 499: Meanwhile in Fukushima, Dominique Balaÿ + Suzy Vincens

23. 10. 2014 - 22.30

Discover Dominique Balaÿ’s project : Meanwhile in Fukushima.
Some tracks here to introduce you to his open sound and collaborative project in support to the japaneses after the nuclear catastrophe.
His « open sounds » creation is a library of sounds collected during his trip to Japan, as well as his proposal to invite artists respond to this material in the form of sound.
More here :

tracks :
Koji Nagahata, field-recording, fukushimas station
Philippe Petit, Daiichi Melts Down
Cristian Vogel, CandleSong
Yasuaki Shimizu, Sense-and-Nonsense
Koji Nagahata, field recording, hanamiyama top

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