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How to Have a Good Attitude as a Youth

Increase your helping tendency. Help your parents in small chores and help the wayfarers.
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.  Keep Companionship
Having a partner in life, whether a spouse or even a companion animal, can have a positive effect on aging. Both can help lower stress, improve brain function, boost immunity and mood, and help us live longer. Consider it a testament to the power of love!

20.  Don’t Act Your Age
Mind wins over matter when it comes to aging, because studies show that people who thrive in old age think younger.

Don't underestimate others. Everyone is skilled in their own way.
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Be confident. Never discourage yourself; believe you have the ability in you to do anything! Don't be over-confident though.
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Believe in yourself.
Practice Yoga and Meditation since they calm a person.

Respect each human being. Remember that everyone is a human and they have the same rights as you.
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Exercise Your Body
Want energy? Don’t look for it in coffee. Look for it in exercise!

Exercise makes us feel young, giving us both motivation and confidence—two mental markers of youth.

Many of us stop exercising as we become more deeply enmeshed in our kids, our work, and our other responsibilities. We feel we don’t have time.

But try this mental trick. Don’t say that you don’t have time to exercise. Tell the truth—say “it’s not a priority”. Using this phrase reminds us that we do have the time, but that we are simply not prioritizing exercise.So make it a priority. Go to the gym before work, or take a daily walk in the afternoon—whatever it takes to get your heart rate up. Many studies have confirmed that as little as 30 minutes of walking a from the generations that came after you, there’s one thing you can do to remedy this. Spend time with them!

Spending time with children, especially, is a great way to rekindle your sense of wonder. It’s there, you know. Hiding deep beneath piles of adult-y things like responsibility, fear of failure, dignity, and social norms. Dig it out!

Volunteer to read to children at your local library, or teach them at church programs. Those with the wisdom that years bring have much to teach the young, but the young have much to teach, as well. Be open to what they have to say, and try to let go of the idea that to be older is to eschew playing in the grass and laughing in the sun.

Play with your grandchildren, if you have them. Play make-believe, play with building blocks, play video games—just play.

Don’t take yourself too seriously during all this, and you’ll regain that twinkle in your eye, and that old sense of humor you once had.

Keep Love Alive
elderly couple in
Few things make us feel as alive, vital, and youthful as romance. Amongst the forms of social connection, this is the ultimate, the most intimate of bonds. And love has the potential to set us free from the trappings of an old mindset.

Plan a romantic night with your partner, and really work to make it sparkle. Go all-out. String up lights, procure a bottle of something fancy and bubbly and sweet, and use everything you know about your partner to woo him or her.

Love is a motivator. It drives us, makes us do crazy things.

Here’s a tip. Do crazy things.

Don’t let a calcified shell grow over your relationship—break out of your habits, as we’ve recommended, and try new things. Go out into the moonlight with a picnic basket, or take a stroll along the beach, if you never have. Be spontaneous.

Rekindle your flame, and it will power up your life, motivating and energizing you to act—and as we know, action is vital to maintaining a sense of youth.

Go for that walk. You won’t regret it.Eat Healthily

Reconnect With Your Youth
Finally, reconnect with the greatest aspects of your own youth.

What was your favorite band when you were growing up? Your favorite television show? Your hobby, your favorite book, your dream job? Revisit these things.

Enjoy them. Allow yourself to love them again.

You want to find the mindset you once had—marry the best of your youth with the best of the experience you have today. Find what makes you passionate, and you’ll find what makes you youthful.

Also ask yourself how your youthful pursuits can translate into the life you have today. Did you love to read? Perhaps it’s time to write that family history.

Looking back at your life doesn’t have to remind you of what you’ve lost—it can remind you of what you still have. It’s easier than you think to slip back into that youthful mindset when you surrounded yourself with music and photos and loves from that time of your life.

Live With Passion
Youth is not just one thing. It’s many things. It’s passion and open-mindedness. It’s the willingness to take a risk. It’s the ability to be teachable, to engage with your sense of wonder. It’s positivity and optimism. And so much more.

With these 8 tips, anyone can feel young again, but you have to take action.

Go to it, young one.

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Wesley Baines is a graduate student at Regent University's School of Divinity, and a freelance writer working in the fields of spirituality, self-help, and religion. He is also a former editor at You can catch more of his work at


Respect the other sex. Understand their feelings and never degrade them.
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Be decent. Don't be a jerk.
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Hang out with good set of friends. If you be with good people, automatically, you'll also become good.
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Preach love. Rather than having negative thoughts and being a pessimist, fill your mind with positive thoughts.
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Don't get into fights and arguments.It won't do any good to you.
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day is enough to reap serious health benefits.


8 Ways to Feel Young Again
Learn why youth is defined by action, not age.
By Wesley Baines
elderly woman
You’ve probably heard someone say that “youth is a mindset”. That’s all well and good, but this platitude doesn’t help us feel any lighter on our feet. It doesn’t take away the crow’s feet or the inability to “get” younger people, or the sudden, strange desire for go to bed at 9 pm.S
Becoming and remaining socially active is incredibly important to the maintenance of cognitive and emotional health—friends keep us young.

Socialization is a deep-seated, human need, even for those who value their alone time. Aging can often come with isolation—children move away, and friends and family disperse over time. Combined with events like retirement and health issues that limit mobility, socialization is often allowed to fall by the wayside.

But research has shown that older adults that have stronger social networks have a much higher quality of life, are healthier, and live longer than those who are isolated. Socialization also acts as a protectant against mental decline, stimulating the brain and guarding against age-related cognitive problems.

Not only this, but friends keep a constant flow of new and fresh ideas coming into your life, and those fresh ideas are a big part of what make the youthful so vital and radiant.

So if you’re finding yourself increasingly alone as the years go by, reach out. Join a club or a church or other organization that promotes socialization, or try friend-finding websites such as You’ll feel all the younger for it.

Change Your Routine
looking out
Even better, combine this with socialization. Instead of getting up and reading the paper with your cup of coffee, head over to a café and have breakfast there, instead.

Exposing yourself to new activities and people helps you to retain that zest for life that many envy in the young. Humans are creatures of habit, and it becomes easy, especially as we grow older, to do the same things day after day.

But that’s a trap!

Studies have shown that when we engage in the same activities over and over, year after year, time actually seems to speed up in our perception. That’s because the brain actually glosses over familiar experiences. But the new and the novel arrest our attention, and seem to slow time down.

So new experiences not only supply you with energy and fresh ideas, but also help you to slow down and enjoy your life—to enjoy all life has to offer, in fact.

Don’t be afraid of change. Take that international trip you’ve always wanted to go on. Go talk to that stranger. Change something up, and you’ll be a step closer to a youthful mindset.

Spend Time With the Young
woman child
If you can’t quite remember how to be young, and feel detached

They say aging is inevitable, but why not put it off until the last possible moment? We’ve put together our top 20 time-tested tips on how to look and feel younger starting today!

1.  Stay Out of the Sun to Stay Young
Always, always, always wear sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF rating, and make sure it’s broad-spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB rays). Doesn’t matter if the day is cloudy or bright – the UV rays are always there. And remember to reapply every few hours so it continues to protect your skin.


Damage from the sun’s UVA and UVB ultraviolet light is linked to about 90% of the visible signs of aging. UV rays break down elastin, the tissue that gives skin its elasticity, resulting in a dull, saggy appearance, and they also cause uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and age spots. The damage may not show for years, so early prevention is critical.2.  Eat A Plant-Rich Diet
Staying young and healthy is easier when you eat a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables supplemented with lean protein and whole grains. These foods provide key nutrients that support healthy aging insive oil for your cooking.

See! It’s not hard. The little bit of extra thought, though, is worth it when the rewards are so great.

3.  Drink Plenty of Water
Want to know how to look younger naturally?  Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water each day to keep skin supple and support optimum health.


Dehydration causes skin to become dry and wrinkled. Proper hydration ensures tissues and skin cells are replenished, allowing for younger, healthier-looking skin.

4.  Boost Your Physical Activity
Make sure you’re active daily – recent research shows that vigorous exercise, particularly high-intensity interval training, can slow aging by almost a decade at a cellular level! Exercise also increases blood flow, moving oxygen and nutrients to working cells in the body – skin included – promoting a more youthful look.


Exercise is also linked to maintaining muscle mass and strength, maintaining more brain volume in areas that affect motor control and coordination, fewer menopause-related hot flashes, improved memory and brain function with age, and adding nearly 5 years to your lifespan!

5.  Avoid Tobacco Products
Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body and skin. Ditching tobacco is essential if you want to stay young looking.

o what does it mean? What does it truly mean to be young, and to remain so?

Youth isn’t just about a set of physical attributes or abilities. It’s about zest and optimism and the ability to see opportunity. It’s about remaining teachable and flexible. It’s to be excited about the world around you, to be open to new experiences and challenges. Youth is defined by action, by not letting disappointment and failure safety-shackle you to the ground during the storm of life—it is defined by opening your arms and welcoming that storm, wrestling it like Pecos Bill and his tornado.

There are ways to regain this mindset, no matter how long it has been lost—nothing is ever truly lost, after all, only set aside, ready to be picked back up. To do this, let’s take a look at 8 ways to feel young again.

Be Grateful
Happy Elderly
Being grate

de and out. Fruits & veggies also boost your intake of important phytonutrients that help defend against damaging free-radicals.

Just as important as exercise is a healthy diet. What we eat greatly affects how we feel and how we look. Want the confidence, stamina, and energy it takes to maintain a youthful outlook? Make sure you’re putting quality foods into your body.

Eating a variety of foods that include items from all food groups is the best way to make sure you get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Eating well, especially if it’s something you’ve never paid attention to, can feel like an overwhelming task, but it’s not! Make sure you eat fruits and vegetables, whether they be fresh, frozen or canned. Get protein from varied sources, like fish, peas, and beans. Enjoy whole-grain cereals, breads, or rice for your grains. And finally, make sure you consume foods which are fortified with vitamin D to keep those bones healthy, and switch to healthy fats such as oli

ful for the good in your life is the key to positivity, and positivity is one of the keys to youth!

The practice of gratitude has many faces, ranging from being willing to say a simple “thank you,” to journaling about what you’re grateful for, to actively giving back to the community through charity and volunteering. It enhances empathy and reduces aggression and the desire for revenge.

In short, it negates the bitterness that can build up over a lifetime, making us old in spirit.

The ability to be thankful for and to focus on what you have rather than complaining about what you deserve can shift aside years of burdens.

Gratitude can even improve physical health—grateful people experience fewer body aches and pains, and, in general, feel healthier than negative people. They’re also more likely to exercise, eat well, and take care of their bodies.In a way, negativ
Alcohol (in moderation) can have some health benefits, but too much alcohol and caffeine has a negative impact on both your health and appearance.


Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate and deplete your body of vital nutrients. Alcohol causes blood vessels in the face to dilate, and drinking too much has the potential to make these effects permanent, resulting in an unpleasant flushed appearance and red, spidery veins – never good if you want to look younger.

7.  Adopt a Good Skin Care Regimen
Start your daily skin care routine with a gently exfoliating cleanser. Apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin, allowing it to stay firm and elastic and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Ingredients like green-tea extract, vitamins A, C & E, and hyaluronic acid help protect against free-radicals, increase collagen, and retain moisture.

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Most young people really want to be good, well-liked, respected, and listened to by adults. One way to achieve this is to have a good attitude about yourself, others, and life in general. Here are some ideas about how to have a good attitude.Steps
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Don't be moody. If you feel like you’re getting moody, take 3 deep breaths and count to ten. This will help you calm down and think clearer. Moodiness is one of the main problems.
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Listen to others. Listen to what other people are saying and don't shout/snap at them/ bite their head off in a harsh tone or one-word answers.
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10.  Consider an Aesthetic Procedure
Remember, good health inside is visible on the outside. However, some things (like genes and time) can be out of our control, despite our best efforts. Why be afraid to get a little help looking good and feeling good about it?


If you’re thinking about having “something” done but feel unsure where to start, check out the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and

ity is a way of giving up, and giving up is part of what makes us feel older. Creating a greater sense of optimism and positivity through gratitude helps you have more energy and motivation to do more youthful things.

Work to change your outlook by focusing on the good things in life, and you’ll take a huge step toward becoming your younger self!

Be Social

Cigars and cigarettes reduce vitamin C in the body, leading to collagen breakdown and wrinkle formation. Smoking also dehydrates skin, giving smokers dry, dull complexions. And the repeated physical act of smoking leads to significantly more wrinkles around the mouth.

6.  Limit Alcohol & Caffeine

Reconstructive Surgery, or the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery to find board-certified increasing its resistance to UV light, protecting it from harmful free-radicals, helping block the release of enzymes that break down collagen, and reducing silent inflammation by moderating the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory chemical messengers in the body called prostaglandins.13.  Take It Easy
Staying young means sin oily fish, nuts, and seeds) have been associated with slowing a key biological process known as telomere shortening that results in tissue damage and visible signs of aging. And a 2007 study found an association between increased Omega-3 intake and decreased senile dryness and skin atrophy in middle-aged American women.


In addition, Omega-3s offer numerous anti-aging benefits including protecting skin from damage

ries has been linked to longer lifespan. And other studies have shown that exercising and restricting calories lowers production of a thyroid hormone called T3, slowing metabolism and helping slow the aging process.


The Japanese have the world’s oldest population as well as the greatest proportion of centenarians (people aged 100 and over), and much of their philosophy of how to feel younger and live longer centers around diet and avoiding overeating.15.  Exceral fat is not just a sign of aging but can nearly triple the risk of developing dementia. Being overweight can also shorten lifespan by up to seven years, as well as put you at risk of developing other conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which increase mortality risk.

17.  Don’t Skimp on Beauty Sleep
It’s not a myth – even science shows that you look less attractive, less healthy, and even sad when you’re sleep-deprived. Sleeping more means staying young!


Studies have shown that for both men and women, sleeping 6 hours or less on an average night causes telomeres to shorten, and “ages” you biologically by about nine years more than your real age. And not getting enough sleep promotes brain tissue loss, affecting learning and memory.


In fact, having a positive self-perception of aging can mean up to an additional 7.5 years in longevity, and those over 40 who remain positive feel up to 20% younger than their than their biological age.

Don't gossip and spread rumors about others. It would only pollute your mind.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 10
Be away from potential distractions. Anything that makes you go on the bad path, is a distraction.
Internet- Stay away from pornography sites and useless, corrupting sites.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 10Bullet1
Television - Don't watch shows

tressing less. Set aside a small chunk of time every day, about 10-20 minutes, to relax, meditate, or just breathe deeply, while letting worries melt away and helping yourself look younger naturally.


A long list of studies have found that stress, including conditions such as untreated depression, social isolation, and anxiety can speed up cellular aging; stress shortens essential DNA components called telomeres which are linked to overall health, lifespan, and individual aging rate, and when they become too short, cells can no longer reproduce, causing tissues to degenerate and die.

14.  Cut Calories
Eating fewer calo

11.  Get Plenty of Protein
Your body needs a ready supply of protein available to build new collagen and elastin. You don’t need to eat like a bodybuilder. Just aim to eat a small amount of high-quality protein at every meal, like nonfat plain Greek yogurt at breakfast, beans or peas at lunch, a whey protein shake for a mid-day boost, and lean poultry or fish at dinner.

12.  Eat More Fat
Not all fat is bad – Omega-3 fatty acids (found

and movies that are inappropriate and shows not be watched by teenagers.
Relationships- Don't indulge in sexual intercourse, since you're not an adult.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 11
Be nice to people. If you're nice to people, you'll be treated nicely too.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 12
Have good manners. People will respect you for your behavior and etiquette.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 13

Don't swear frequently. Only swear when you really mean it or are really upset—like when someone close to you dies. It is not appropriate for you to swear when you loose on video game or break a nail. It is fine if you don't swear at all.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 48.  Boost With Nutritional Supplements
Aging skin results from a combi new languages or skills, or playing an instrument – whatever gets your brain going.

16.  Trim Belly Fat
Maintaining a healthy weight is key to looking and feeling younger, so get rid of that fat around the middle.


Middle age spread is real – that accumulation of vis

As we age, facial volume decreases due to loss of fat, bone density and muscle, making lines and wrinkles more obvious. Repetitive facial expressions can also cause deep frown lines (Hello, 11s and forehead lines!) that contribute to an aged or even angry appearance. In addition, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries and acne scars can become more prominent with age. A number of non-invasive professional treatments are available to address these concerns and help you stay young looking longer.

Read good, informative books. Read good books about positive life and being on the right path.
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Never ever do drugs. You're too small to do it. Moreover, it IS wrong to take drugs.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 17
Don't drink or smoke. It is wrong, and you should never do it.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 18
Meditate. When you meditate, you're filled with pleasant thoughts that will give you a nice attitude.
Image titled Have a Good Attitude as a Youth Step 19

18.  Sleep on Your Back
The way you sleep can affect the way wrinkles develop on your face. Just as when muscle movement against collagen, like laughing or frowning, can promote its breakdown, “sleep lines” can be formed through nightly application of

nation of biological and environmental factors. While the first line of defense should be a healthy diet, it’s a good idea to use anti-aging supplements and beauty supplements to help cover any nutrient gaps.


Supplements can also help you feel younger by boosting energy levels, improving mood and immune function, and fighting inflammation.

9. Go See a

ercise Your Brain
“Use it or lose it” is true when it comes to brain function. In the same way that physical exercise helps brain fitness by improving both long-term and episodic memory as well as concentration, brain exercises may be able to “train” your brain and keep cognitive decline at bay even up to 10 years later.


Keep fit with puzzles, Sudoku, learning

pressure as we lie with our faces against the pillow. Sleeping on your back instead of on your stomach or sides alleviates pressure on the face, helping to prevent these wrinkles.19
Speak up for your rights.Show More Tips
If you're being oppressed or discriminated against,don't be quiet. You should speak up.
Don't get into any kind of criminal activities or some morally wrong activities.
Don't be a bully.
Do not indulge in sexual intercourse unless you're an adult.
If you're getting bullied, let an adult know.
Do not smoke, drink or take drugs.


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