Erasmus Orgasmus

26. 12. 2017 - 14.00

Hello everyone and welcome back to the 4th episode of the third season of our show, Erasmus on air! 

So, after this short festive and let's be honest, inevitable procrastination, we are back on the air with a very important topic, the E+ exchange game itself.

We named it the Erasmus Orgasmus (by so called book and the real problem on sexuality between students from the beggining of the programe's implementation). The simple contept can be understood as a catch-all term for competences, so called transversal skills, experiences, even knowledge in the EU. We are going to dive into E+ by traveling towards the core of its inventors, the bureaucrat caste in the EU with more critical perspective on the programme.

Actually we are very critically about the concept of exchange as well as the whole educational policy in EU, starting with Bolognia system. So, today's subject is very complex and extensive, that's why will be presented in three episodes. The first one of todays programme is about the E+ project in general and about the state and context of EU educational policies. In the second and third episode we are going to delve deeper, looking more closely at E+ approaches and its effects on the labour market, on employability rate and its origins, and nevertheleast on effects that supposed to be in a significant connection to an international experience. So what does it mean to european society as a whole? How do you see it?

Stay with us, there are next two shows right around the corner!


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yeah, and the whole Slovenia will laugh at you. well done guys. keep on rolling.


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