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★35 labels in alphabetical order and 35 of their best-of lists in no particular order★



Artetetra ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jap Kasai - OWN ℃ (Chinabot)

Nicolas Gaunin - Hulahula Kāne (Moon Glyph)

Old Time Relijun - Musicking (K recs)

Kensho Nakamura - Llamhigyn Y Dwr (Pampsychia)

AIR Krew - A Walk Through H (RIFORMA)

{scope} - A Week From Monday (Rous Records)

Futoshi Moriyama 森山ふとし - Yūtai​-​ridatsu ± (Plus​-​minus) ゆうたいりだつ ±(プラスマイナス) (EM Records)


Roope Eronen - The Inflatable World (Discrepant)

galen tipton - march (norway spruce) (We Time Audio House)

Zach Phillips - Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat ("la Loi")

LDGU - Sacred Music for Non Believers (Sagome)

HESITATION - The Last Christmas (Kit Records)




Benska ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

naris vulme - 222 ft RA CHILD 

thinning , thickening , reaching , pulling, plunging

sellasouls - Am iii Pretty? (Dismissyourself)

closer to the center

M. M. Keeravani - Hamsa Naava

obsessed w/ S. S. Rajamoul and this is the best musical moment of Bahubali even tho there are many…i

Orchid - In2 (eldia)

remembering 2 breath

Dalibor Cruz - Mazón (Chicago research)

plastic technon 

SUS1ER & Fatshaudi - Sometimes I Forget

It’s hissing outside, gloom sopped eyes

jUggHáLóZAT cYphEr #😈

#ne Beszélj hozzám🚯

kissé #Toxic vagyok😀😁

vermin - fuck,, i Just want to download you

Boiling and smoldering, peat fires whispering, white satin moths rest with millions of wings

dj interior semiotics - chop suey bootleg

f*ckin stupid



Gretchen Lawrence - Hunger

Spitpunk is back and better than ever

David Shawty - Opps happy (p. keyblade)


サイクル (Cycle) alt., by Yoko Kanno / Gabriela Robin

much better than the actual version ,you’ll have to believe me bc they took this off bandcamp.

Vino Dub - Like That but every other beat is missing

one of the few inspiring musical movements this year… there’s hardly a song that doesn’t sound better with 50% less song

We Love Katamari OST - Blue Orb

“ hope, my night” if that doesn’t kill you idk man


this beat is illegal

レオパルドン (Leopaldon) – ケーキ オア ガール? (Cake Or Girl?) (Full Album, 2001, J-core, Japan)

Intensities which either suit you or don’t

Kaine - Playin Wit Da Autotune (Prod. Nine9)

CAPSULE - FRUITS CLiPPER (2021 Remaster) Full Album

Party people, get to the dancefloor 

Disco pigs - hudba z divadelnej hry

21st centuries most slept on record




Chinabot ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Charmaine lee - KNVF (Erratum Musical)

V​/A. - Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi (Osàre! Editions)

Bela - Guidelines (Éditions Appærent)

Space Afrika - Honest Labour (Dais Records)

Kisewa - Scream Sonata (Absurd Trax)

Tomutonttu - Hoshi (Self Released)

Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway - Lucy & Aaron (Hanson)

V/A - The Lot Radio - A lot of Love (The Lot Radio)

Elysia Crampton Chuquimia - Live In Munich (with Joshua Chuquimia Crampton) (Self Released)

V/A - It's Not Complicated (Ma3azef)

Bill Orcutt - A Mechanical Joey (Fake Estates)

Raja Kirik - Rampokan (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Senyawa - Alkisah (Various labels)

V/A. - Habibi Funk 015: An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World, Part 2 (Habibi Funk)




CLAM /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
















Cudighi /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In no particular order!


Adrian Knight – Damn the Flood (Regional Attraction)

Masahiro Takahashi – Flowering Tree, Distant Moon (self-released)

Suss – Night Suite (self-released)

Heta Bilaletdin – Nauhoi (KRAAK)

Black Dice – Mod Prog Sic (self-released)

Litku Klemetti – Kukkia muovipussissa (Luova)

Barry Andrewsin Disko – Menkää Jo / Muurahaiset (Ultraääni)

Olli Aarni – Värejä hangella (Active Listeners Club)

Nick Malkin – Nothing Blues (Mondoj)

Central Spark – A Superior Smile (self-released)

Exael – Flowered Knife Shadows (Soda Gong)

Brik Tu-Tok – The Giggle Gallery (Rotkat)

Low – HEY WHAT (Sub Pop)

Skee Mask – Pool (Ilian Tape)

Bruno Pernadas – Private Reasons (self-released)

Suryummy – Polynators (Constellation Tatsu)

Fake Sword – Blind Contour (self-released)

Luokkanen & Tanner – Kvanillo (Artsy)

Timothy K Brown – Nothing on the Water (Maternal Voice)

Ben Varian – One Hundred Breakfasts With The Book (Lobby Art)




Exiles //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

TELEϟPORT –⠠⠙⠑⠁⠙ ⠠⠺⠕⠕⠙ ⠠⠞⠑⠁⠗⠎ (AM 01:09:69 JUN-05-1970)

MA’AM – Ignora (ZABRA)

VA – RE_FORMS (Syrup)

VA – Dalmata Daniel eats Lahmacun (Dalmata Daniel)

Haramia Tapes - Daydreaming LP (Baroque Sunburst)


Mike Nylons – Eneme II (Dióbél Kiadó)

VA 2 – The Dig (Műhely)

Le Days – We Are Nowhere (blindblindblind)

Kamon Kardamom – Chronic Euphoria (self-released)

VA - nice002 (nice)

Banyek – Extrasolar (self-released)

VA – Free Sequence Anthology I. (Free Sequence)

modern errors – manifest motion (Visionary Minds Records)

Laurine Frost – NIMFA (LYKA)

VA01 – Fraktal Sound Organization (Fraktal Sound Organization)

Cuges – Uretania (self-released)

Alley Catss – compassion & paralysis (self-released)

Grema - Delays REMIXED Series - BLACK

Ábris Gryllus – Canon (Death of Rave)

Gosheven – Antioidal Polyphony (self-released)

Obwigszyh – Metallic Flood (Fallen Metropolis)

II. STYX (PLUTO Sound Compilation Series) 




Genot Centre ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

City & io - Chaos is God Neighbour (Éditions Appærent)

claire rousay - a softer focus (American Dreams)

El Pelele - Amenza (Quantum Natives)

exael - cartoon goth (Boomkat Editions)

Olli Aarni - Mato syö lehteä (Superpang)

Maxwell Sterling - Turn of Phrase (AD 93)

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế (Subtext)

Rojin Sharafi - KARIZ (Ventil)

Tomáš Knoflíček - Vaguely Delimited Targets (LOM)

---__--___ - The Heart Pumps Kool​-​Aid (Orange Milk)




Gin&Platonic //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Rxm Reality – Advent (Orange Milk) 

Emma DJ – godrime (UIQ)

Maxwell Sterling – Turn Of Phrase (AD 93)

aya – im hole (Hyperdub)

Queimada – Myself-Other (Rest Now!)

Lutto Lento – LEGENDO (Haunter)

Rat Heart – Rat Heart (Shotta)

Yab & Yvanko – Biome (OOH-sounds)

yokai kai – k4i (Exiles)

Michael Pisaro-Liu – Revolution Shuffle (Erstwhile)

QOW – Dawafer (Genot)


Leo – A Buried River (YOUTH)

Nocturnerror – Concrete Links in the Virtual World (TAR)


Sarah Haras – Mirage (Chinabot)

Fausto Mercier / trngs – I'm Too Sentient (Infinite Machine)

FUMU – Sinuate (YOUTH)

Synalegg – Patchwork-02 (Synalegg)

oxhy – woodland dance (xquisite)




Glamour ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

2021 was full of heartbreaks for me so here’s some stuff helping me heal >>

most heartbreaking records of 2021

6. little simz - sometimes i might be an introvert (Age 101 / AWAL)

5. lutto lento - legendo (Haunter)

4. richard dawson, circle - henki (self-released)

3. lingua ignota - sinner get ready (Sargent House)

2. spelling - the turning wheel (Sacred Bones)

1. Giant Claw - Mirror Guide (Orange Milk)

Keith Rankin's breathing, cascading, dystopian symphonies are squeezing tears out of me literally every time i listen to them. unbelievable how many things fit on this album. one of the most important releases ever.

>> most heartbreaking movies of 2021

3. “Malignant”, dir. James Wan

2. “Drive My Car”, dir. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

1. “Memoria”, dir.. Apichatpong Weerasethakul

an absolute, physical experience of a world crumbling into fucking multiverses of human experiences. i came out seriously sweaty feeling like punched in the head




haord /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ancient FM

Vital Weekly

Chris Cutler’s Probes radio show for MACBA


Tonstartssbandht - Petunia (Mexican Summer)

Cylob - PLACEHOLDER (self-released)

Baby Couch - ‘Nobody’ music video

ANIMATERIAL WORLDS - "when the panikattack" music video

Old Nick - Iam Vampire Castle (Grime Stone)

Dan Talbot’s self portraits




her face /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

YOE - 60ml yop (self-released)

g0bg - d0wnp0ur (surf)

SMALL - Please Cry 4 Me (self-released)

Strachkvas - Blind Worm Variations (World Canvas)

Flown - ~ (self-released)

nola - pulse_forest/golden (self-released)

DivPro - D3 (DAWN)

Æthereal Arthropod X Seraphim - Parhelion (ANBA)

Mark Chapman - Call DEMO (self-released)

QOW - Dawafer (Genot Centre)




Istotne nagr. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Pels - Schakelbreuk Jozef (Esc.rec.)

Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow - Teatime Terrors (self released)

Legoland Mental Healthcare - Welcome to the Hellcare (Mutantswing)

Baggie - Sour (Haord Records)

DJ Nabuchodonozor - cho (mouse seer records)

Ground - Ozunu (Chill Mountain Rec)

Joe Howe - Plastic Thought (Acid Waxa)

Cachette À Branlette - Dry Rot Acid Of Hope (Da! Heard It Records)

Anne Laplantine - chéri chance inouïe (Cudighi Records)

Tomutonttu - Hoshi (self released)

LOOFAH - OOLHFA-OOHAFL (1-12) (self released)

Heta Bilaletdin - Nauhoi (Fonal/Kraak)

Reymour - Leviosa (Knekelhuis)

Vica Pacheco - Fibre​-​Fusion (wabi-sabi tapes)

V/A - ERR REC Library Vol​.​3 Wild Life (ERR REC)




i.u ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Tomutonttu - Hoshi (self-released)  

Trevor Wishart - Globalalia (OTP0066)

koeosame - Annulus (Orange Milk Records)

dida - Ingenious Scenes (Orange Milk Records)

slikback - shototsu (self-released)


Jack Callahan and Jeff Witscher - Stockhausen Syndrome (FLEA)

Wheelie Xtender Group - Vol. 01

Ryong - Unbreakable Bonds (Yegorka)

ABADIR - Pause/Stutter/Uh/Repeat (Genot Centre)

the fertile crescent - 6G (Haunter Records)




IW ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Kensho Nakamura - Llamhigyn Y Dwr (Pampsychia)

V/A - Exchange (Petrola 80)

JENNN - Uncaged, Unlimited (CLAM)

V/A - Exotic Ésotérique Vol​​.​​3 (Artetetra)

Noxin - Back Latent Crook (incoming call)

Justin - Ferns Neigh (MONTAGE)

acte bonté - canal trop tard (self-released)

deskulling - Until Some Process Takes Care of Me (formforum)

Misantrop - Reproaching the Absurd (Opal Tapes)

JC LEISURE - Seal (self-released)

V/A - Črepy (Warm Winters Ltd.)


Lea Bertucci - Acoustic Shadows (RSD 2021 Repress) (SA)

Mansa - Lost In Translation (Devagar) 

Grant Chapman - Memory Card (self-released)

Leila Bordreuil - not an elegy (self-released) 

bookworms - Alternative Group (self-released)

Cities Aviv - THE CRASHING SOUND OF HOW IT GOES (self-released)

jung dj - loci flux (Lillerne)




Jollies //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Levan Shanidze - Funeral Garden (Blue Yogurt)

Jap Kasai - OWN ℃ (Chinabot)

Mårble - DUB MUTANT (Hair Del.)

bookworms - Alternative Group (Boomkat Editions)

madam data -The Gospel of the Devourer (PTP)

Umbra & sZARSz - s/t (Crash Symbols)

Misantrop - Reproaching the Absurd (Opal Tapes)

SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - Seekersinternational Presents Ragga Preservation Society - Worldwide Sound (Diskotopia)

Sunk Heaven - THE FVCKHEAѪTED LVNG (American Dreams)

Antonina Nowacka - Lamunan (Mondoj)




KRAAK & KRUT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



Amapola - Reprises de Violeta Parra (self-released)

Antonina Nowacka - KOGUT 2 (cafe OTO)

Astrid Øster Mortensen - Gro Mig En Blomst (self-released)

Blod - Missväxt (Ba Da Bing)


Gaute Granli - Blusens Fasong (Ultra Eczema)

Lamina - Amalur (Complex Holiday)

Mik Quantius - Usic (Artsy)

Plein Soleil - U.V. (Zèbres)



Ithell Colquhoun: Genius of The Fern Loved Gulley by Amy Hale

High Weirdness by Erik Davis 

HR Giger & Mire Lee at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

New Yorker crosswords 

Troglobatem Festival

Zad Kokar tapes & drawings


DYLAN (not all of this was released/started this year, but all things I especially enjoyed in 2021)
T​.​I​.​I​.​T​.​F. by Big Hongry x Cutso (2019)

Op Zee by Muziekkamer (Stroom)
Stage of Recovery - Georgia Sagri (2021) 

Randy (zine) 

Untitled Goose Game (2019)
GeoGuessr (not new at all ofc)

All My Homies Hate Skrillex | A story about what happened with dubstep.
Treasure Island - Guillaume Brac

On Tinto Brass
Rave Preservation Project

Most enjoyed subreddits r/spicypillows and r/FondantHate




Kumo Communication /////////////////////////////////////////////////


Tirzah - Colourgrade (Domino Recording Co Ltd)


Rắn Cạp Đuôi - Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế (Subtext Recordings)

Claire Rousay・More Eaze - An Afternoon Whine (Ecstatic Recordings)

没 聖子 - いつかのeverything

Duke - Naona Laaah feat. MCZO, Don Tach (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Dialect - Under~Between (RVNG Intl.)

[hund8 [عالم االنتحار الجماعي - hund

Alien 9 - rebirth




mappa //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Is it the tickling of the cerebral cortex or the sound of the wind in the treetops? Is it the Earwig in the ear or the ear put on the Earwig kingdom? Acoustic ecology or acoustic imagination inventing new worlds? Underwater communities poured into the left ear. Gigantic anthills poured into the right ear. What a wonderful world that will soon be completely silent. 


---__--___ - The Heart Pumps Kool​-​Aid (Mondoj)

claire rousay + more eaze - an afternoon whine (Ecstatic)

Devin Shaffer - In My Dreams I'm There (American Dreams Records)

Diana Romanova - Excercice d'écoute non​-​humaine (Klammklang)

Eilien - Digital Lovers (Genot)

Fraufraulein - Solum (Notice Records)

Giant Claw - Mirror Guide (Orange Milk Records)

Henrique Vaz - DE SILENTI NATURA - Realização algorítmica

Heta Bilatedin - Nauhoi (KRAAK)

Lucie Páchová - Voissage (Radiocoustica)

Lucy Liyou - how to ask for help (self-released)

Lucy Liyou - Practice (self-released)

manja ristić - kairos & the dwellers (forms of minutiae)

Maria Komarova - 555 brouků (Radiocoustica)

Martyna Basta - Making Eye Contact With Solitude (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Tomáš Knoflíček - Vaguely Delimited Targets (LOM)

Tomáš Šenkyřík - Voda (self-released)

Tomutonttu - Hoshi (self-released)

various artists - possible moistures (forms of minutiae)

Walter Maioli - IL SUONO DELLE API / LA VIBRAZIONE DEL COSMO (Villa Lontana Records)

Yyed - Two Reflections In Parallel (Abyss CDR)




Mizuha 罔象 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

V/A - Bubbles (Lyxliv)

soichi 芳芽 - 脳霧生存 (self-released)

Paraadiso - Unison (SVBKVLT)

Parasol - 1800-PARASOL (Midheaven)

Malibu - One Life : four remixes (UNO NYC)

Cares - Nerve Day (ZABRA)

Async Figure - Harsh Realm (Sea Cucumber)

dj bingo - what we call home (BCAA)

t0ni - EXIT LIFE (Soul Feeder)

Koreless - Agor (Young)

Dark0 - Eternity (YEAR0001)


DJH - Revealer (self-released)

V/A - 2025: Club Diaries (Club Paradiso)

V/A - 2025: Of Dreaming Too Intensely (Club Paradiso)




MONTAGE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jjulius - vol.1 (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox)

Tomáš Knoflíček – Vaguely Delimited Targets (LOM)

Rosaceae - DNA (Pudel Produkte)

Dida & Ssaliva - Bricol (Van Dank)

Hmurd - Flower Knight (gin&platonic)

Great Area - hypocriete 21 (xquisite releases)

Lucia Nimcová & Sholto Nobie - DILO (Mappa)

More Eaze - Two Futures (Full Spectrum)

7038634357 - my way out (self released)

Everything on Karl Wille's Instagram

TIBSLC - delusive tongue shirts (sferic)

Parents/ weinrich - jours de greve (versatile records)

Pavel Milyakov & Bendik Giske - Untitled (Smalltown Supersound)

Wanton Witch - Wanton Witch (stroboscoop artefacts)

Jung DJ - Loci Flux (Lillerne tapes)

Bianca Scout - Karaoke at the slagheap (self released)

Juanitaa's music and performance! Fifth Era - 1997-2004 (Forbidden Planet)

Felicia Ledesma - Fringe (Self Released)

Eileen - Digital Lovers (Genot Centre)





Musique Muscle //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Hi, I’m Grégoire from Musique Muscle.

This is a non exhaustive list of music from year 2021.


J.G.G - temps morts (Cut Surface)

The new LP of one of my favorite artist in Barcelona.

Perfect in all circumstances.

Aventurine - cartes postales de la saison froide (Cutter sans lame)

The second release of the new label from Lyon « Cuttersanslame ».

Middle age music for shy people.

Arkanar - les cris de Mélusine (Le Syndicat des Scorpions)

I discover this project cause I did the mix for this album.

It’s unclassifiable but I like to say it’s « ambient pop ».

Attention Le Tapis Prend Feu - potion vadrouille (AB Records)

I’m in love with this band.

A narrative story made with perfect pop music.

Boule de Crystal - amoure

The first album of the new project of my friend Yanka.

Psychedelic trap-pop for romantic smokers.

Gaston Pelouse / Yuichi Broccoli - split (Dinosaur Biscuit Records)

A split EP with Gaston Pelouse from Lille and the crazy Japanese artist Yuichi Broccoli.

Miss Bean - business wouman (UNSE Records)

The new instrumental project of Sarah-Louise from Musique Chienne.

Happy disco for sensitive people.

Clara Le Meur - hier à la plage (Le Syndicat des scorpions)

It’s not release yet but soon.

The first solo album of Clara from the band Campagne.

It sounds sweet and melancholic.

Losange - Temple

A new track of Losange.

A kind of video game track to rescue princesses.

Saint-Gilles Reggae Club (Radio Béguin)

To finish this is a selection of mixtapes I made for the webradio Radio Béguin to promote my love for

Reggae music and its derivatives.




Neoplasm ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Asemix — Asemix (Warm Winters Ltd, 2021)

KP Transmission — Beatrice (Klammklang, 2021)

Air Krew — Gzhel (CANT, 2021)

Flaty — RALTD (ANWO, 2021)

Thrilliam Angels - I Might Brake, But I Won't feat. Mori Mori (Self-released, 2021)

Sharp Veins — Die of the Waters (UNO NYC, 2021)

Rx Papi / Gud — Foreign Exchange (YEAR0001, 2021)

The Body — I've Seen All I Need to See (Thrill Jockey, 2021)

Double Virgo — Live NTS Live 25 Oct

Pavel Milyakov & Yana Pavlova — BLUE (psyx, 2021)




Nonlocal Research ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Lamina - Amalur (Complex Holiday)

Kiki Molina - K (self-released)

▱∞ - ÷ 6 (COPYRIGHT420)

yab; yvanko - Biome (OOH-sounds)

Kensho Nakamura - Llamhigyn Y Dwr (Pampsychia)

ioa beduneau - Mélodies pour clairons (self-released)

DJ Nabuchodonozor - Naprawdę Słaba Moza (mouse seer records)

Inbox Within - Hangouts Vol. 1 (COPYRIGHT420)

Vica Pacheco - Fibre-Fusion (wabi-sabi tapes)

Elevation - Child Crosses the World (KOOL SWITCH WORKS)

ごん三 - Lean Tuna (Kumo Communication)

Damien Marksson - Arcanum Amarna Late at Night (Pampsychia)

yeongrak - about the deepest i traveled in bed (self-released)

Music for Dogs - Spoor (cachedmedia)

Kuthi Jin & Reptilian Expo - Longidicus Longidito (International Winners)

YNO - Okiniiri No Hako (Istotne Nagr.)

Shireen M. - Dragonfly Vol. 2 (self-released)

woopheadclrms - Hidden Ⅲ (Ukiuki Atama)

Hematic Sunsets - Aroma Club Adieu (aufabwegen)

Heta Bilaletdin - Nauhoi (Kraak / Fonal)

/f - hahahaha ha ah aha hahahahahah aha haha ha ah ahahahahhahahahahahhha HA HA HAahah HA HA hahaha hA HAHAHAHHAHA! (psalmus diuersae)

D/P/I - Defy EP (self-released)

Ticoy Kavei - Star Asia (Pampsychia)

Ursula Sereghy - OK Box (Gin&Platonic)

Lucy Duncombe - THE RAPTURE OF CELLULAR ACCRETION (self-released)

Jap Kasai - OWN ℃ (CHINABOT)

Timelash - A Morphology Of Wonders (Aguirre)

uzumakivala - uzumakivala (Narvaal)

Altrimenti - Fake Motion (Mossa)


Bear Bones Lay Low - NIMP Preset (self-released)

Plein Soleil - U.V. (Zèbres)

555 Sounds - Live from Dirtmall (Ingrown)

Polonius - Son of Checkmate Eternal Warriors (Sun Ark Records)

Tomutonttu - Hoshi (self-released)

Nick Storring - Newfoundout (mappa)

Matthieu Fuentes - Ten-Room Banquet (Penultimate Press)

Qoa - Asteroide (Krut)

Lucindo - Ghost Fingerz (Krut)

V/A - Tales Of, Vol. 1 (i.u)

David Kanaga - ℚ𝓓 EP (self-released)

Asemix - Asemix (self-released)

Simas Okas - Plexihog (Nose Job)

Ora Clementi - Sylva Sylvarum (Black Truffle)

German Bringas - Tunel Hacia Tí (Smiling C)

Sam Gendel - AE-30 (Leaving Records)

foodman - Yasuragi Land

Galen Tipton - march (norway spruce) (self-released)

Sage Alyte - Paume de pierre (vlek)

Lieven Martens - The Habu (Ediçoes CN)

C_C - Ikea (Da ! Heard It Records)

Avventur - 2020-2021 (indian redhead)

Beat Detectives - New York City Department of Records and Tracks (self-released)

Dr. C - Album II (self-released)

Luokkanen & Tanner - Kvanillo (Artsy Records)

Luce Celeste - Discepolato Nella Nuova Era (Artetetra)

AIR Krew - A Walk Through H (RIFORMA)

Lucy Liyou - how to ask for help (self-released)

Ulla - 'Limitless Frame' (Motion Ward)

Etelin - Frisson (Lillerne Tapes)

Madalyn Merkey - Standards (self-released)

Laurie Anderson - Spending the War Without You
Nina de Vroome - Globes
Theo Anthony - All Light Everywhere

Kraak Festival
Concerts couchées @ Atoma

Florin Flueras - Love (text)




Orange Milk /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Keith from Orange Milk's picks

500 - Home & You (Genome 6.66Mbp)

Astrid Sonne - outside of your lifetime (Escho)

Aya - im hole (Hyperdub)

Bby Eco - Grow! (LUSTRE)

bela - Guidelines (Éditions Appærent)

Body Meat - Year of the Orc (Partisan)

Busiswa - My Side of the Story

Bullet Heaven - Pink Fever Eclipse (Equip)

Colin Fisher - Reflections of the Invisible World (Halocline Trance)

claire rousay + more eaze - an afternoon whine (ECSTATIC)

d’Eon - Rhododendron (Hausu Mountain)

Distant - Aeons of Oblivion (Unique Leader)

DJ Lycox - LYCOXERA (Príncipe)

DJ Nigga Fox - Live Nigginha Fox (Príncipe)

Doss - 4 New Hit Songs (LUCKYME®)

Doja Cat - Planet Her (Kemosabe / RCA)

Dubharp - Spiral Heights (100% Silk)

DV-i - Perpetual (single) (self-released)

Eli Keszler - Icons (LUCKYME®)

Erika de Casier - Sensational (4AD)

Fire-Toolz - Eternal Home (Hausu Mountain)

FITNESS - F20 / DÆ1R (self-released)

Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders / The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises

Foodman - Yasuragi Land (Hyperdub)

Georgia - State Effect (Accel) (OOH-sounds)

Green-House - Music for Living Spaces (LEAVING)

Healion - In Light, It Undoes Nothing… (naff)

Howie Lee - Birdy Island (Mais Um)

Índio da Cuíca - Malandro 5 Estrelas (QTV Selo)

Juçara Marçal's - Delta Estácio Blues (Mais Um)

Kawai Sprite - Friday Night Funkin', Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack) (self-released)

Kenji - Edge of the City (supernalsofttouch)

Klein - Harmattan (self-released)

Koreless - Agor (Young)

Lucy Liyou - Practice (Full Spectrum)

Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World (LUMINELLE)

M. Sage - The Wind of Things (Geographic North)

NANORAY - Zapper (self-released)

Nick Storring - Newfoundout (mappa)

Otay:onii - 冥冥 Míng Míng (WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片)

Parasol - 1800 PARASOL (Midheaven)

Plebeian Grandstand - Rien ne suffit (Debemur Morti Productions)

Porter Robinson - nurture Rắn Cạp Đuôi - Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế (Subtext)

Powers / Rolin Duo - Strange Fortune (Astral Editions)

Raja Kirik - Rampokan (Nyege Nyege)

recovery girl - recovery girl & friends (DESKPOP)

recovery girl & Atlas Moe - grit ur teeth (HYPERPOP)

SSS - SSS (Decoherence)

Serpentwithfeet - Deacon (Secretly Canadian)

§E▲ - the garden we shared (NO PROBLEMA)

Sharkula x Mukqs - Take Caution On The Beach (Hausu Mountain)

Smerz - Believer (XL)

Soshi Takeda - Floating Mountains (100% Silk)

Splash Blade - The Legend of Dreams (Precision Audio)

Tinashe - 333 (self-released)

Tantão e os Fita - Piorou (QTV Selo)

Tasho Ishi - Dentsu2060 (Presto!?)

Wild Up - Julius Eastmen Vol. 1: Femenine (New Amsterdam)

Vildhjarta - Måsstaden Under Vatten (Century Media)

Ziúr - Antifate (PAN)




Outlines ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

DJ Manny - Signals In My Head (Planet Mu)

Jana Rush - Painful Enlightement (Planet Mu)

RP Boo - Established (Planet Mu)

Ripatti - Fun is Not a Straight Line (Planet Mu)

foodman - Yasuragi Land (Hyperdub)

Fatima Al Qadiri - Medieval Femme (Hyperdub)

Zaumne - Élévation (Mondoj)

Booker Stardrum - CRATER (NNA)

Kevin Murf - All Inclusive EP (Grid)

Kindohm - VR Sunset (Nada)

mu tate - Let Me Put Myself Together (3 X L)

Ostrowski - Endless Fluctuations (Pawlacz Perski)

IFS - Fractal Run LP (U Know Me Records)

SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - Seekersinternational Presents Ragga Preservation Society - Worldwide Sound (Diskotopia)

Cedar - Transfer (re:st)

Monolake - Gobi. The Vinyl Edit 2021 (Astral Industries)

Skip Club Orchestra - BEA1921 (DUBLIMINAL BOUNCE)



DJ GODFATHER - This Detroit Thing of Ours (Databass)

SNKLS - Half Hornby (POLAAR)




awe IX (Quantum Natives) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Babylon js

New tools of the metaverse

Kofi Jamar ft. Yaw TOG & Ypee - Ekorso

Heavy melodic chorus Ghanaian drill

Leutin09 -  40k positive mental health aspects

“Grim surroundings warm hearts”, said the Commissar to the Guardsman.

Eternity Egg progress images

Phong sphere bumblemechs & jesters in early access

Fertile Strains

Alien adobe civ-sim rituals

This Croc Will Die in 100 Days

Slice-of-mortality webcomic.

Simnel Cake

Marzipan apostles


When Kaws was shot in Hunter Biden’s art gallery for defending the police

Brood X cicada rising

Specific 17-yearly cicada hatching event of The Great Eastern Brood

Steve Wallis stealth camping videos

Cozy Ballardian house-play meets post-apocalyptic property larp

Hojo - Taipei to Hualien Nightbus

Chopped and Screwed K-Pop for neon lit reclining chairs, floating over Taiwanese intercity runnels

Time is Away: Honey from a Weed

Audio collage underlying readings from transcendent cooking journal

Dreampunk Rising w/ Kagami Smile



Sepia-toned jaundiced kitbash mutations & macquettes of tapestry and bile spawned from the visual style of John Blanche (who also provided cover art for City & i.o’s ‘Chaos is God Neighbour’)

Wanli UFO Village

Watched daily from the window of my 2 weeks quarantine room, mildewed retro-future plastic pods (possibly counterfeit) in the stump of a severed tendril of parallel architecture

Earwig by Brian Catling

Book much more than the film, though the latter’s chiming somnambulistic OST burrowed into your cochlea. Chittering like dentures of frozen spittle.

Crystal Palace Iguanadon

Watching the iconically unanatomical dinosaur’s jaw be rebuilt visit by visit while catching up with old friends in covid park hangs

Frenzy Wiki

“The TV show Frenzy aired on Fox from 2006-2010. In the Season 4 finale, a cataclysmic event occurred that destroyed not only the fictional world of the show, but also any memory or record of the show from our reality. After this event, fragments of Frenzy can only be scavenged from dreams.”

Everyday Linguistics

Dunder-Mifflin Linguistics course.

Phan Manh Quynh - Có Chàng Trai Viết Lên Cây (DJ版) / Gigi D`Agostino - I`ll Fly With You

Tik-Tok bop threading disparate time & locale

Deftones – Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix)

Teen nostalgia taking tangents like your memories

Yegor & Opizdenevshiye - Eternal Spring

Mainly via its feature on Adam Curtis’ “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, snarling chiming Russian psych-punk from ‘92.

Katamari Damacy REROLL

The lazy satisfaction of rolling up every object in a muddled non-sensical world into one dumb momentum

Indonesian algorave

Most organic and vital example of live coding heard in a while

sugar cane juice / tea / almond pudding / coconut water / condensed milk ~ drink variations


 麻豆代天 / Temple of the Heavenly Viceroys

Taoist temple and animatroic hell/heaven experience emerging from a 76m long dragon’s mouth


Rhizomatic thought-logging 

Hunter X Hunter

Pulp epic travelling through a patchwork world of RPG idylls, mafia auctions, magical computer games, skyscraper fight club, assassin lineages & alien ant dictatorships.

Bethlem Gallery & Museum of the Mind

Walking past a humming tree soaked in bumblebees in the grounds of rebuilt Bedlam.




Pampsychia /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This year the list is made matching together the favs of who contributed to the growth of Pampsychia in 2021.
Infinite thanks to YOTO, Damien Marksson, Ticoy Kavey and Kensho Nakamura. <3

Amethyst: New Sounds From Moon Glyph Records (Moon Glyph) [by Kensho, YOTO, Reptilian]

Annulus - Koeosaeme (Orange Milk) [by Kensho]

echelons beyond reality - m. geddes gengras (Self-Released) [by Ticoy]

flowers under glass - m. geddes gengras (Self-Released) [by Ticoy]


live 3.28.21 - m. geddes gengras (Self-Released) [by Ticoy]

Luci e Guai - Crimi (Airfono) [by Reptilian]

OF:81702 EP - Satira (TVL rec) [by YOTO]

OK Box - Ursula Sereghy (Gin&Platonic) [by Reptilian]

Rascacielos - Astrosuka (Self-Released) [by YOTO]

Romàntica - MARTTEIN (Self-Released) [by YOTO]

Shadow Farming - Deux Filles (Glass Modern) [by Kensho]




Primordial Void ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

My favorite album of 2021 is Dean Blunt's Black Metal 2. Late-night baroque pop in the style of early Scott Walker. Closing track “the rot” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. Props to Joanne Robertson.




Slagwerk ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

dida - ingenuous scenes (Orange Milk)

Tek Lintowe - Pleasant Surprise (Van Dank)

club eat - club eat (self-released)

bootee - secrets of the heart (self-released)

ssaliva & dida - BRICOL (Van Dank)

CFCF - memoryland (self-released)

loukeman - sd1 (self-released)

foodman - yasuragi land (Hyperdub)

Diony Lake - Excerpts Of Wholeness I-V (Van Dank)

proc fiskal - siren spine sysex (Hyperdub)

FF Radio with Toxe on NTS




surf /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

best friend - ambitious small talk (Rotten \ Fresh) 

Filipe Felizardo - Red Cross (Holuzam)

Joyul - Earwitness (Psychic Liberation)

tau contrib - encode (sferic) 

Florian T M Zeisig - Walking Mix (enmossed)

Odete - The Consequences of a Blood Language (Genome 6.66Mbp)

MA'AM - Ignora (ZABRA)

V/A - Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol​.​3: Canto Devocinário (Discrepant)

Frog of Earth - Frog of Earth (wherethetimegoes)

Kuthi Jin & Reptilian Expo - Longidicus Longidito (IW)




ŠOP Records ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ben LaMar Gay - Open Arms to Open Us (International Anthem)

Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo - Deep Fried Grandeur (husky pants)

foodman - Yasuragi Land (Hyperdub)

Shackleton - Departing Like Rivers (Woe To The Septic Heart!)

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế (Subtext)


Najjači Reissue/Comp/NekiNeki 2021:

William Onyeabor - World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who is William Onyeabor? (Luaka Bop)


Najjača letošnja najdba iz smetišča zgodovine:





Ukiuki Atama /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Elysia Crampton Chuquimia - Live in Munich (with Joshua Chuquimia Crampton) (self-released)

NINA - Classics (World Music)

kindtree - 0.1 0.2 0.3 (self-released)

Plastic Toy Sounds - Un Año No Ha Sido Suficiente Para Olvidarte (Kumbia Net)

Seismic Wave - Seismic Wave Propagation (Seismic Wave)

Polonius - Son of Checkmate Eternal Warriors (Sun Ark) 

dida & ssaliva - BRICOL (Van Dank)

bambinodj - BAMBINO SHOW 2018​-​2021 (self-released)

PPaulus & Frère — En Schliffes (Travail Rythmique)

堀池ゆめぁ - 夢の冒険 (Ukiuki Atama)

The Symphony of Masterpieces




Van Dank ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Cultural Music - What you like (self-released)

Eterna & amalcrossing - Audi (unseelie)

Chris olsen

Anamanaguchi - water resistant

Lego Island OST - Park

Armored core Original Best track #20: Trans - Am (KH mix)

Bootee - Secrets of the heart (self-released)

Tek Lintowe - Einyr (self-released)

Yasuaki Shimizu - NHK Doyou Drama Ima Koko Ni Aru Kiki To Boku No Kokando Ni Tsuite Original Soundtrack 

Duwap Kaine - After the storm

Rx Nephew - Make drunk cool again

Blair - Tears to grow

Edmund Bull - Follow your dreams




Warm Winters Ltd. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

5AM - Pre Zz (Thinner Groove)

claire rousay - 17 roles (all mapped out) (Shelter Press)

Dawuna - Glass Lit Dream (O___o?)

Dialect - Under~Between (RVNG Intl.)

Heta Bilaletdin - Nauhoi (Fonal)

Klein - Harmattan (Pentatone)

Lucia Nimcová & Sholto Dobie - DILO (mappa)

Pavel Milyakov & Yana Pavlova - BLUE (psyx)

picnic - picnic (Daisart)

Uman - Chaleur Humaine (Freedom To Spend)




Xquisite releases ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Night in tijuana - kelman duran (SCORPIO RED)

Eterna & Amalcrossing - Audi (unseelie)

Thoom - tony (self-released)

Oozini - jesus wept (self-released)

Double virgo - mind in may b (self-released)

The fertile crescent - 6g (Haunter)

Susu laroche - incivility (Primordial Void)

Why be - caged animal (Yegorka)

Yves tumor - the asyptotical world (Warp)

Feigome - unspirited (self-released)


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