Yugonostalgia's political potential

Yugonostalgia's political potential

4. 3. 2018 - 12.00

Yugonostalgia: what to do with it? What to think of it? Milica Popović addresses the phenomenon in her doctoral dissertation by looking at its political potential. In this episode she will elaborate on her research topic.

Besides that the episode will include a short preview of Tresk festival.
This time in 'Do you remember?': Broken Lock.

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great man. perhaps you could also check - where she is writing this. if you can read it - that means it is in english right? so tell me the university where she is writing this. her work will in the future become an intellectual property of this particular institution - so called - factory of knowledge. with special interests and means included. of course.
on the other hand - lets keep in mind Coca-cola and Nestle - as a real political potential of Yugonostalgia a? let us be a realistic for a change a? what do you think?



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