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Sun Kil Moon: Common as Light and Love are Red Valeys of Blood (Rough Trade/Caldo Verde Records, 24.2.2017)

"My Dad is one of two left of his nine siblings,
and when he's gone I'm gonna lay down in my bed and I'm never gonna wanna get out again"

"...I'm that old man now and I'm grateful that I got this far,
and that I've become him."

"These kids I hear outside my window,
I was one of them, I was one of them, I was one of them, I was one of them."

"What saved me from the dark clouds hanging over Ohio?"

"I told him to go fuck himself and to stay the fuck out of our lives,
he finally shut his stupid mouth.
And as we left, Caroline told me that I was good with dealing with creeps.
That was the end of the dream"

"While the kids in Silicon Valley take your money and say, "Can we get the check, waiter?"
While they bulldoze your favorite building in town and turn it into a fucking fruit shake maker."

"David Bowie had died, there's a picture of El Chapo shaking hands with Sean Penn.
Goddamn, like I said, we watched The Falcon and the Snowman the night before,
with Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton,
Bowie song played while the falcon soared."

"I was banned by a church leader from playing a city in the state of Texas,
said he heard from this dude that they read that I was sexist"

"I once worked at a residential hotel with one fourth the amount of rooms as the Cecil,
and the elevators and hallways were always active with hookers and pimps and drug addicts and SSI people"

"And I'm telling you all that elevator footage of Elisa Lam looks totally rigged."

"Well I'm gonna check it out, I'm gonna ask for the room with the old tenant, Richard Ramirez.
I don't spook easy and true crime is fascinating to me and that's my right as an American"

"...but Butch didn't budge unless he needed to go to the bathroom. Butch wasn't the agile mother fucker he used to be and he needed a damn good reason to get up off of that cozy chair."

"How do I live to be a hundred, baby?
To make sure that you grow old with me,
and if we grow old, who'll be the one to stay when the other is gone?"

"While they were marching on Bastille Day,
a guillotine had claimed her bloody prayer"

"All of a sudden the world got gray,
so quit dancing at least for today.
One minute there's life and love,
next minute, red valleys of blood"


Mark Kozelek: Night Talks (Caldo Verde Records, 1.4.2017)

"...and if for some reason your life goes before mine, know that our night talks meant everything."


Jesu and Sun Kil Moon: 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth (Caldo Verde Records, 1.6.2017)

"You're my old friend, and you're a great, great painter
And in each painting tranquility is captured.
[...] are those four ducks your children drifting away?"

"On this October morning I'm feeling a little blue,
but not nearly as blue as I'll be when I won't be able to call you.
I'm so grateful you've been on this planet as long as you have
And I'm so proud to be able to call you Dad."

Ask all the questions you want to, and I'll be polite,
but I'm thinking "fuck you" ninety percent of the time.
Not a harsh type of "fuck you",
just a light little "I-don't-wanna-talk-about-me-please-tell-me-a-little-about-you fuck you"

"Fuckin' wheat bread, I fuckin' hate wheat bread,
trust me, you'll be eatin' boring stuff too when you're pushing fifty unless you wanna be dead"

"I unfolded a piece of paper that's sat there forever,
on a pile of hotel and restaurant receipts from Europe and Asia.
It was a note from someone, something someone handed me on tour.
You wanna know what it said?
Fuck you."

"Later that day we were walkin' and you dropped your purse,
and you squatted down in your leopard-skin skirt,
to pick up all your hypodermic needles, I helped you with it,
everyone looked at us like we were both pure evil."

"...the girl who was drivin' was looking at me in the rearview,
like ¨What's up, why the hell did you bring that crazy girl with you?¨
I looked at her like ¨Mind your own goddamn business, fuck you, junkies are allowed to enjoy Disney World too¨"

"So yeah I covered a beautiful song by The Jackson 5,
but I believe our world is better off with Michael dead than alive."

"The sweet spot for men lasts from about 27-to-33, and trust me, the magic dust starts fading when you're approaching 40."

"I'm more grateful for this Christmas that's approaching than any Christmas ever before."


Mark Kozelek and Sean Yeaton: Yellow Kitchen (Caldo Verde Records, 30.6.2017)

"Today I feel myself healing,
encompassed by this beautiful view of the green hills and the water,
and looking at a photo you sent.
A bouquet of daffodils."


Mark Kozelek, Ben Boye and Jim White: Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White (Rough Trade/Caldo Verde Records, 6.10.2017)

"I don`t wanna hear about writter`s block, it sounds like a living hell."

"They killed my pet pig out there,
they said they didn`t know he was my pet pig.
They cooked him up and said,
they didn`t know that the pig was my pet Topo Gigio."

"Are you afraid to sit alone at the cafeteria? I`m not, for to be an artist,
it is to not be a conformist, that is the meaning to me,
of being a true artist."

"Astronomy, astronomy,
I wish I knew more about astronomy,
but my mind is occupied with so many other things,
like my expenses for 2016, and how a friend died at 60,
and another at 53."

" was beautiful and I don`t even like The Eagles,
they remind me of the most painful and boring corners of suburban life."

"If you think rock n roll is a never ending party,
then why don`t you get that guitar out of your basement,
and give it a try, buddy?"

"Just as I was about to ask where Kakron was, I woke up from the dream, it was nice to see Elliott Smith again."

"George Michael, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Prince.
Equals rock n roll, plus drugs, plus middle age,
can be a lethal mix."



01 God Bless Ohio
02 The Highway Song
03 Window Sash Weights
04 Bastille Day
05 Wheat Bread
06 Needles Disney
07 Twenty Something
08 Fur Balls
09 Astronomy
10 The Black Butterfly
11 No Christmas Like This
12 Somebody`s Favourite Song
13 Night Talks
14 Famous Blue Raincoat


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